Item Description
Sonar 5 Producer Edition (Cakewalk)
Cakewalk, developer of the best-selling music and sound software
for Windows, is the maker of SONAR 5 Producer Edition, the
definitive Digital Audio Workstation for Windows. SONAR 5 shatters
the limitations found in ordinary digital audio workstations by
utilizing a true 64-bit end-to-end signal path on native x64
systems and 32-bit systems. SONAR 5’s 64-bit double precision
floating point engine ensures a level of sonic integrity that is
simply not possible with 32-bit floating point applications. In
addition, SONAR 5 introduces groundbreaking advances in RAM and
native processing power on Intel EM64T and AMD64 based systems
running Windows XP x64 Edition.
New Features
Both native x64 edition and 32-bit versions ship on one disc
True 64-bit end-to-end signal path
Pristine 64-bit mix engine (accessible within 32-bit version)
BitBridge enables 32-bit VST effects and instruments to run
smoothly in SONAR’s 64-bit environment
Roland V-Vocal VariPhrase technology for exceptional audio
stretching and pitch correction
Perfect Space 64-bit Convolution Reverb
PSYN II Subtractive synth; Pentagon I vintage analog synth;
Roland Groove Synth; SFZ SoundFont sampler, and RXP REX player drum
machine and groove box
Integrated VST and VSTi support
Integrated inline audio and MIDI editing, arranging, and
mixing all in one view
Bus and Synth Waveform Preview with per-track markers show
the location and value of the maximum peak in each track and bus;
overages indicated in red
Envelope automation enhancements include tempo-sync patterns
and freehand drawing
Object-oriented clip-based effects and editing including
per-clip effects bin, clip-based effect automation
Updated MIDI FX plug-ins with enhanced functionality
Track Templates for one-click recall of all track properties
(mix, FX, busses, instruments, multi-track setups)
Track Icons and Tabbed Edit views for quicker workflow
Automatically remove DC offset during recording
Advanced step recording
Video output to 1394 Firewire devices for high quality
viewing with lower CPU and disk usage
32-bit float file import, export, rendering
Seamlessly mix 16, 24, 32 bit files per project
New Standards in Digital Mixing
Double Precision — SONAR 5’s 64-bit double precision
floating point engine utilizes a true 64-bit end-to-end signal
path, delivering dramatic increases in dynamic range and audio
fidelity —breaking through plug-in accuracy and summing bus
limitations found in 32-bit floating point applications. This
significant enhancement is not limited to the native x64 version of
SONAR, and is easily accessible from the 32-bit version through a
simple mouse click in the Audio/Options dialog.
BitBridge — a primary barrier to making the leap to the
64-bit environment has been the lack of plug-ins available. SONAR
5’s BitBridge sweeps aside any resistance by enabling the use
of 32-bit VST effects and instruments in SONAR’s 64-bit
environment. BitBridge technology extends the viability and use of
your favorite VST plug-ins; ensures future compatible of freeware,
even for the most obscure, independently developed shareware
Bus & Synth Waveform Preview — get priceless visual
feedback while you mix, and before you mixdown. Quickly auto-locate
and display the value of the maximum peak of each audio track,
synth, or bus. Maximize output and prevent clipping by finding all
the overs and peaks in your project before you mix. Also draw more
precise automation on synth and track busses with visual references
provided by the waveform preview.
Clip-Based Effects and Editing — Have you ever wanted an
effect on just one clip? Audio and MIDI clips now contain
full-featured effects bins, with unlimited number of audio and MIDI
effects contained per clip, clip-based effect automation, automatic
delay compensation; mix 16, 24, and 32 bit audio clips seamlessly
in the same project; apply fades to selected audio clips, specify
fade duration and curve type. In addition, the automation drawing
tool has been enhanced for clear, efficient envelope viewing and
editing through powerful tempo-sync’d pattern drawing, as
well as freehand and random shapes.
Perfect Space Convolution Reverb — true full-resolution
convolution stereo processing providing unheralded clarity in the
accurate representation of the acoustic characteristics of any
physical space or sound. The Perfect Space secret lies within its
complete 64-bit double-precision processing of impulse responses at
a latency as low as 64 samples (1.5ms at 44.1khz), yielding fast,
responsive use with any input signal. Also features:
non-destructive impulse editing, linear-phase EQ, SSE/SSE2 and
3DNOW optimizations, and over 300 impulse responses from
professional hardware reverbs real spaces.
Native Power
SONAR 5 ships with both a 32-bit version and the first native
64-bit digital audio workstation on the Windows platform. On Intel
EM64T and AMD64 based systems running Windows XP x64 Edition, SONAR
5 introduces 20-30% processing performance gains and
ground-breaking advances in RAM allocation with access up to 128 GB
of physical RAM.
Amazing Vocal Edits
Roland V-Vocal VariPhrase Technology — integrated into
SONAR 5, V-Vocal provides a powerful tool for the creation of
perfect vocal tracks. The V-Vocal processor features intuitive
controls for simple edits or the transformation of any vocal with
automatic pitch correction; flexible phrase and dynamics
adjustment; create harmonies, add vibrato, rephrase any audio
region; and more.
New Responsive Instruments
SONAR 5 presents an arsenal of high quality instruments for the
musician’s choice in expressive tools:
PSYN II — classic analog sounds and evocative new sounds
through full-featured subtractive synthesis modeling. New for
version 2: drive, delay, and modulation effects settings provide
expanded sonic horizons.
Pentagon I — vintage analog synthesis, brings to life the
analog realm of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Also includes a unique
voice modulator for creative expansion and a library of classic
keyboard sounds.
RXP — the new tempo-syncing drum machine and groove box
that plays REX and SFZ loops, as well as single hits. RXP features
hit and loop preview pads, built-in multimode filter and envelopes,
drag-and-drop (drag REX files in/drag MIDI out). Includes over 275
megabytes of REX files across many genres.
SFZ SoundFont Sampler — outstanding sound quality is
paramount in this multi-timbral sampler, featuring limitless
sample-arranging capabilities, built-in effects, adjustable
CPU/quality optimization settings for smooth operation with your
hardware, with several load-in modes (including direct-from-disk
streaming for SoundFonts). Also includes SoundFonts taken from the
critically acclaimed Dimension Pro sound library.
Roland GrooveSynth — featuring 100%-genuine Roland sounds
from their genre-defining groove boxes and synthesizers.
GrooveSynth includes over 400 instrument patches from these
legendary synths: 101, 303, 505, 507, 606, 808, and 909.
google other features, too many too list
works in XP, Vista and 7
cd comes in a paper sleeve, weith appropriate serial
please email myself with any questions
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