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I hope you don't think this is a joke
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I have sold one of these Fish Bone Crucifixes - Crucifix
fish bones also known as the
with the image of Jesus Christ at his crucifiction --
for OVER $50.00
WITHOUT THE BONUSES on another Auction site

this proves the perceived
value theory

Shipping is $3.99 even IF it is listed as FREE elsewhere on this page
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Why did you find this one ???
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Maybe it is in my Other Items --
You will also get the Bonus
cribed below

As with ALL of my auctions I have been admonishing my
potential buyers for years to:
so there is NO Reason for leaving uncalled for negative

Shipping is $3.99 even IF it is listed as FREE elsewhere on this page

then hold the seller to the fire
and leave negative feedback - without good cause
IF you DON'T READ the description and DON'T ASK QUESTIONS
Its your own fault when you get something you can't
I will be 100% honest about ANY of MY
Bet on that !!!
The price of this item is what ever the buyer
perceives its worth to be to him

Shipping is $3.99 even IF it is listed as FREE elsewhere on this page
IF this auction has ended there may be more
of these Fish Bone Icons available in my other items @

Or contact me AND I will place another of these on the ebay
web site and let you know where it is at
The Crucifix Fish Bone
is something that is found in nature but are not really rare
BUT they are found only in certain areas
In reality it is the Gaff Top Sail Cat Fish
Nonetheless, It is a bit awesome
I would almost compare it to a beatific
Seeing a religious icon image in an animte object
Like seeing the likeness of the Virgin Mother Mary in tree
Or the Face Of Jesus Christ in clouds
To see the image needs NO imagination
The image
Possessing one is supposed to bring luck and
protection for whomever has it
I had mine during my 30 month and still
ongoing recovery from a serious paralyzing spinal injury
the results of which which the doctors are calling
I will send the moving story of that to any buyer who
requests it
I CAN NOT / DO NOT claim this unusual item
had anything to do with that event BUT
I used everything I knew of that might help
I have BEEN
LUCKY enough to catch a few of these catfish
And would like to share the extras with anyone who is
I am compiling stories of people who have experienced
extraordinary events while in possession of one of these
If you buy one of these and have such an experience PLEASE
contact me so I can include your story

Each item will come with a post card with the Legend of the
Crucifix Fish
Size may from 4 x 2 to 5 x 3
The Legend of the Crucifix Fish
Of all the fishes in the sea our lord chose
the Gafftopsail catfish to remind us of his misery
His body on the cross is outlined, The hilt
of the sword which was plunged into his side is clearly
Look at the back of the fishes bone where the
Roman shield is shown.
When you shake the cross you will hear the dice being tossed
for our Lords blood stained dress.
It is said those who can hear them will be blessed with good
I also sell two items which I Invented
a Pontoon Boat accessory
a neat foot care device
which is ideal for anyone who has ever said
'My Feet Are Killing Me "
I know thats Just about everyone
makes a nice gift to send to a soldier ( even if you don't
know one )

Shipping is $3.99 even IF it is listed as FREE elsewhere on this page
~~~~ to lower 48 ONLY
wide shipping is NOT
Not seen on the Tonight Show with Leno But has been seen on
MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Oberman
l FL - Fla - Florida
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