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TM 9-224, War Department, Technical Manual. Machine Gun Mounts For
Trucks, April 22, 1943.
This TM covers the vehicle mounts, M24,
M24A1, M25, M31, M32, M36, M37, M37A1, M37A2 and the .30 cal. M48
mount. These mounts was used on guns such as the
M1919A4, M2, M1918A2, M1917A1 and
Cradle D7431.
The trucks that used these guns and
mounts are the 4 x 4 1/4 ton (jeep), 3/4 ton, Half-Track M3 and M5,
2 1/2 Ton trucks 6 x 6, 4 ton (Diamond-T), 4 x 4 4 and 5 ton
(Federal, Autocar), 6 ton 6 x 6 (White,
Corbitt, Mack)