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Cardio Twister


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Cardio Twister is a combination of aerobic and twists exercise. The bi-directional step motion and the upper body support works your arms, back, shoulders, abs and obliques. 20 different core muscles are getting a great workout on the Cardio Twister.

Here’s a smart twist on staying fit—the Cardio Twister combines bi-directional stepping (up and down, in and out) with upper body exercise to firm your entire core. Step onto the roomy foot pads; grab the rotating handlebars and twist! The digital computer displays stride count, calories burned and workout time. Adjustable speed / resistance.

This fitness equipment improves cardiovascular fitness increases the body muscle mass,strength, endurance and energy, improves flexibility, and causes rapid metabolism, the most enjoyable especially challenging.

Regular exercise program can lead to significant improvement in quality of life to increase your energy and help you fight the damaging effects of aging.Research shows that 30 minutes of training a heart - lung, or even 3 parts of10 minutes training each executed the combined weight training 3 to 4 times a week can bring you the following health benefits:

Weight Loss
Improved physical fitness
Increasing muscle mass, strength, endurance and energy

Increasing flexibility
Faster metabolism
Protection against injuries
Improving self-image
Improving fit aerobics
Improved coordination and agility

Supports up to 250 lbs

19.3 x 11.4 x 22.4

Colors: Silver Black
Materials: metal and plastic
Computer displays 4 functions:

Total yards (TOTAL STEPS) - Total committed amount footsteps
Feet per minute (STEPS/ MIN) - Quantity footsteps performed in one minute
Time (TIME) -cumulative training time
Calories (CALORIES) -KB - calories burned in training
Scan (SCAN) -Automatic switching every 4 seconds between steps per minute, time, and calories
Total steps: displayed at the top of your computer's display window
MODE button: Displays the remaining four functions at the bottom of your computer's display window
Feet per minute (STROKES/MIN)
Time (TIME)
Calories (CALORIES)
Scan (SCAN)

Adjusting Speed/Resistance Control
The Speed/Resistance Control Lever:
The lever controls the pedal speed and amount of resistance. It works independently of how fast you step.
The resistance is based on where the speed control lever is placed for the desired resistance.
The Speed Control Lever is located at the rear of unit (Refer to page 4 for location). Grasp the ball knob at the end of the lever. Rotate counter clock wise to unlock the control, then slide the lever to either the fast or slow position.
Rotate clockwise to lock (refer to picture). Set the speed according to your ability. The fast position is for beginners since it allows for fast stepping with little resistance. The slow position provides greater resistance to help tone and strengthen your lower body musculature. Note: Always return the Speed Control Lever to the fast position after your workout.