Item Description
THIS  OFFER  IS FOR A PREMIUM SET OF SILVERTIP CARBON ARROWS MADE OF A REVOLUTIONARY CARBON MATERIAL THAT IS THE TOUGHEST WE HAVE EVER SEEN. These arrows super straight rated for 45-90 lbs and have HEAVY DUTY  nocks and can be fitted with inserts.They come with SILVERTIP target points installed and are comparable to arrows selling at any store for over $110 a dozen.They have a satin black finish and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer against breakage unheard of in this industry..Email any other questions. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.These are 29" but can be cut to length. THESE ARROWS ALSO CARRY AN EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY GOOD FOR THE LIFE OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER...NEVER OFFERED ON ANY OTHER ARROW IN THE WORLD !! in these times spending over $125 for arrows and broadheads is ridiculous... THE ARCHERY INDUSTRY IS WONDERING WHY SO MANY ARCHERS ARE TURNING TO LONGBOWS AND WOOD ARROWS . IT'S NOT SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE TRADITIONALISTS. IT'S BECAUSE IT'S JUST COSTING TOO MUCH ......FRED BEAR -1989 Please note that we offer value for the dollar. You can always get better for twice as much money, but in these times, value will win out everytime..