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Match #1 James vs. PWP’s Dan

James is the smaller man in this contest. Dan takes advantage at the beginning of the match with headlocks and hair pulling. As the match progresses each man gains the upper hand with surfboards, arm bars, full nelsons and punishing bear hugs. The bigger man goes down like a ton of bricks when James clamps on his sleeper hold. A sexy end to a well-fought battle!

Match #2 James vs. Ken

Ken is one tough mother. His headlocks are clamped on like vises. His arm bars and hair pulling make Ken a formidable opponent as James discovers soon enough. Full nelsons, bear hugs and surfboards are exchanged, each one resulting in intense pain. The end comes when James measures Ken for a sleeper hold while forcing him down to the mat. An evenly fought match but this round goes to James.