Item Description
Features Product Description】 Cartoon
Doll Doll clothing can be worn on the body outside of the eye can
see in the crowd freely walking performance in shape, lively and
interesting, lively and lovely. It is skilled in quality,
workmanship, feeling good, which is more cartoon dolls were dressed
with good ventilation, clear line of sight, easy to clean and so
on. ã€Product specification】
160-180CM, who went through the total height of 2 meters or so, a
person's height can be customized
ã€Material】 high-quality short
plush, super soft fleece, plush and other fabrics
ã€Price】 each of the products of
different materials and processes, the price is not the same. Head
material can be selected, commonly used materials can be used
normally 3-5 years. High-density foam, EVA material Boni velvet
..... have a good one for each material, the cost price is
completely different. Customers can choose according to actual
needs. ã€Description】 people can
wear to walk into the free puppet show, form realistic lovely.
Lightweight structure, easy to wear discharge, air circulation,
cartoon body parts can easily removable, easy to clean, easy to
maintain. In shape, lively and interesting, lively and lovely, in
which people wear more with good ventilation, clear line of sight
and so on. Customers need the fan can be installed to achieve the
cooling effect, easy to do activities, performances.
ã€Packing】 each product are packed
in plastic bags, packing cartons to protect the product is not
being squeezed, to maintain shape. Generally a product of outer
carton packing size 55 * 55 * 55CM (4 kg) carton packaging for the
two packing 93 * 55 * 55CM (8 kg) according to the product subject
to the size of the actual factory packaging .