Item Description
CARRYING POUCH FOR LG The Carrying Pouch for LG helps keep
your cell phone protected and close at hand. This pouch for LG cell
phone has a stylish look and its design allows for quick access
making it easier to remove your cell phone from the pouch in order
not to miss any important calls. With zipper design to prevent the
cell phone from dropping out from the pouch and help to protect the
cell phone from dust and dirt. A hand strap is attached to keep the
cell phone held closer at hand and no belt clip is attached so it
is easy to fit in any of your pockets, briefcase or handbag.
FEATURES: *Stylish design *Zipper opening *Prevents cell phone from
dropping *Prevents dust and dirt *With hand strap *No belt clip
*Fits in handbags *Dimension: 130 x 70 mm (approx.) *Color: Black
Fits following LG cell phone models Compatible with following LG
CELL PHONE: A7110, AN430 (Wine II), AS740 (Axis), AX140 (Aloha),
AX145 (Aloha), AX155, AX245, AX260 (Scoop), AX265 (Banter), AX275,
AX300, AX310, AX355, AX380 (WAVE), AX390, AX490, AX500 (Swift),
AX565, AX565 (Muziq), AX565, AX565 (Muziq), AX585 (Rhythm), AX830
(Glimmer), AX840 (Tritan), AX4750, AX5000, AX8575 (Touch), AX8600,
BL20 (chocolate), BL20 (New Chocolate), BL20 (chocolate), BL20 (New
Chocolate), BL42K (New Chocolate), C300 (Town), C1300i, C1500,
C2000, CB630 (Invision), CE110, CE500, CF360, CG180, CG225, CG300,
CP150, CT810 (Incite), CU320, CU400, CU405, CU500, CU500v, CU515
(Black), CU515 (Plum), CU515 (Black), CU515 (Plum), CU575 (TRAX),
CU720 (Shine), CU915, CU915 (Vu), CU915, CU915 (Vu), CU920, CU920
(Vu), CU920 (Vu-TV), CU920, CU920 (Vu), CU920 (Vu-TV), CU920, CU920
(Vu), CU920 (Vu-TV), F7200, F9100, F9200, GB220, GB230, GB250G,
GB255G, GC900 (Viewty Smart), GC900f (Viewty Smart), GD510 (POP),
GD570 (D.Lite), GD570 (dLite), GD570 (D.Lite), GD570 (dLite), GD710
(Shine II), GD880 (Mini), GD900, GD900 (Crystal), GD900, GD900
(Crystal), GD910, GM310f, GM360 (Viewty Snap), GM730f, GM750, GR500
(Xenon), GR500f, GR700 (Vu Plus), GS170, GS290 (Cookie Fresh),
GS390 (Prime), GS500 (Cookie Plus), GS505 (Sentio), GT350 (Neon2),
GT365 (Neon Aqua Blue), GT365 (Neon), GT365 (Neon Aqua Blue), GT365
(Neon), GT400, GT500, GT505, GT505 (GW520), GT505, GT505 (GW520),
GT540 (Optimus), GT540 (Loop), GT540 (Optimus), GT540 (Loop), GT550
(Encore), GT950 (Arena), GU230, GU285, GU290 (Sway), GU290f, GU292,
GU297 (Wink), GW300, GW370 (Neon II), GW370 (Rumour Plus), GW370
(Neon II), GW370 (Rumour Plus), GW382f, GW520, GW525, GW620, GW620R
(Banter), GW620R, GW620R (Banter), GW620R, GW740 (Shine Plus),
GW820 (eXpo), GW825 (IQ), GW825, GW825 (IQ), GW825, KC550, KC780,
KC910 (Renoir), KC910i (Renoir), KE970 (Shine), KF300, KF310,
KF311, KF510, KF600, KF700, KF750 (Secret), KG130, KG130 (Jaugar
1), KG130, KG130 (Jaugar 1), KG290, KG375, KM555 (Shine Touch),
KM555, KM555 (Shine Touch), KM555, KM570, KM900 (Arena), KM900,
KM900 (Arena), KM900, KP100, KP130, KP202, KP235, KP500, KP500
(Cookie), KP500, KP500 (Cookie), KP501 (Cookie), KS360 (Web
Slider), KS360 (Etna), KS360, KS360 (Web Slider), KS360 (Etna),
KS360, KS360 (Web Slider), KS360 (Etna), KS360, KT520, KU970, KU990
(Viewty), KU990i (Viewty), L200 (DM), L1200, L1400i, LG160, LG210,
LG230, LG230 (Nite), LG230, LG230 (Nite), LG231, LG240, LG245,
LG260 (Rumour), LG260, LG260 (Rumour), LG260, LG265 (Script), LG265
(Rumour2), LG265 (Script), LG265 (Rumour2), LG265T (Eve), LG265T
(Banter), LG265T (Eve), LG265T (Banter), LG280 (Wine), LG285,
LG300, LG355, LG357, LG370 (Force), LG380, LG420G, LG620, LG700
(Bliss), LG710 (Shine Plus), LG800 (Chocolate), LG830 (Spyder),
LG840 (Spyder II), LG2000, LG3280, LG3300, LG4750, LG5500, LG7100
(Masterpiece), LG8550 (Chocolate Spin), LG8575 (Samba), LG8600
(Chocolate Flip), LG8700 (Shine), LG9100 (Keybo), LG9200 (Keybo2),
LG9250 (Ellipse), LG9600 (Versa), LGCX600 (Versa), LGCX830
(Vantage), LGCX8560 (Chocolate GIG), LGCX9700 (Dare), LGP500
(OPTIMUS ONE), LGT320 (Flick), LGTU750 (Secret), LN510 (Rumor
Touch), LS670 (Optimus s), LW310 (Helix ), LX125, LX140 (Aloha),
LX150, LX160, LX165 (Flare), LX225, LX260, LX260 (Rumor), LX260,
LX260 (Rumor), LX265 (Rumor2), LX290, LX350, LX370, LX400, LX550
(FUSIC), LX570 (Muziq), LX600 (Lotus), LX600 (Lotus), LX600
(Lotus), LX600 (Lotus), LX610 (Lotus Elite), MN240 (Imprint), MN510
(Banter Touch), MS690 (Optimus M), MT375 (Lyric), Optimus One, P500
(OPTIMUS ONE), P509 (Optimus T), PM225, PM325, TE365 (Neon), TG800
(Chocolate), TU330 (Globus), TU500, TU515, TU550, TU720 (Shine),
TU720 (Shine Family), TU720 (Shine), TU720 (Shine Family), TU750
(Secret), UN430 (Wine II), UN510 (Banter Touch), UN610 (Mystique),
US740 (Apex), UX145, UX210, UX220, UX245, UX260, UX280 (Wine),
UX300, UX310 (Helix), UX355, UX390, UX585 (Rhythm), UX700 (Bliss),
UX830, UX830 (Vantage), UX830, UX830 (Vantage), UX840 (Tritan),
UX3300, UX4750, UX5000, VI125, VM265 (Rumor2), VM510 (Rumor Touch),
VN250 (Cosmos), VN270 (Cosmos Touch), VN530 (Octane), VS660
(Vortex), VS740 (Ally), VS750 (Fathom), VX1000 (MIGO), VX3300,
VX3400, VX3450L, VX4500, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX5300, VX5400,
VX5500, VX5600 (Accolade), VX6100, VX7000, VX7100 (Glance), VX8000,
VX8100, VX8300, VX8350, VX8360, VX8500 (Chocolate), VX8550
(Chocolate), VX8560 (Chocolate 3), VX8575 (Chocolate Touch),
VX8600, VX8610 (Decoy), VX8700, VX8800, VX8800 (VENUS), VX8800,
VX8800 (VENUS), VX9100 (enV2), VX9200 (enV3), VX9400, VX9600
(Versa), VX9700 (Dare), VX9800 (the V), VX11000 (enV Touch), *****
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