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BUTFERING double headed 53" wide belt
Twin head sander finish sander.
1999 classic model 113c-e (according to
purchase order when new its model 213c-e and tag reads
460 v 3 phase.
Top of the line veneer/laquer sander and Machine is
in excellent condition.
compare to new and replacement cost is over

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2 head, 53" width cap. Ideal thin veneer and
laquer sanding. with 1 combition head with seqmented platen.
1st head combition head with rubber covered
contact roll (85-shore) and segmented polishing platen
electronically controlled. 25 hp motor.

head segmented polishing platen electrocically controlled , 25
mm wide segments , 20 hp motor inverter controlled for variable
abrasive belt speed 5-40m/sec. outfeed rotary panel cleaning brush
control with te1 led terminal, (50) sanding programs for automatic
setups, 54x103 abrasive belts , electronic abrasive belt tracking,
pnuematic contact roll exclusion on first head.
belt feed 8-42fpm variable feed speed 2 hp feed drive , vacum bed
ass with 5hp suction fan automatic conveyor belt tracking.

infeed panel over thickness sensor , air blast abrasive cleaners ,
electronic brakes on both sanding heads.
emergencey stop , motor load meters.
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