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Bunshiro and Fuku (Semishigure) The Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-3 End) Japanese with English Subtitles Format: DVD     Based on the jidaigeki novel, Semishigure, written by Fujisawa Shuhei. Duty and honor were the principles of the samurai, but just like others throughout history, greed and power motivated some while friendship, truth and love guided others. This is the story of Bunshiro, a true warrior who survives tragedy in his youth to become a great swordsman and defender of the weak, and Fuku, the love of his life. They first fall in love as teenagers, but her poverty and his tragedy separate them. After a corrupt official forces Bunshiro's father to commit suicide, he is treated like an outcast. Later, the same official tries to use Bunshiro in a plot to kill Fuku, who has become a wife of the local lord, but he turns the tables, saving Fuku and her child and uncovering the corruption. Many years later Bunshiro and Fuku meet again to reminisce about their lives, and the love that remains smoldering in their hearts. Cast * Uchino Masaaki as Maki Bunshiro * Moriwaki Fumito as Bunshiro (as a boy) * Mizuno Maki as Fuku * Ito Miki as Fuku (as a girl) * Kudo Kankuro as Shimazaki Yonosuke * Katsuno Hiroshi as Maki Shukezaemon * Kudo Kankuro as Shimazaki Yonosuke * Suzuki Anju as Yada Yoshie * Arai Norihito as Inukai Hyoma * Ishibashi Renji as Owada Ippei * Murakami Hiroaki as Yada Sakunojo * Riju Go as Aoki Magozo * Shiomi Sansei as Isogai Kazue * Godai Michiko as Owada Michi * Kaibe Tsuyoshi as Fuse Tsurunosuke * Kobayashi Katsuya as Tojiro * Fuke Norimasa as Nose Ikunoshin * Itao Itsuji as Yamane Seijiro * Emoto Akira as Yokgama Matasuke * Onimaru as Murakami * Takeshita Keiko as Maki Toyo * Hira Mikijiro as Satomura Sanai   Format : DVD Language : Japanese DVD Subtitles : English Episodes :  1 - 3 end Video: Excellent Quality Region : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player ) PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible.