Item Description
Anedenanthera Colubrina


20 seeds
 Anadenanthera Colubrina is an attractive perennial tree growing to 50 feet in the wild but which is also pruned to manageable sizes and grown in cultivation. A. colubrina is native to the grasslands of the southern where it has been used by various tribes to make a snuff called “Cebil,” which was a part of their mythology and divination practices. Archaeological find have uncovered evidence of such practices dating back to ancient times, and they are said to continue today. This species is characterized by mimosa-type leaves with white to yellow flowers and knotty bark. Flowering can reportedly occur after just two years of growth. It is not frost hardy and should be kept as a greenhouse plant or grown indoors during the winter in areas where freezing is prevalent. Quantites are estimated by weight.

Growing Information:
The most important thing to keep in mind when growing A. colubrina is that the seeds are quite susceptible to rot. As long as you avoid overwatering, this should not be a big problem. One method of germination is to sow the seeds on their sides (not flat) so that the top of the seed is level with the soil line. The seed will split open and the plant will emerge from the center of the split sides. Keep warm and moist, but not wet. Some growers recommend germinating in non-organic matter such as sand or perlite, but this is not essential. Along these lines, seeds may be germinated in moist sand in a plastic zipper baggie. During germination, chestnut compound may be used to prevent damping off. Planting with peas or other legumes is said to be beneficial. Once established, provide full sun and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.
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