Item Description
A Cased NSDAP GOLDEN PARTY BADGE SET: remarkable high quality
matched set of the otherwise hyper-rare Nazi Party Badges in Gold.
Large example is correctly 30mm wide and smaller, diminutive
matching piece is properly 23.5mm. Both badges have separately
applied glass enameled Party Badge details on gold metal alloy
wreaths. The reverse of both pieces is marked in high relief with
the premiere maker "Deschler & Sohn, Munchen 9" and with
matching die-struck four digit serial numbers 5461. Set comes in
25x70x100mm red leatherette case, identical in every respect to the
genuine cases with gold embossed political eagle on lid,
functioning spring button catch. Case is slightly domed and has
decorative rounded corners. Interior of case is lined with plush
off-white velvet and is deeply recessed to perfectly hold both
badges; upper interior of case is lined with padded white satin.
Lovely and attractive matched set. EXC+++