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Central States March 10, 1984

Ted Oates vs. Bill Howard

Buzz Sawyer vs. Dave Austin (Luke Graham run in)

INT – TG Stone

INT – Luke Graham

Col Buck Robley vs. Paul Kelly

INT – The Grapplers

Tommy Rogers vs. Luke Graham


Central States March 17, 1984

All Star intro

Scott Ferris vs. Dusty Wolf

(CS Champ) Buzz Tyler vs. TG Stone

INT – Ted Oates

Ron Ritchie & Ted Oates vs. The Grapplers

INT – Wahoo McDaniel (from Mid-Atlantic)    

Tiger Mask vs. Dave Austin (Roger Kirby run in)

VTR – Tommy Rich vs. Roger Bond (GCW)

INT – Harley Race

Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Luke Graham


Central States March 24, 1984
AS intro
Tommy Rogers vs. Scott Ferris
VTR – One man Gang vs. Frank Leopard (Florida)
INT – Jimmy Garvin
(JIP) Tiger Mask vs. TG Stone
Bruce Reed music video
INT – Chris Adams
INT – Wahoo McDaniel
The Grapplers vs. Ted Oates & Bulldog Bob Brown (Brown rep R Ritchie who no shows)
INT – in ring – Bulldog Bob Brown & Ted Oates

Central States April 7 & April 14, 1984

Central States April 7, 1984

(Tag Tournament) Ted & Jerry Oates vs Les Thornton & Roger “Nature Boy” Kirby

(Tag Tournament) Luke Graham & One Man Gang vs Dusty Wolfe & Tommy Rogers

(Tag Tournament) Buzz Tyler & Ron Ritchie vs The Grapplers

INT – Ric Flair

INT – In Ring – Wahoo McDaniel & Bruce Reed

INT – Harley Race

(Tag Tournament) Scott Ferris & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs TG Stone & Roger Kirby (Kirby sub for ??????)

INT – Post Match – Hacksaw Jim Duggan

INT – Jimmy Garvin w/Precious

(Tag Tournament) Wahoo McDaniel & Bruce Reed vs The Mongo’s w/Brother Sledge

Central States April 14, 1984

All-Star intro

Ted & Jerry Oates vs. One Man Gang & Luke Graham (Tag tourn)

VTR – JIP – Ric Flair vs. Sonny King (from GCW)

Bruce Reed & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Scott Ferris (tag tourn)

Bruce Reed & Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Grapplers (tag tourn)

INT – The Grapplers

Ted & Jerry Oates vs. The Grapplers (Tag Tourn Final)


Central States April 21 & April 28, 1984

Central States April 21, 1984

All-Star intro

Tom Shaft vs. Paul Kelly & Dusty Wolf

VTR – JIP – Ric Flair vs. Pat Rose (from GCW)

INT – Luke Graham & The Grapplers

Tommy Rogers vs. TG Stone

VTR – Bruiser Brody vs. Kamala

INT – The Uptown Boys (Jannetty & Rogers) w/Bob Giegel talking about them

INT – Harley Race

INT – Marty Jannetty & Ted Oates

(CS Champ) Buzz tyler vs. Luke Graham


Central States April 28, 1984

Bruiser Brody Decent Boys store ad

All Star intro

Ron Ritchie vs. Tommy Sharp

Kamala vs. Bruiser Brody

INT – Uptown Boys (Jannetty & Rogers) & Ted & Jerry Oates

Marty Jannetty & Cowboy Lang vs. Roger Kirby & Little Tokyo

Stan Hansen vs. Mark Hill (from GCW)

INT – The Grapplers

INT – Luke Graham

INT – in ring – Tom Shaft

(JIP) (CS tag champs) The Grapplers vs. Ted & Jerry Oates

Central States May 6 & June 3, 1984

Central States May 6, 1984

All Star intro

INT – in rong – The Uptown Boys (Jannetty & Rogers)

INT – Luke Graham

INT – Harley Race

Tommy Rogers vs. Roger Kirby

INT – The Grapplers

Ric Flair video

(CS Champ) Luke Graham vs. Buzz Tyler (Cage match)

Central States June 3, 1984

Jimmy Valiant Music Video

INT – Ric Flair (from GCW)

Tom Shaft vs. TG Stone (Stone conf w/Terry Garvin)

INT – Harley Race

INT – in ring – Art Crews & Ted Oates

INT – Wahoo McDaniel (from GCW)

(CS Tag Champ) The Grapplers w/Jimmy Hart vs The Uptown Boys (Marty Jannetty & Tommy Rogers) w/Honey (Grapplers try to dress Marty Jannetty as a chicken, Bob Giegel saves, breaks Harts jaw)

Central States June 24, 1984

Scott Farris vs Tom Ivey
Jimmy Valiant Video

Roger Kirby vs Ted Oates

Crusher Blackwell vs Buddy Diamond

Luke Graham vs Art Crews

Central States July 21, 1984

Jerry Anderson vs TG Stone (Stone argues w/Terry Garvin, Art Crews saves)

Jimmy Valiant vs Magic Dragon (Mid-Atl) (Jones and Assassins attack Valiant)

Dave Petersen vs Gypsy Joe

INT – Harley Race

Bruiser Brody ad for Kribs Ford City

Harley Race vs Ric Flair (from Japan) (JIP)

INT – in ring – The Uptown Boys (Marty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers) interrupted by Ted Oates – brawl, Grapplers run in

(TV Champ) Art Crews vs MEB (No DQ)

Bruiser Brody ad for Kribs Ford City

INT – in ring – Sheik Abdullah the Great w/MEB, Gypsy Joe & Luke Graham

INT – Kerry von Erich

INT – Ric Flair

The Grapplers vs Ox Baker & Tom Ivy


Central States August 4 & August 11, 1984

Central States August 4, 1984

All Star intro

MEB vs. Dave Petersen

INT – in ring – Sheik Abdullah the Great, Skandor Akbar, Missing Link, Gypsy Joe, Luke Graham

Jimmy Valiant music video

INT – The Grapplers

INT – Ted Oates

Buzz Tyler vs. Jerry Blackwell

INT – Harley Race

Uptown Boys (Jannetty & Rogers) & Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Grapplers & Ted Oates


Central States August 11, 1984

All Star intro

INT – Sheik Abdullah the Great & Gypsy Joe

Buzz Tyler vs. Gypsy Joe

INT – post match – Buzz Tyler

Jimmy Valiant music video

INT – The Grapplers

Jerry Blackwell vs. Buddy Diamond (Mid-Atlantic)

INT – Iceman King Parsons

Ox Baker vs. MEB

(JIP) The Grapplers vs. The Uptwon Boys (Jannetty & Rogers)

INT – Harley Race

(JIP) (CS Title) Ted Oates vs. Harley Race



Central States September 28, 1984

Rock n Roll Express music video

INT – Marty Jannetty & Bulldog Bob Brown

Hacksaw Higgins vs Jim Gorman

INT – Sheik Abdullah the great w/ Gypsy Joe, Hacksaw Higgins & The Animal

INT - Buzz Tyler

Bulldog Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler vs. Gypsy Joe & TG Stone

Marty Jannetty vs. Ted Dibiase (JIP)

INT – post match – Ted Dibiase