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You want to get the most from workouts, and you very well, like the high impact classes, but your statutes can no longer cope with jumps and lessons of such intensity. Many of you have tried classes with less impact on the joints, but understand that they do not have that same intensity and vigor and joy of all the video that you loved so much. Your heart and strength training allows you to engage in high impact workouts, and you would have continued to do them, whether out your will, but the joint pain interferes with the process of doing things.
Some of you may not yet be problems with the joints, but you want to avoid the risk of injury, not to be reduced to zero all the results from high impact workouts.
There are many factors that are worth considering when you are choosing between classes of high and reduced the "shock troops" .. But what if you could combine the merits and that, and the other method, eliminating their disadvantages? Well, now you can with my new series of Low Impact, which displays a different opredlenie for the term "nizkoudarnye training."
Low Impact Series is very diverse: it has 10 workouts. Although they generally do not jump, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how intense these workouts. They will become your favorite weapon by nullifying the fat and bring yourself into the best possible shape. Most marvelous - your joints will thank you!
"You've never Seen Low Impact Workouts Like These!"
You want to get the most out of your workouts and you really love high intensity routines, but your joints no longer can handle the jumping and high impact exercises. Many of you have probably tried some low impact workouts, but found the intensity and fun to be lacking in most of the videos you have tried. You still have the heart and the strength for high intensity workouts and you would still do them if you could, but joint pain no longer allows you to do what you love.
Some of you may not have any joint issues now, but are looking for ways to balance your injury risk so that you dont erase your hard fought gains achieved from high impact training. There are many factors to consider when choosing between high impact and low impact exercise, but what if you could get the benefit of both in the same workout without the problems? Well, now you can with my Low Impact series which totally redefines low impact workouts.
The Low Impact series features a wide variety of 10 workouts that can each be ordered individually. Though there is no jumping in any of these workouts you will be surprised and amazed at how intense these workouts are and how they will become your newest favorite weapon to blast away fat and get you into the best shape of your life. And best of all Your joints will thank you! -

Just the name alone says it all so get ready to turn up the heat and send your metabolism, into overdrive with this advanced low impact workout!
In AfterBurn youll use your own bodyweight and dumbbells, for metabolic intervals that alternate with low impact high intensity cardio for the ultimate fat burning workout.AfterBurn is unlike any other low impact workout youve seen. It utilizes both low impact HiiT cardio and metabolic weight training in the same workout, to deliver maximum results in the least amount of time!
The main advantage of this type of a workout is the increase in your bodys metabolism continues on long after your exercise session has ended, not just during it. This effect is known as the after burn and hence the name for this amazing fat blasting workout.
Athletic Training
Until now you have always had to choose between High Intensity Cardio and Low Impact Exercise workouts, but now with my Athletic Training workout you can get the benefits of both at the same time.
Athletic Training is a low impact circuit workout that takes fitness circuits to a whole new dimension. Be prepared for nonstop action using my cardio club step, a set of light and heavy dumbbells, a firewalker band and a pair of Slide and Glide exercise discs.
Depending on the exercise you'll vary your step height anywhere from 8 to 10 inches in height while you challenge your body both on and off the step in a variety of challenging ways. You'll do compound exercises along with isolation exercises, work the upper and lower body both simultaneously and separately, do low impact cardio exercises with and without discs and bands, and even throw a superset in here and there for complete exhaustion!
Cardio Supersets
This high intensity low impact workout is comprised of unique cardio super sets.
Just as you do super sets with weight training, Cardio Supersets follows the same plateau-busting concept. But now instead of just strength training, it's mainly pure low impact cardio!!!! I've even included a special step aerobics premix that can be done on its own or combined with this workout for those of you who want the ultimate workout challenge.
Low Impact Challenge Step Aerobics
This highly contagious ALL STEP workout will have you tapping your toes from the warm up straight through to the cool down. It features a high energy rocking soundtrack along with super fun choreography that keeps the impact low, but the fun factor and intensity WAY high!! You'll love its dancy flow and also how just putting slightly varied twists on familiar choreography gives it a completely new feeling. Not into dancy choreography??? Not a problem!!! I've included a bonus step circuit segment thats all about endurance and athleticism and has nothing to do with mambos & cha chas. So you see there is something for everyone!
Oh and did I forget to mention that this joint friendly workout burns major calories and body fat too? What more could you ask for in a workout?
Slide N Glide
Get ready cuz were gonna Slide and Glide into all out, low impact, high intensity action. Thats right, this workout simply never slows down.
After a solid 20 minute super intense, low impact, cardio slide and glide segment, you'll finish off with a Slide and Glide total body workout. And guess what? You'll do all of this with nothing but your Slide and Glide discs, a Firewalker band and a mat. Think it's impossible for it to hurt so good? I invite you to join us and see for yourself!
Total Body Tri-Sets
This workout is divided into two sections; Upper Body and Lower Body. You should do each split workout one to two times per week depending on your fitness goals.
I've designed this total body strength workout to focus on exhausting all the major muscle groups through the use of weighted tri-sets. A mixture of compound and isolation exercises are uniquely grouped to set your muscles on fire.
Expect to work at 60 to 80 percent of your one rep max range which will definitely inspire a cardiovascular bonus. In other words you will huff and puff while you shave your body fat down! Deal? I thought so!
Turbo Barre
This results oriented low impact workout focuses on strength, flexibility, and high energy fun. If you don't already own my Turbo Tower, feel free to use a chair to participate in this workout.
This workout routine is the ultimate long and lean total body strengthening workout and uses most of the same methods that many professional dancers use when they train. Expect to combine elements of pilates, yoga, and ballet, drizzled with some light cardio benefits for an excellent total body conditioning workout. After a warm up, you'll strengthen the upper and lower body with light to moderate handweights. Have a lighter and heavier set handy so you can quickly make adjustments to challenge your muscles appropriately. After the handweight conditioning segment, you'll get your turbo bar or a chair for a very challenging lower body leg strengthening segment. Finally you'll conclude with a very intense core workout!
Yoga Relax
Yoga Relax, is for the yoga lover who seeks a soothing workout which focuses on gaining flexibility, rejuvenating the body, and calming the mind. Expect to hold the yoga poses a little longer to enhance these benefits. Enjoy the relaxing music, as it will encourage you to melt away stress and relieve the tightness in the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and more.
Yoga Max
As you might have guessed from the title, Yoga Max provides a more invigorating Yoga workout that builds heat and power in the muscles, therefore encouraging a graceful and elongated cardio, strength, and flexibility challenge. Expect to revisit faster paced sun salutations between deeper stretch and balancing postures. The workout flows seamlessly from one move to the next as you build power and grace.
Cycle Max
Are you ready for the ride of your life? Well let me take you there with a rocking custom made ??soundtrack and a calorie blasting indoor cycle workout .. Consider yourself the rock star of your living room as you burn countless calories, shape and define your legs and glutes and become one sweaty mess.
This is the ultimate Zero impact fat burning indoor cycle workout and once completed, you'll wring out your shirt to prove it! This workout also features a custom made ??rock'in soundtrack and our "vocals only" option allows you to play your own music if desired.
Cycle Max is filmed at a level not normally seen in cycle videos and features multiple camera angles and closeups that will help to keep you visually stimulated and motivated during your ride.