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I am pleased to offer you a chance to own the very best replica champions league trophy in the world. My trophy is a full
size replica (74cm as per Wikipedia) and weighs in at approx 11kg. Identical in every detail right down the the fully embossed coup
des clubs champions europeens along with the logo above, Rare, most other replica trophies on the market are either resin or inscribed. My trophy is made by the very best metal smiths in the world and this trophy is made with techniques that have been passed down the generations. Yes it is that good. The back of the trophy has all previous winners with the year etched on it so if your team has won this wonderful competition in the past it is a must for you. Or if you like me are just captivated by the history and prestige of the European cup this will make the ultimate center piece of any collection. My trophy is the very best on the internet by far. The trophy is packed to the highest standard. I accept bank transfer, PayPal. The trophy weights in at 11kg. I am offering you this trophy at its starting price on other major Auction sites. This trophy has sold at auction for up to 830.00 English pounds including postage so i can assure you this price is a bargain, especially true considering the workmanship and skills involved in producing this fine example. Now we have updated the engraving on the back to replicate the original trophy so you will own the very best replica on the market by far.

My aim is to have all the trophy blanks ready to engrave on or around the date of the final. Once we know the result a new full template will be made. Nothing can proceed until this is completed, error free and high quality. They are all done at the same time by the same guy who comes specially for this job. The Champions league trophy has a substantial amount of engraving on it and it is not something that can be rushed. In fact this is how the whole batch is made i.e all together in stages. Once they are all engraved we can then emboss the front, polish, and prepare all the trophies for the nickel plating. All the trophies are then plated as a batch. This is a huge piece and it is not solid sterling silver like the real trophy, it is made from 100% brass. Due to the size of the trophy and the fact we are plating it there is a fine line just how good you can get the finish first time. It will never be absolutely flawless however at the same time the finish can not have obvious imperfections that are clear to see when observing the trophy when on display. If this happens the trophies are stripped and finished again. We have been making this trophy for quite a few years now and on the whole the response is positive and the reviews are complimentary. The order of the day with any hand made piece that is accompanied with so many logistics is understanding. I always try to leave you with an impression in the hope you will vision the set up. We are not dealing with a huge concern here, this is just a silversmith in his workshop who recruits as and when it is needed. It really is a unique trophy and the work that goes into them is an eye opener. I am really hoping everything goes faultless first time and have the trophies packaged and ready to send mid to late June. Every year when we do this something always happens to interfere with my plans, however i never fail to produce the best replica Champions league trophy in the world by a country mile.
If you feel worried your investment is insecure in any way due to paypals dispute policy, simply email me and ask for a paypal refund. I do not have a problem asking for the payment again when the trophy is packaged and ready to go. This should not happen because we have 45 days to play with before you need to open a dispute and then we get a further 20 days to resolve the dispute before you are forced into escalating it to a refund claim for none receipt of goods. If the trophy is still not in transit for any reason around this time i will issue you a refund myself anyway, paypal claims are detrimental to my paypal account so i will refund to avoid claims.

Good luck.

As with all international purchases each country has its own import tariffs, if your government has any additional fees (tax, Vat, etc) please take it up with them and not me. I can arrange for the documentation to show the price you desire. You are the consignee not me.

"Mi propósito siempre es el de tener todos los trofeos listos para grabar en las fechas próximas a cada Final. Una vez conocido el Campeón se hará una nueva grabación con su nombre. No se puede hacer nada hasta q todo esté completo, sin errores y con la máxima calidad. Se fabrican todas a la vez por un mismo especialista q se desplaza exclusivamente para realizar este trabajo. El trofeo de la Champions League tiene una cantidad sustancial de grabado y no es algo que se pueda apresurar. De hecho así se hace artesanalmente toda la remesa. Una vez que todas están grabadas podemos repujar el frontal, pulirlo y preparar todos los trofeos para el baño de niquel. Todos se alinean juntos para dicho baño. Es una pieza considerablemente grande y no es de pura plata esterlina como el trofeo original, sino de latón. Debido al tamaño del trofeo el resultado suele ser muy bueno ya la primera vez pero no es a prueba de fallos. El resultado final no puede tener imperfecciones obvias o evidentes al observar la copa expuesta. Si eso sucede son raspados y se les da de nuevo desde el principio el acabado perfecto.
Llevamos años fabricando este trofeo y, en general, la respuesta es muy positiva y las opiniones muy dificultad de una pieza hecha a mano como esta es comprensible. No obstante siempre procuro ir dándonos alguna impresión para q imaginéis el conjunto. A este respecto estamos muy tranquilos por el artesano platero se contrató cuando y como necesitemos.
Es ciertamente un trofeo único y todo el esfuerzo y laboriosidad que conlleva son muy notables. Siempre espero que todo vaya perfectamente la primera vez para de esa manera tener los trofeos preparados y embalados para enviar a mediados o finales de junio a más tardar.
Cierto es que todos los años cuando hacemos esto ocurre algo que interfiere en mis planes y puede retrasar la entrega pero nunca fallo a la gira de producir la mejor réplica del mundo del trofeo de la Champions, de largo y sin comparación en el mercado.

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