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Great DVD of Celine's English Videos.

Celine Dion - English Video Collection
1985 "Listen To The Magic Man"
1989 "Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You"
1990 "(If There Was) Any Other Way" (Canadian version)
1990 "Unison"
1990 "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" (Canadian version)
1990 "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" (U.S. version)
1991 "(If There Was) Any Other Way" (U.S. version)
1991 "The Last to Know"
1991 "Beauty and the Beast"
1992 "If You Asked Me To"
1992 "Nothing Broken But My Heart"
1992 "Love Can Move Mountains"
1993 "Water From The Moon" (B&W version)
1993 "When I Fall in Love"
1993 "Did You Give Enough Love"
1993 "The Power of Love"
1994 "Misled"
1994 "Think Twice"
1995 "Only One Road"
1995 "Next Plane Out"
1995 "To Love You More"
1996 "Falling into You"
1996 "Because You Loved Me"
1996 "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"
1996 "All By Myself"
1997 "Call the Man"
1997 "Tell Him" Let's Talk About Love
1997 "My Heart Will Go On"
1998 "Immortality"
1998 "I'm Your Angel"
1999 "That's the Way It Is"
1999 "Then You Look at Me"
2000 "Live (for the One I Love)"
2000 "I Want You to Need Me"
2000 "If Walls Could Talk"
2001 "God Bless America"
2002 "A New Day Has Come"
2002 "I'm Alive"
2002 "Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)"
2003 "I Drove All Night"
2003 "Have You Ever Been in Love"
2003 "One Heart"
2004 "You and I"
2006 "Let Your Heart Decide"
2007 "Taking Chances"
2007 "A World To Believe In"
2008 "My Love"