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Rare Digital Midi Horn. Casio DH-500

Excellent Cosmetic & PERFECT Working Condition.

Powers up normal with NO SQUEAL. Perfect sound output.

Including - Mouth Piece, Strap & Manual. 100-120V AC optional ($15 incl S/H), Casio DH-500 Carry ($39 incl. S/H)

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  • The DH-500 uses the same basic synthesize as the DH-200, but it adds a neat adjustable reverb effect that adds a lot of color to the sound.
  • There is the option of turning the vibrato on and off.
  • The DH-500 has two octave buttons. The top one raises the pitch an octave just like on a real sax. The bottom one lowers the pitch an octave.
  • There is a slide switch on the back to select the voice.
  • There are UP and DOWN transpose buttons and an LED indicator
  • There are external adjustments that allow to set the breath sensitivity
  • There is also an external adjustment that allows tune the horn.
  • The DH-500 has the Eb key on the right hand and also a B key on the left hand.

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