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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDP 80ML Carolina lady perfume
Notes : fruit.
Top notes: Rum, passion fruit
Taste: muskiness, gardenia
After taste: vanilla, tonka bean
The bottle is dazzling golden shine brightly, making products. Attractive female lines, such as the beautiful curve, and a magnetic cover design, beautiful and attractive.
Product main ' you, in the VIP list? ' ( Are you on the list? ) from the VIP world, everything is always and money and enough, however, to enter the VIP list and the attitude and personality are related. 212 VIP is a pleasure and hilarious, rich floral fragrance, with style and attitude, a collision of three tone:
Pleasure: exciting rum and exotic fruit - so full of sentimental cocktail to enjoy at any time!
Social: new generation 212VIP basic characteristics, by rich musk and protrusion of the gardenia, like the superior auras.
Fashion: a unique charm of ingredients, filled with delicious and ultra feminine and sexy vanilla, tonka bean, with some Xu Yuan power and sophistication.
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