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Series 23 on DVD
Quality is
10/10, very rare dvds, great quality
48 Episodes
on 8 DVD-R Discs  

S23 E1- (13 Sep 08): The Farmead Menace (Part 1)
S23 E2- (14 Sep 08): The Farmead Menace (Part 2)
S23 E3- (20 Sep 08): Interventions
S23 E4- (27 Sep 08): Guilt Complex
S23 E5- (4 Oct 08): Face Up
S23 E6- (11 Oct 08): Hurt
S23 E7- (18 Oct 08): There And Back Again
S23 E8- (25 Oct 08): The Evil That Men Do
S23 E9- (1 Nov 08): The Line Of Fire
S23 E10- (8 Nov 08): Impact
S23 E11- (15 Nov 08): Own Personal Jesus
S23 E12- (22 Nov 08): Reality Bites
S23 E13- (29 Nov 08): A Slip In Time
S23 E14- (6 Dec 08): Happiness
S23 E15- (13 Dec 08): Doing The Right Thing
S23 E16- (20 Dec 08): This Will Be Our Year
S23 E17- (21 Dec 08): Took A Long Time To Come
S23 E18- (27 Dec 08): My Last Day (Part 1)
S23 E19- (3 Jan 09): My Last Day (Part 2)
S23 E20- (10 Jan 09): Crush
S23 E21- (17 Jan 09): No Going Back
S23 E22- (24 Jan 09): Price Of Life
S23 E23- (31 Jan 09): Midday Sun
S23 E24- (7 Feb 09): Watershed
S23 E25- (14 Feb 09): Stand By Me
S23 E26- (21 Feb 09): Blood
S23 E27- (28 Feb 09): Could We Be Heroes?
S23 E28- (7 Mar 09): Before A Fall
S23 E29- (14 Mar 09): Shields
S23 E30- (21 Mar 09): Lie Low
S23 E31- (28 Mar 09): All You Need Is Love
S23 E32- (4 Apr 09): True Lies
S23 E33- (11 Apr 09): Someone To Watch Over Me
S23 E34- (18 Apr 09): The Trap
S23 E35- (25 Apr 09): Better Drowned
S23 E36- (2 May 09): The Price We Pay
S23 E37- (9 May 09): Hostile Takeover
S23 E38- (23 May 09): With This Ring
S23 E39- (30 May 09): Who Do You Think You Are?
S23 E40- (6 Jun 09): Palimpsest
S23 E41- (13 Jun 09): Fight Or Flight
S23 E42- (20 Jun 09): Parent Trap
S23 E43- (27 Jun 09): Not Over ‘Til The Fat Lady
S23 E44- (4 Jul 09): Ask Me No Questions
S23 E45- (11 Jul 09): Ashes
S23 E46- (18 Jul 09): Great Expectations
S23 E47- (25 Jul 09): No Fjords In Finland (Part 1)
S23 E48- (1 Aug 09): No Fjords In Finland (Part 2)

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