Item Description
This Carrying Case Cover Bag for Samsung digital cameras helps keep
your camera protected and close at hand. This case for Samsung
digital cameras has a stylish look and its design allows for quick
access making it easier to take out your digital cameras from the
pouch in order not to miss any important pictures. With zipper
design to prevent the digital cameras from dropping out from the
pouch and help to protect the digital cameras from dust and dirt. A
belt loop is available for attaching with your belt to keep the
digital camera held closer. It is also easy to fit in any of your
pockets, briefcase or handbag. FEATURES: *Stylish design *Zipper
opening *With front side pocket for holding accessories *Prevents
dust and dirt *Fits in handbags *Bag Size: 12cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm /
4.7 inch x 3.3 inch x 2.1 inch (approx.) *Belt Loop Length: 6cm /
2.3 inch (approx.) Compatible with following SAMSUNG CAMERA: A401,
A460, A500, A501, A560, A600, A601, A620, A660/VI660, A680, A700,
A701, A740, A760, A800, A820, A880, A950, A960, A970, D410, D520,
D606, D820, E100, E300, E310, E330, E360, E400, E530, E600, E630,
E700, E710, E730, E800, E820T, ES80, I500, N105, N200, N240, N361,
N391, N400, N620, P510, P735, P777, PL120, PL121, PL170, PL20,
PL210, R220, S105, S342i, S410i, S500, SERENE, SH100, ST30, ST6500,
ST67, ST700, ST90, ST95, T100, T400, T500, V200, WB210, WB700,
X100, X200, X430, X450, X460, X480, X600, X609, Z107, Z320i, Z510,
Z540, Z720M, ZM60, ZX10, ZX20, -, -, -, -, -, *****
shipping_information ***** 1) For USA / UK / Australia, the
estimated arrival time is 7 - 16 working days (i.e. not including
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 10 - 21 calendar days
approximately). 2) For Other Countries, the estimated arrival time
is 15-25 working days (i.e. not including Saturday, Sunday and
Public Holidays, 2 - 6 weeks approximately). 3) For Tracking
Number, additional US$2.0 shipping fee is required.