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Simulating a Mixed-Signal Design
Even with a combination of analog and digital primitives, PSpice A/D offers both analog and event-driven digital simulation capabilities.
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Industry-proven OrCAD solutions are available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites. Unlike other PCB design tools, OrCAD PCB design suites provide a feature-rich, fully scalable solution that can be expanded and upgraded as PCB challenges and the level of design sophistication grows.
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OrCAD FPGA System Planner 
Provides a complete, scalable solution for FPGA-PCB co-design that allows users to create an optimum correct-by-construction pin assignment.
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OrCAD Capture and Capture CIS
Offers full-featured schematic editing for fast, intuitive design capture with hierarchical and variant capabilities. Component information system (CIS) promotes use of preferred, current parts to accelerate the design process and reduce project costs.
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OrCAD PCB Designer
Offers a proven, scalable, easy-to-use PCB editing and routing solution. Delivers a comprehensive feature set and seamless PCB design environment to take designs from concept to production.
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ActiveParts Portal 
Automates the process of part selection and extends the reach of engineers. APP is FREE for users on the most current releases of OrCAD Capture CIS
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OrCAD Signal Explorer
Enables pre- and post-layout signal integrity analysis and topology design/exploration at any stage of the design cycle improving circuit reliability and performance to reduce prototypes and re-spins.
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PSpice A/D and Advanced Analysis
Provides simulation of analog/mixed-signal circuits as well as analysis for by determining which components are over-stressed and component yields. Full integration with OrCAD Capture improves productivity and data integrity.
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