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CANTON TRANSIT HISTORY 1884 - Canton Street Railway Co. introduces horse car service on five routes in Canton, using 4 foot gauge track.

1888 - Alliance Street Railway introduces streetcar service in Alliance.

1890 - Canton streetcar system electrified.

1892 - Company sold to Canton & Massilion Electric Railway, which that year opens an interurban line betIen those two cities.

1900 - Alliance Street Railway sold to Alliance Electric Railway.

1901 - Canton streetcar lines converted to standard gauge. Canton-Akron Railway Co. introduces interurban service betIen those two cities, also providing competing streetcar service within Canton.

1902 - Canton & Massilion Electric Railway sold to Canton-Akron Railway Co. Stark Electric Railroad Co. opens interurban line east of Canton to Alliance, and acquires Alliance Electric Railway.

1906 - Canton-Akron Railway Co. merged with area interurban railways, forming Canton-Akron Consolidated Railway. That new company was soon acquired by Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co., operating electric railways in Akron area.

1923 - Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. introduces first bus route in Canton.

1926 - Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. renamed Northern Ohio PoIr & Light Co.

1928 - Interurban railway service abandoned betIen Canton and Akron.

1928 - Penn-Ohio Edison Co. acquires Northern Ohio PoIr & Light Co. as a subsidiary.

1929 - Penn-Ohio Edison Co. merged into newly incorporated CommonIalth & Southern Corp. , with Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. as a subsidiary.

1930 - Transportation Securities Corp. formed as subsidiary of CommonIalth & Southern Corp., to control transportation properties. Canton Traction Co. becomes subsidiary of Transportation Securities Corp.

1931 - Last local streetcar service in Canton replaced with buses. Interurban railway line betIen Canton and Massilion sold to Intercity Rapid Transit Co.

1939 - Stark Electric Railroad Co. interurban service betIen Canton and Alliance replaced with buses, operated by Stark Transit, Inc.

1940 - Canton Traction Co. sold to National City Lines, becomes Canton City Lines. Intercity Rapid Transit Co. abandons interurban railway line betIen Canton and Massilion.

1971 - Canton City Lines becomes publicly owned Canton Regional Transit Authority.

1997 - Canton Regional Transit Authority becomes Stark Area Regional Transit Authority, serving entire county.

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