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CHARMED AGAINIn this night and in this hourI call upon the Ancient Power.Bring back my sister,Bring back the Power of Three.Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are devastated by the loss of their big sister, Prue. But even in their grief they can't forget that they, too, are in mortal danger. The power of the Charmed Ones has been broken, leaving them prey to every form of evil. Even Leo, their Whitelighter, and Cole, Phoebe's demon boyfriend, can't protect them.In frustration and despair, Piper casts a spell to summon a lost witch and bring back her beloved Prue. The spell does work, but not as Piper intended. A lost witch is found -- heir to a shocking Halliwell family secret. But can Piper and Phoebe persuade her to assume her powers and complete the Power of Three?

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ISBN-10 0743442644
ISBN-13 9780743442640

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Author Elizabeth Lenhard
Number Of Pages 192 pages
Series Charmed Ser.
Publication Date 2001-10-02
Language English
Publisher Simon Pulse

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Series Volume Number Vol. 11
Copyright Date 2002

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Height 0.5 In.
Width 4.1 In.
Length 7 In.

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Group Young Adult Audience

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LCCN 2001-098856
LC Classification Number CPB
Dewey Decimal 813.54
Dewey Edition 21

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SEXY Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) , Long Brunette Holly Marie Combs (Piper) and BLONDE Rose McGowan (Paige), Shannon Doughtery (Prue)

The Official CHARMED Paper Back HOT Cover! Brand New Collectible TV Book!

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Book Description: Halliwell Sisters Witches Adventures

While trouble brews, A perfect tale...

Show the secrets; we must not fail!

• Paperback
• Language: English

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Cast: Shannen Doherty .... Prudence "Prue" Halliwell (1998-2001)- 90210, Scare Tactics), Holly Marie Combs .... Piper Halliwell - Picket Fences , Ocean's Eleven), Alyssa Milano .... Phoebe Halliwell- Who’s The Boss, Dinotopia, Dickie Roberts, Melrose Place), Ted King .... Andy Trudeau (1998-1999) (as T.W. King), Dorian Gregory .... Darryl Morris , Greg Vaughan .... Dan Gordon (1999-2000), Karis Paige Bryant .... Jenny Gordon (1999) , Brian Krause .... Leo Wyatt (2000-) , Julian McMahon .... Cole Turner (2000-2003) , Rose McGowan .... Paige Matthews (2001-)- Monkeybone (2001), Scream (1996) Encino Man (1992)) , Drew Fuller .... Chris Perry/Halliwell (2003-2004), Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire (2004-), James Read (Victor Bennett) , Jennifer Rhodes (Penny 'Grams' Halliwell) , Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell) , Charisma Carpenter (The Seer) …AND MANY MORE

Mom Patty Halliwell : FINOLA HUGHES (Staying Alive (1983), "General Hospital"… Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio Hayward, Aspen Extreme (1993), "Blossom" (1991) TV Series, Generation X (1996) (TV) .... Emma Frost/The White Queen, Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (1996) (TV) (voice) .... Lara, "All My Children" TV Series…AND MANY MORE)

Grams Penny Halliwell : Knots Landing, 3rd Rock from The Sun, Little House on the Prairie…and many more)

A TO Z of CHARMED…all you could want to know (so far)

Three sisters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) reunite and unlock their powers to become the Charmed Ones - the most powerful witches to exist. Now they must vanquish evil and save innocents while living their lives as normal women in the real world. Life isn't so easy when you're Charmed.

In Season 4, half-sister Paige took over for the dearly departed Prue, to once again form the Charmed Ones and fight evil and save innocents.

A supernatural one-hour drama from Spelling Television, Charmed chronicles the conflicts and the love among three vastly different sisters and their need to come together to fulfill an ancient witchcraft prophecy. As the series begins its seventh season, the Charmed Ones are stronger and more united than ever before.

The Halliwell sisters were always different, not just from the world around them, but also from each other. Though bound together by blood and destiny, these twentysomething women could not have been more dissimilar. Yet the discovery that the three sisters were powerful good witches, foretold as the Charmed Ones, created a bond that reached far beyond petty sisterly grudges, and they banded together to keep their otherworldly witchcraft a secret and vanquish all comers. Charmed stars Alyssa Milano (Melrose Place, Who's The Boss?) as Phoebe, Holly Marie Combs (Picket Fences) as Piper and Rose McGowan (Jawbreaker) as Paige. Each sister has her own unique set of powers, which are constantly evolving. As the oldest sister, Piper possesses the most active power - the ability to blow things up at will, as well as to freeze people and objects. At the end of last season, Piper and her Whitelighter husband Leo (Brian Krause, Sleepwalkers) suffered a devastating blow when their second son Chris (Drew Fuller, Black Sash, Vampire Clan) came back from the future to warn them of impending evil threatening their older son Wyatt (Jason and Christopher Simmons). After witnessing Chris' death, Leo was overcome with grief and began to question his status as an Elder. Though Chris was reborn as an infant, Leo started to back away from his marriage to Piper. This season, Piper does her best to help Leo deal with his grief and find his way again, all the while struggling to balance raising two young children and managing her nightclub, P3.

Phoebe, after losing her active power as an empath last season, is deeply effected by the loss of her nephew, Chris. This season, Phoebe will try to deal with her grief by taking a leave of absence from her job as an advice columnist. She will find potential romance with the ghostwriter filling in for her, Leslie "Les" St. Claire (guest star Nick Lachey, Newlyweds). Now that the burden of her empath abilities is gone, Phoebe is not certain that she wants her active powers back. She is learning to rely on her Wiccan knowledge of potions and spells, her martial arts skills and her own common sense.

Newest to the Halliwell fold, Paige was raised by adoptive parents and always felt that there was something different about her. In the search for her birth parents, she learned that she was abandoned at a local church as an infant, the result of a clandestine love between Phoebe and Piper's mother and a Whitelighter guardian angel. This ancestry and the unexpected death of the oldest Halliwell sister, Prue, resulted in the awakening of Paige's powers to move things with her mind and to "orb" in and out between planes. This season, Paige takes on the job of saving the Magic School after the Elders have threatened to close it down. Running the Magic School will be more difficult than Paige ever imagined due to the resistance she will encounter from parents and faculty alike.

As they have so often in the past, the Charmed Ones will continue to depend on their loyal friend and protector, Lt. Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory, The Other Half, Soul Train). After a close call last season, Lt. Morris pulled back from helping the sisters, but he will still prove to be a valuable resource and friend for aid or advice.

As the three most powerful good witches magic has to offer, the Halliwell sisters continue to wage war against evil as they seek to strengthen their sisterly bond and come ever closer to fulfilling their destiny.

The series is produced by Spelling Television, Inc., a Paramount/Viacom company. Aaron Spelling ( Charlie’s Angels , 90210 , The Rookies , The Mod Squad, Starsky and Hutch, Love Boat, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, "Melrose Place, Hart to Hart, 7th Heaven , and many more) and E. Duke Vincent (7th Heaven, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place) serve as executive producers along with Brad Kern (Hill Street Blues, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, New York Undercover). Charmed was created by Constance M. Burge (Savannah).

…AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!

So you'd like to read the Charmed short novels, and were wondering where to start. Well look no further! Here you will find a list of all the novels, in order of publication, which seems to be the best way to read them. Included is a few extras that'll complete the collection of any Charmed fan! This guide was put together mostly for reference, hope it helps others too!

The Charmed Novels
'The Power of Three' A novelization of the series premiere episode, this page includes an excerpt, the entire first chapter.
'Kiss of Darkness' A spell cast on Prue causes her to be compelled to kiss, and she grows weaker with each one.
'The Crimson Spell (Charmed)' Beware the color red.
'Whispers from the Past' One of my favorites of these novels, Phoebe goes back in time and meets some of her ancestors, this page also includes the entire first chapter as an excerpt.
'Voodoo Moon' The Charmed Ones in New Orleans!
'Haunted by Desire' Phoebe deals with ghosts haunting her college course!
'The Gypsy Enchantment' Mischief at the circus.
'The Legacy of Merlin' It's easy for the Charmed Ones to travel in novels, not they deal with magic in England.
'Soul of the Bride' Another of my favorites, Phoebe is kidnapped by Hades' son, and taken to the underworld. Page has full first chapter as an excerpt.
'Beware What You Wish' Phoebe deals with premonition overload. Page has full first chapter as an excerpt.
'Charmed Again' The first of these novels with Paige, this is a novelization of the fourth season premiere episode.
'Spirit of the Wolf' The Charmed Ones and Native Americans. They know no bounds.
'Garden of Evil' Paige deals with feeling like a fifth wheel.
'Date with Death' Paige joins an online dating service.
'Dark Vengeance'
'Shadow of the Sphinx' Shape-shifting Paige.
'Something Wiccan This Way Comes' Not similar to the series premiere, though the title is almost identical.
'Mist and Stone'
'Mirror Image'
'Between Worlds (Charmed)'
'Seasons of the Witch, Vol. 1 (Charmed)' Three stories in one, with the related themes of the wiccan seasons/holidays of Samhain, Yule, & Imbolic.
'Truth and Consequences (Charmed)'
'Luck Be a Lady (Charmed)' Cole takes the girls back to WWII-era Hollywood.
'Inherit the Witch (Charmed)'
'A Tale of Two Pipers (Charmed)' Two Pipers? Too perfect.
'The Brewing Storm (Charmed)' Out of balance weather.
'Survival of the Fittest (Charmed)' Aliens & a workout program?!?
'Pied Piper (Charmed)'
'Mystic Knoll (Charmed)'
'Changeling Places (Charmed)'
'The Warren Witches (Charmed)' Contains 8 short stories.
'The Queen's Curse (Charmed)' - 08/01/05
'Picture Perfect (Charmed)' - 10/01/05
'Demon Doppelgangers (Charmed)' - 12/01/05

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