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1989: Catwoman 1-4
1992: Batman – Catwoman Defiant
1993: Catwoman 0-94, 1million, Annuals 1-4
1997: Catwoman Plus
1997: Catwoman-Vampirella - The Furies
1998: Catwoman-Wildcat 1-4
1999: Catwoman - Guardian Of Gotham 1-2
2002: Catwoman - Selina's Big Score
2002: Catwoman 1-83
2002: Catwoman Secret Files and Origins
2003: Birds Of Prey - Batgirl-Catwoman
2003: Birds Of Prey – Catwoman-Oracle
2004: Batman-Catwoman - Trail Of The Gun 1-2
2004: Catwoman - The Movie
2004: Catwoman - When In Rome 1-6
2010: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home-Catwoman
2011: Batman-Catwoman - Follow The Money
2011: Catwoman 0-Latest Issue, Annuals 1-2

This transfer contains over 240 Issues and totals over 3.3gb

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ComicRack, so that once installed you will be able to fully enjoy these Classic Comics.
For MAC Users there is also a FREE copy of Comical to enable all MAC users to view these Comics

This transfer is in Comic Book Reader Format.

All necessary Software is supplied in the transfer to enable you to view the Comics in their entirety.

A MUST for all Comic Collectors.

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