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Caliber FX Pro has all the hallmarks to become a market leader



In the next few minutes we'll prove TO YOU that trading on the Forex Market successfully can be EASY with our innovative software...

Losses are inevitable for all traders, but they don't matter when your gains make those losses look tiny. Sound too good to be true?...Well, clear your mind for a minute, suspend your disbelief and absorb every single word on this page we’re gonna show you how easy it can be...



RE: Caliber FX Pro, Gold-Standard Forex EA for 2010

Dear Fellow Forex Trader,

Hello and welcome to the Caliber FX Pro website.

We appreciate that great products are a direct result of experience, thought, and long term dedication - so if you’re expecting to read a ‘rags to riches’ tale or some 'Forex conspiracy' or even some tall story about a ‘guru’ stumbling on a ‘Forex loophole’...then you’re in the wrong place.

Likewise, if you’re looking for an over-priced, over-hyped, below-average Forex trading package, then please keep looking elsewhere…

…But if you’re serious about making real profit from a system that has a track record for producing impressive trading results then look no further – you’re in the right place


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make $16,000 profit in 30 days without breaking a sweat?


Have you ever considered how it would feel to siphon off $30,580.00 in a couple of months with just a few clicks of your mouse?


Forex can be the key to true financial freedom, if you have the blueprint to trade successfully.

The development of computer science in the form of trading software has flung open the doors to the general public and allowed everybody to delve into the world of Forex. The advantages of good trading software includes: the ability to trade 'remotely', where the software can trade on your behalf whilst you are away from your computer.

The second big advantage is that it can remove the negative impact that human emotions can have on trading.

But the challenge now seems to be in finding the right trading software, or should that be finding trading software that actually makes profit...

There are hundreds of software packages on the market today – each one claiming it is better than the next… what is it that sets them apart?

The difference actually only really comes down to one thing – the “human thought†that has gone into designing the software…

Remember it’s our job as humans to think. We then pass our “thoughts†to the computer. The magic starts to happen AFTER this initial thought has been 'plugged' into the software.

A computer system once it has been constructed, can no longer think, it simply does what it is programmed to do - nothing more and nothing less.


The ‘QUALITY OF THOUGHT’ going into the automated software's design is what matters - that’s the difference between an automated system producing mediocre results to one that gives outstanding results


The quality of this thought comes ONLY from experience – experience from years of trading manually and actually using the same systems which many of these EA’s on the market TRY to have built into them.

The point is…in order for somebody to create software which knows what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it – the designer needs to know these things him/herself!

Now, can you see how this might apply to the software available on the market today?

let us explain…it is a tragic truth that unfortunately the vast majority of robots on the market today are designed and created by programmers themselves – most of whom have very little or even worse, no actual trading experience. There may be no liaison with expert traders at any point in the development process.

Caliber FX Pro takes an entirely different approach to design; the ‘quality of thought’ that has gone into Caliber FX Pro's design could be described as "rigorous and complete"...this software is the result of several expert traders collaborating, and more importantly overseeing the construction and development of the EA every step of the way – from start to finish…

The end result, is a brilliantly adaptable multimarket robot with an awesome performance record. There are lots of other reasons why Caliber FX Pro is a cut above the rest, and we will discuss the details a little later…

Our EA (EA = Expert Advisor) aims to give YOU, the home-based Forex trader an UNFAIR advantage on trading the Foreign Exchange.

We’re going to demonstrate precisely how you can make four-and five-figure ‘withdrawals’ from Forex on 100% autopilot.

You’re going to see how this powerful system on its automatic settings can drill out winning trades like this:




That 585 pips trade is just an example of the kind of trade Caliber FX Pro is capable of executing on complete autopilot.

We want you to put your faith in a system with multi-market capabilities, one that has years of in-built manual trading experience to help convert your trades into automatic cash withdrawals.

We want you to put your faith in a system that premeditates all likely potential scenarios in the heat of trading battle and has a plan of action for each.

This time the EA has managed to drill out an astonishing $16,000 in a week !…you can begin to see the income potential from trading Forex ‘smartly'...

Even more exciting is that the Caliber FX Pro software does all the trading for is incredibly easy to install and takes a matter of minutes (we have a walk-through video to help you with this).

Once it is set up, you need not lift a finger, it finds the right trades and exits them at all the right times. The software is so easy to set up that you can be up and running in a few easy steps and profiting in no time...


Caliber FX Pro: The complete ‘Launch-and-Leave’ System


STEP 1: Install Trading Platform
STEP 2: Open a Demo Account
STEP 3: Install Expert Advisor File
STEP 4: Launch & Leave Caliber FX Pro
STEP 5: Go and enjoy life

STEP 6: Check your profits

Here’s how and why Caliber FX Pro is a cut above the rest….

Unfortunately the vast majority of trading software is incapable of actually bring in profitable results reliably and consistently.

Of course there are never any guarantees with the Forex market but what EVERY SINGLE EA should be trying to do, is to seek out trade set ups where the odds are stacked very strongly in favour of being profitable.

That’s exactly what Caliber FX Pro specializes in finding. In fact, it’s the only sort of trade the software carries out.

One of the Golden rules of Forex Trading revolves around MINIMISING RISK and DIVERSIFYING, it’s simply essential to any REAL Forex Trader making long term profit ... This is precisely why we have created a ‘portfolio’ of software which trades on 3 different currency pairs.

There is a dedicated laser focussed EA for each currency pair - *you get 3 EA's in total, all based on the same killer strategy*

The EA has been optimized to work on the 1 hour chart and the most popular major currency pairs including the following:




It is very sensitive to changes in the market’s movement and trades regularly - entering and exiting the market at all the right times and of course securing profit each step of the way.

The number one priority when designing Caliber FX Pro has been to protect your money - this is the first golden rule of Forex Trading.

Caliber FX Pro has a thorough adaptable money management strategy which ensures losses are kept short, very short in fact.

Other important features included in the EA's design:

Money Management - Never risks more than a selected percentage of your account on each single trade, plus has a built in stop loss (as a predetermined worst case scenario) and trailing stops to continually protect profits as the trade progresses.

Profit Target - captures profit along the way and keeps remainder to continue profiting
(Profit Target also assists to totally eliminate potential risk)

By using the Money Management - for position sizing you are using Compounding (compounding the returns) to your advantage, as Einstein once said: "compounding is the 8th wonder of the world!"

Compatible with ECN brokers

Caliber FX Pro has been specially engineered to flourish in the challenging economic climate of 2010/2011. The recession might be over but the recovery has just begun and profiting consistently during such a period is what Caliber FX Pro has been programmed to do.

In brief, this automated trading package is more developed than other EA’s on the market and has developed its reputation by reducing the potential for ‘risky’ trading on Forex. The EA's multimarket capabilities and fantastic performance also mark it out from the crowd...


If you're going to trade, you should trade 'smart'

A logical, cold and emotionless Trading Tool

The lightning speed of the market coupled with our natural human emotional response can mean the ‘unenlightened’ trader can lose out when trading in a shockingly short period of time…

On the other hand, the ‘smart’ trader understands that he/she is an emotional being and that the decisions made when trading are NOT usually based on ‘cold logic’ - the sad thing is that most people who trade Forex never figure this out or worse deny it to themselves…

Emotion can be a traders worst enemy...

It’s true to say that during live trading all of your emotions are significantly heightened.

So Forex might well be a goldmine for the ‘smart’, but emotions pretty much guarantee that those without the right instruments to eliminate raw emotion will end up getting fizzled out.

Emotion has always been what makes Forex risky and hard. Period.

It is this very fear that makes Forex so damn difficult for human beings. It clouds judgment and in a financial setting it cripples ones profit making potential.

You need to find a way to take the emotion out of your decision-making…and its the ‘smart’ traders who will figure this out first.


To remove emotion from your trading you basically have two options...

Firstly, you could try handcuffing yourself to the computer and risk years of anguish, torment and losses in the hope of one day becoming an emotion-free 'cold-logic-trading machine'.

Alternatively you could be 'smart' about things and realise the inescapable truth that we are all emotional beings and that emotions are hardwired into us...if we chose this option, the 'smart' option...

The solution to the 'emotion problem' then becomes brilliantly simple:

We need a tool that trades for us in an emotion-free way…a system that puts trading on autopilot where zero intervention is required…

From the enhanced knowledge and experience of trading the Forex market, we have engineered something that will give you precisely this – an instrument which automatically trades the Forex Market for you with very high success rates and which turns over winning trade after winning trade.

...and all you have to do is to turn the thing on and let it run…

It leaves you free to go and enjoy life, instead of being shackled to your computer and losing the one commodity that no amount of money can ever replace - your time…

That's an astonishing $11, 013.76 on a single trade! That's a massive profit over just one single trade...Obviously trades like that don't come by every day and it would be ridiculous to claim otherwise, but the point is that this EA has a remarkable ability to pick out the most profitable trades.

We all know that back testing is hypothetical and does not give a full picture of how an EA will perform in the future...but we also know that an EA that performs badly in back testing is not really off to a good start either!...

The picture below shows Caliber FX pro back test data over 2009, where the account grew from $10,000 to an extremely healthy $180,718.20!




This is your secret weapon to trade like an obsessed expert…

Caliber FX Pro is your very own ‘professional robot’, working for you round the clock securing your present and future profits.

As well as fully automating your trading you can think of this professional EA as your very own tireless expert, analyzing signals, charts and the news, crunching the numbers, and watching the market – working to make you consistent profit-driven trades.

It monitors the market’s condition constantly searching for specific trade conditions which are both safe and have the potential for high gains. When the EA locks onto a trade, it enters confidently and then continues to monitor and executes the trade; from point of entry to exit.

So, not only does the EA enter a trade, but after doing so, it continuously watches it. This (constant monitoring) means that it knows exactly how long to hold its nerve for and when to cash you out to secure the maximum return. If the trade goes against you, which does happen from time to time, the software will automatically get you out with a minimal loss.

This capital conservation mechanism has been added to safe-guard your trading capital.

Even though the occasional losing trade is an inevitable part of Forex trading, what you won’t see with this EA is a big profitable trade followed by 10 losses that wipe out your gains and bring you back to square one…

You’ll see winning trade after winning trade, with an occasional small loss.


The Complete ‘Launch and Leave’ System – as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Caliber FX Pro system can be set up to be trading in absolutely no time...

The whole package is as user-friendly as possible and all the hard work has already been done for you…So you’re not left trying to figure out things that would take years of a university degree in Economics or Market Analysis to figure out.

The academic, statistical and financial research that has gone into making this EA has resulted in a fantastically profitable device that the everyday man or woman can use from the comfort of their own home.

Your first port of call is to:

Get a FREE Forex trading platform

Yes, most trading platforms are completely free to download.

Don’t worry we’ll recommend the top trading platforms to you.

Your second step is to:

install the Caliber FX Pro EA

You then install Caliber FX Pro onto that platform. This literally takes less than five minutes to do – we'll even walk you through it with our video...


Your third and final step is to:

Let Caliber FX Pro take over…



Yes, that’s your work over and done with – unless you consider counting your profits as work?

Caliber FX Pro sits and watches the market for you – your very own expert working round the clock, with a work rate of 100%

You don’t have to keep your eye on anything, as the software will enter and exit the market at precisely the right times to maximize you profit intake.

If you'd like to know the dynamics about how this EA trades then you can simply study the strategy manual which explains everything.

Launch it and leave it – that’s the beauty of the Caliber FX Pro’s straightforward and user-friendly design.

To demonstrate the efficiency of this EA we want to consider a single week where Caliber FX Pro secured a steady gain of $5647.94 completely off its own back


$5793.25 profit in 8 days



Day 1 -4

We set up the software to trade the GBP/USD currency pair in the afternoon. The EA managed to lock on to and close a few successful small trades during the day. Just before we finished for the night we noticed that the EA had already locked onto another trade.

When we returned the next day we were pleased to see that the EA had closed the trade with a nice $1153.50 profit. It then opened and closed another trade within a few hours, swiping a further cool $1125.15...

We didn’t have to do anything.

...But the EA wasn’t done...

Day 4 -6

It continued to watch the GBP/USD currency pair and saw several more good trades that it entered in quick succession, riding the trend and demonstrating compounding in action...When we returned the next morning we were pleased to find a nice profit waiting for us.

Day 6+

And the EA still wasn’t done!

It put on even more trades over the next few days (all profitable) and in the end gave us a satisfying grand total of $5793.25 over 8 days. That's real easy, stress-free, income in just over a week…

Are you seeing the potential yet?

We want to make sure you’re comfortable as possible with this product so if you’re still sceptical and think this is all too good to be true, why not try Caliber FX Pro on a demo account first to prove it to yourself. The 60 day risk-free money back guarantee means that you don’t have to risk a single penny of your own money.

Although, when you see the results which we’re seeing regularly and consistently, you won’t want to be using monopoly money for too long.

To reassure you even further, we won’t leave you stranded after ordering our software. We will have expert traders dedicated to providing you with full lifetime product support, 24-7, via email.

Q. Can an EA really achieve such results?

A. The expansion of computer-aided technology has permanently changed the possibilities for automated trading on the Forex market.

An important fact to remember is that a robots level of performance is based on the quality of thought that has gone into the robot’s design and production.

And so multiple years of Forex trading experience have gone into the design of Caliber FX Pro, giving you a complete strategy. Only experience can bring such quality in system design and has paved the way for the Caliber FX Pro system.

Q. I’ve never traded on the Forex market before. Is Caliber FX Pro for me?

A. Yes, but ultimately only you can decide this.

Caliber FX Pro has been designed for the use of both total newbies as well as experienced Forex traders. It is so simple to install and run that anybody could do it. Practically no Forex knowledge is required for successful use and you also don’t have to be a computer genius.

There is no need for any prior technical knowledge and no need to risk any real capital – just install the software on a demo account, then sit back and do your thing as our EA automatically does its thing - which happens to be making lots of profit…

Q. How much money do I need to start trading?

A. You can start trading with as little as $50, or you can get set up on a free demo account and not risk any real capital.

Q. What if I need help using the system?

A. Caliber FX Pro is presented fully in a user friendly manner and is immediately accessible whatever your previous level of Forex experience.

For your piece of mind, there is a customer support team with qualified staff at hand to deal with any queries/problems you may have with the product. Support is available 24 hours a day via e-mail and our support aims to be fast, professional and unconditional.

Q. What happens if I am not happy with the software?

A. You can make your purchase of Caliber FX Pro completely RISK-FREE. You have a full *60 day money back guarantee* and in the unlikely event that you are not entirely happy with the product you can get a 100% refund with no questions asked.


So what is all that you have read worth to you?

Caliber FX Pro is a fantastic trading package, as a Caliber FX Pro member you will receive:

The Caliber FX Pro software that will stack up winning trades on 100% autopilot. This trading portfolio (3 EA's) maximises your profit and at the same time minimises your risk and has been optimised for the unique market conditions of 2010/11

The Caliber FX Pro user manual that will walk you through getting set up and unleashing it on to the Forex market

A walk through video which compliments the manual and gets you set up in no time

A bonus strategy manual which will put you on a par with professional traders and which unravels some of the magic that has gone into the EA’s design

Lifetime 24/7 Caliber FX Pro email support,with personal responses from a qualified team

Caliber FX Pro is a dual tested forex monster and offers an unparalleled level of performance in multimarket conditions.


There’s only one catch ...

There are only a limited number of copies of Caliber FX Pro available.

By limiting the number of sales we can provide dedicated support to our members without compromising on our high standards.

If you see “sold out†on the right hand side of this page instead of an order button, you’ll know it’s already too late.


So with a limited number available, Caliber FX Pro is going to sell out fast…

For the past few weeks many people have been enquiring about Caliber FX Pro, people from all over the world including London, New York and the Middle East...

and some of the questions have been regarding the price of Caliber FX Pro...

Well, If this software is so easy and so reliable, it must cost an arm and a leg, right?

Nowhere near that.

You’ve seen the results that you can get with Caliber FX Pro. It’s probably fair for us to charge over a thousand dollars for it, since you can make all of that money back remarkably fast. But we’re not going to charge that much.

And it certainly would be fair for us to charge a monthly fee of $97. As you’re getting a lifetime of a product that makes trading so easy literally anyone can do it, regardless of previous experience level.

But we also know that most people either can't or won't pay that. Most people won't pay $97 a month either, although it's clearly worth every penny.

So we're going to make this impossible for you to turn down...

We are going to let you have this software at a special launch price and for a one-time fee of only $97, this includes all 3 EA's and all the extras.

So you’ll pay less for this than you’d pay for a couple of months on your phone bill. And that’s one time. There’s no monthly fee, no gimmicks and no surprises.



Remember, this is going to sell out VERY quickly, so you need to act on this fast. Since we are taking all of the risk, it should be an easy decision.

If you’re reading this letter, you’re guaranteed a copy if you order right now, but don’t click away! If you do, all of the copies might be sold out by the time you get back.

All you have to do is click on the 'Add to Cart' below and complete the order form to get your copy of Caliber FX Pro. Orders are being taken through ClickBank, and you can secure your spot with any credit/ debit card or with PayPal

Don't delay: Once you hit the download page, get started right away, today may be your most profitable trading day yet!


Get Caliber & Start NOW!

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