Item Description
Buck Rogers Classic Film Serial starring Buster Crabbe

Buck Rogers

All 12 Chapters of this Classic Film Serial

Starring Larry "Buster" Crabbe

The Story:

Preserved in a state of suspended animation for 500 years by the Nirvano gas in the gondola of their dirigible wrecked in the arctic ice wastes, Buck Rogers and Buddy are rescued by scientists in the year 2440 to find the world under the despotic rule of Killer Kane and his super gangsters. Using an arsenal of fantastic weapons created in the Huer's clandestine laboratory, the group attempts to seek aid from the planet Saturn to oust the tyrannical ruler only to find that his henchmen have already taken over control of the Prince of Saturn. After several harrowing adventures with the Zugg men, Buck and Buddy return to Earth only to be shot down, imprisoned and finally rescued to participate in a spectacular air battle to wrest control of the Universe from the sinister intergalactic despot.


Larry "Buster" Crabbe as Colonel Buck Rogers
Constance Moore as Lieutenant Wilma Deering
Jackie Moran as Buddy Wade
Jack Mulhall as Captain Rankin
Anthony Warde as Killer Kane
Philson Ahn as Prince Tallen
C. Montague Shaw as Dr. Huer
Guy Usher as Aldar


1. Tomorrow's World
2. Tragedy on Saturn
3. The Enemy's Stronghold
4. The Sky Patrol
5. The Phantom Plane
6. The Unknown Command
7. Primitive Urge
8. Revolt of the Zuggs
9. Bodies Without Minds
10. Broken Barriers
11. A Prince in Bondage
12. War of the Planets

Approx. time: 209 minutes / B&W