Item Description
I know there are
MANY of these on this site (Believe me I have
purchased my share!) Most of the time I paid
WAY TOO MUCH for plain Jane, Hand written, sent in
paper sleeve, POOR
Versions, I FINALLY FOUND A GOOD ONE!, the picture is great

Cable quality, let's say SUPER VHS(Remember that?) So for the
time> it is limited, but by no means Dissapointing  in ANY
way! I crank it on my YAMAHA surround system and it kicks! I have
made a
BEAUTIFUL wrap around cover for the slim line DVD
case(will also fill standard) In high glossy photo paper, the DVD
itself is PRINTED  with  the
opening headdress attire photo (NOT STICKERS!) on the DVD
itself, as ALL my CHER stuff is done with QUALITY! Who wants to
offend the subject????  Thanks For Looking!!!