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Disc 1
1. 1972 Carly Sings That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be Live
2. 1972 Anticipation Live
3. You're So Vain Live From Martha's Vineyard
4. You Can Close Your Eyes Duet With James Taylor Live
5. Mockingbird Live With James Taylor From "No Nukes"
6. Devoted To You Duet With James Taylor On Dick Cavett
7. Nobody Does It Better Live From Martha's Vineyard
8. We're So Close Live
9. Vengeance Music Video
10. Never Been Gone Music Video
11. Take Me As I Am On Omnibus
12. Hurt Music Video
13. I Get Along Without You Very Well Music Video
14. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good Music Video
15. It Happens Everyday Music Video
16. You Know What To Do Music Video
17. Why Music Video
18. Free To Be You And Me Carly Sings Turn of The Tide
19. Coming Around Again Music Video
20. Give Me All Night Music Video
21. The Love Of My Life Music Video
22. My Romance Live At Arista Anniversary Celebration

Disc 2
1. Anticipation Live 1995
2. Better Not Tell Her Music Video
3. Life Is Eternal Live
4. Holding Me Tonight Music Video
5. Like A River Music Video
6. Touched By The Sun Music Video
7. In My Room Live
8. Big Dumb Guy Live
9. WithA Few Good Friends Live
10. Blackbird Music Video
11. Into White Music Video
12. Scarborough Fair Music Video
13. I Only Have Eyes For You Music Video
14.This Kind Of Love Music Video
15. Island Music Video
16. Quiet Evening Music Video
17. This Morning Music Video
18. You Belong To Belong To Me On The Today Show 2009
19. Love Of My Life Live 1992
20. Anticipation Live From Martha's Vineyard

Disc 3
Carly in Concert - My Romance with special guest Harry Connick, Jr. Includes a behind the scene interview with Carly and Harry Connick, Jr.. Song List: Little Girl Blue; By Myself; I See Your Face Before Me; In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning; New King of Love; Stomping at the Savoy; I'm Falling; I Don't Know Why; I Have Dreamed; We Have No Secrets; When Your Lover Has Gone; He Was Too Good to be True; What Has She Got; Time After Time; My Romance.

Disc 4
Carly Simon Live At Grand Central Station 1995
This video catches Carly Simon doing what she does best: making her listeners happy while relating to the emotions contained in her super compositions. She rocks, she reggaes, she croons. The musicians playing behind her were evidently very familiar with these songs--great accompaniment. Carly quickly reminds the listener how good SHE is on guitar and keyboard too. She is on top of her singing game in this concert as well. Like, sweep me off my feet..... Last but way not least, whoever engineered the miking of the concert did a fabulous job. Stereo imaging and range were perfect--especially for a giant echo chamber like GCS. Carly's apparent happiness to be there is captured just right, and it's infectious! You will smile a lot, but you probably won't sit still!
Track List
1. Touched by the Sun
2. Haven't Got Time for the Pain
3. Letters Never Sent
4. I've Got to Have You
5. Anticipation
6. Halfway 'Round the World
7. Legend in Your Own Time
8. Jesse
9. De Bat (Fly in the Face)
10. Coming Around Again
12. Davy
13. That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be
14. Let the River Run
15. We Have No Secrets