Item Description
Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition
 Cakewalk has been consistent about upgrading SONAR
annually, and the improvements have been significant. For instance,
SONAR 5 pushed the envelope by being the first 64-bit DAW, and last
year SONAR 6 was fortified with ACT (Active Controller Technology),
a dynamic means of remapping MIDI controls, AudioSnap audio
quantizing, Session Drummer 2 and the robust VC-64 Vintage
SONAR 7 Producer Edition is packed with a slew of new features.
A hefty MIDI overhaul includes Smart MIDI Tools and enhanced MIDI
editing. Internal sidechaining and delay compensation for external
hardware are also welcome features. The comprehensive Roland
V-Vocal is also enhanced with MIDI functionality. True linear-phase
mastering plug-ins, Eu-Con support, workflow enhancements and new
delivery options are also included in this update.
Already feature packed, SONAR 7 Producer Edition tips the scales
with: integrated Step Sequencer view; Smart MIDI Tools; dozens of
MIDI workflow and editing enhancements; Roland® V-Vocal™
1.5 editor enhanced with pitch to MIDI conversion; new instruments:
Z3TA+ 1.5, Dimension LE with Garritan Pocket Orchestra, Rapture LE,
& DropZone providing over 1000 new sounds; LP-64 EQ and LP-64
Multiband linear phase mastering VSTs; Boost 11 Peak Limiter;
internal sidechaining for SONAR’s dynamics processors &
multi-input capable VSTs; mix with external hardware and
instruments with automatic delay compensation; Dim Solo Mode;
shortcuts for audio I/O & bus assignments; integrated audio CD
ripping & burning; and Cakewalk Publisher 2.0 for uploading and
presenting music online—

dvd comes in a paper sleeve, with serial and registration
numbers, since it is used you might not be able register online as
Cakewalk doesn't allow that, but this will install and work
works fine in in XP, Vista and 7
email me with any questions please