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Complete Anime Set Ep.
1-70 End

Japanese with Accurate English Subtitles
Format: DVD
Sakura Kinomoto was
an ordinary 4th grader until the day she opened a strange book and
let dozens of powerful magic cards loose on the world. Keroberos,
the Guardian of the Clow Cards, informs Sakura that it is now her
responsibility to find and capture the freed cards. However, much
to the reluctant Sakura's dismay, things aren't going to be easy
for her; simply saying magic words and waving her wand around isn't
good enough. Each card is a living, thinking, extremely powerful
being. She'll have to learn to cope with her new responsibilities,
as well as ordinary troubles like love, school, family, and
friends. With the support of her friend Tomoyo and a young boy with
powers of his own, she must learn how to use her newly awakened
magical abilities to collect each card and prevent the disaster
that will befall the world if she doesn't.

Format : DVD
Language : Japanese
DVD Subtitles :
Episodes :
1 - 70 end
Video: Excellent Quality
Region :
All code region free
( Playable on any DVD Player
PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM