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Children's performance clothing Animals: Free, children under 110 centimeters tall and can wear,

Cartoon Doll (who play cartoon mascot) is a very popular international publicity, promotion and entertainment, is to let people play the cartoon mascot of real animals or cartoon characters dressed in costumes and costume, dressed as the pleasant variety of forms , exaggerated shapes, bright colors, endearing cartoon character, in public, you can eye-catching, vibrant atmosphere, to give joy, joy, joy, and to businesses with more popularity.


high-quality short
plush, super soft fleece, plush and other fabrics
Price each of the products of
different materials and processes, the price is not the same. Head
material can be selected, commonly used materials can be used
normally 3-5 years. High-density foam, EVA material Boni velvet
..... have a good one for each material, the cost price is
completely different. Customers can choose according to actual


each product are packed
in plastic bags, packing cartons to protect the product is not
being squeezed, to maintain shape. Generally a product of outer
carton packing size 55 * 55 * 55CM (2kg) carton packaging for the
two packing 93 * 55 * 55CM (8 kg) according to the product subject
to the size of the actual factory packaging .