Item Description

Marginal Records label

Silver compact disc factory pressing

22 Tracks:

 1)  Oh! Neil   (Greenfield-Sedaka-Goffin) 

 2)  It Might As Well Rain Until September   (King-Goffin)

 3)  He's A Bad Boy   (Goffin-King)

 4)  Under The Stars   (King)

 5)  Crying In The Rain (Greenfield-King)

 6)  A Very Special Boy   (Goffin-King)

 7)  Queen Of The Beach   (Goffin-King)

 8)  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do   (Sedaka-Greenfield)

 9)  Short Mort   (Goffin-King)

10)  Oh! Oh! It Started All Over Again   (Keller-Goffin)

11)  Goin' Wild   (King)

12)  School Bells Are Ringing   (Goffin-King)

13)  Baby Sittin'   (King)

14)  Nobody's Perfect   (Goffin-King)

15)  Right Girl   (King)

16)  We Grew Up Together   (Goffin-King)

17)  Some Of Your Loving   (King-Goffin)

18)  I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance   (Goffin-King)

19)  A Road To Nowhere   (King)

20)  One Wonderful Night - with the Honeybees   (Goffin-King) 

21)  You Turn Me On Boy - with the Honeybees   (Goffin-King)

22)  Make The Night A Little Longer - with the Palisades   (Goffin-King)