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THAT'S RIGHT, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE...LARGE SELECTION, OFFER GOOD UNTIL 11.11.10 ONLY 1, 2001 A Strip Odyssey:2, 39 Steps:Arnie Burton, Charles Edwards, Jennifer Ferrin, Cliff Saunders. "The 39 Steps" is a play adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock. The play's concept calls for the entirety of the 1935 adventure film "The 39 Steps" to be performed nearly verbatim onstage, but with a cast of four. One actor plays the hero, Richard Hannay, an actress plays the three women whom he has romantic entanglements with, and two other actors play every other character in the show: heroes, villains, men, women, children and even the occasional inanimate object. This often requires lighting fast quick changes and occasionally for them to play multiple characters at once. Thus the film's serious spy story is played mainly for laughs, and the script is full of allusions to (and puns on the titles of) other Alfred Hitchcock films, including Rear Window, Psycho and North by Northwest. Well filmed from the balcony. ! A3, 42nd Street:Date: 4/21/2001Michael Cumpsty, Beth Leavel (u/s), Kate Levering, David Elder. Shot from balcony with good zooms. Only minor obstructions and a little spotlight washout in a few scenes, from the master. A-4, 9 to 5:Date: 9/23/2008The musical; Allison Janney (Violet), Stephanie J. Block (Judy), Megan Hilty (Doralee), Andy Karl (Joe), Kathy Fitzgerald (Roz), Marc Kudisch (Mr. Hart). A5, 9 to 5:Date: 10/19/2008Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, Megan Hilty, Marc Kudisch, Andy Karl, Kathy Fitzgerald, Ioana Alfonso, Dan Cooney, Ann Harada, Van Hughes, Karen Murphy, Charlie Pollock, Tory Ross, Maia Nkenge Wilson. Well filmed. Crystal clear, with great close-ups. Some heads in the bottom of the screen for the wider shots. A6, 9 to 5:Date: 10/19/2008A+7, 9 to 5:Date: 4/11/2009Matinee8, 9 to 5:Date: 4/11/2009The musical; Allison Janney (Violet), Stephanie J. Block (Judy), Megan Hilty (Doralee), Marc Kudisch (Franklin Hart), Kathy Fitzgerald (Roz), Andy Karl (Roz), Ioana Alfonso, Dan Cooney, Ann Harada, Lisa Howard, Van Hughes, Karen Murphy Charlie Pollack, Tory Ross. A9, 9 to 5:Date: 6/21/2009Allison Janney (Violet), Gaelen Gilliland* (u/s Judy), Megan Hilty (Doralee), Marc Kudisch (Franklin Hart), Andy Karl (Joe), Kathy Fitzgerald (Roz), Jessica Lea Patty* (u/s Maria/ Ensemble), Ann Harada Lisa Howard, Van Hughes. Filmed in 16:9 widescreen. Minor and only occasional obstruction from a head in front. DVD remains clear with almost no blackouts and great audio Excellent DVD. A10, A Chorus Line:Wanda Richert, Eivund Harum, Loida Santos. Great quality video of show. (A+)11, A Chorus Line:Date: 9/30/2006A12, A Chorus Line:Date: 9/30/2006Ken Alan, Brad Anderson, Michelle Aravena, David Baum, Michael Berresse, E. Clayton Cornelious, Natalie Cortez, Charlotte D'Amboise, Mara Davi, Joey Dudding, Lyndy Franklin, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Deidre Goodwin, Tyler Hanes, Nadine Isenegger, James T. Lane, Paul McGill, Heather Parcells, Alisan Porter, Jeffrey Schecter, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam, Grant Turner, Chryssie Whitehead, Tony Yazbeck. A-13, A Chorus Line:Date: 8/17/2008Final B’way performance. Mario Lopez, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Deidre Goodwin, Nick Adams, Todd Anderson, Tommy Berklund, Mike Cannon, Natalie Cortez, Jenifer Foote, James T. Lane, Paul McGill, Heather Parcells, Adam Perry, Jeffrey Schecter, Eric Sciotto, Will Taylor, Katherine Tokarz. Starts near the end of the audition and everything is pretty well captured. A-14, A Christmas Carol:[not commercially available; Out Of Print]TV Broadcast; with Michael Hordern, Clive Merrison, Zoë Wannamaker; short adaptation of story; a wonderful BBC production that seems to be a filmed stage production, similar to the BBC Shakespeare productions. A+15, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:Nathan Lane, Lewis J. Stadlen, Ernie Sabella, Jessica Boevers; Yet to be personally reviewed.16, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:Whoopie Goldberg, Jim Stanke (Hero), Jessica Bovers (Philia), Mary Testa, Ernie Sabella. Pro shot, unedited press reels. About 85% of the show, shot extremely well with great close-ups. Slight generation loss. Audio from soundboard. A+/A17, A Little Night Music:Sally Ann Howes, Kevin Anderson, George Lee Andrews, Beverly Lambert, Michael Maguire, Maureen Moore, Regina Resnik; Aired live on PBS, with cast interviews afterward. Pro-shot. A18, A Little Night Music:August. In Concert. George Hearn (Fredrik Egerman), Patti LuPone (Desiree Armfeldt), Johanna McKenzie Miller (Anne Egerman), Zoe Caldwell (Madame Armfeldt), John McVeigh (Henrik Egerman), Marc Kudisch (Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Hollis Resnick (Charlotte Malcolm), Sara Ramirez (Petra), Samantha Anne Meron (Fredrika Armfeldt). Pro-shot. Good sound, good video. A-19, A Little Night Music:Date: 5/4/2010Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angela Lansbury, Alexander Hanson, Erin Davie, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Leigh An Larkin, Aaron Lazar, Ramona Mallory, Bradley Dean, Katherine Leigh Doherty, Marissa McGowan, Betsy Morgan, Jayne Paterson, Kevin David Thomas, Keaton Whittaker. Quality: A. 16X9 WIDESCREEN20, A Man for All Seasons:Date: 12/10/20082 DVDs21, A Streetcar Named Desire:Date: 3/31/2005Natasha Richardson, John C. Reilly, Amy Ryan and Chris Bauer. Nice capture of the show. A-22, A Year with Frog and Toad:Date: 6/13/2003Starring Mark Linn-Baker and Jay Goede. Shot from the second row of the mezz. Lots of close-ups, beautiful video. A23, Absolute Hell:Pro-shot for TV (UK) of Anthony Ackland's play; with Judi Dench, Susan Porrett, Paul Birchard, Sylvia Barter & Bill Nighy, directed by Anthony Page. Dench has said that the role of Christine is one of her all-time favorite parts; she one an Olivier Award for this performance on the West End in 1996. Incredible performance!! Disc also contains an interview (by Alan Tichmarsh! sp?) of Dench around her performance in the National's production of A Little Night Music; she performs "Send in the Clowns" at the end of the interview. A+24, Ace:HIGHLIGHTS: Noah Galvin, Darren Ritchie, Lisa Datz, Michael Arden, Heather Ayers, Betsy Wolfe, Gabrielle Boyadjian, Duke Lafoon, Traci Lyn Thomas. Runs a little over an hour. Some of these scenes can be found as clips on YouTube, however this DVD comes directly from the taper and has no quality loss. I LOVE THIS SHOW. A25, Acorn Antiques! The Musical:March. Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence, Neil Morrissey, Sally Ann Triplett. Excellent pro-shot video from source. A+26, Aida:Date: 3/29/2000Original B’way cast. Adam Pascal, Heather Headley, Sherie Renee Scott; Very close and clear video. A27, Aida:Date: 12/3/2000Matinee; Adam Pascal, Heather Hedley, Sherie Rene Scott; Very clear, well-captured video from a digital shoot. Best Aida out there. A28, Aida:Date: 3/27/2001Maya Days, Adam Pascal, Taylor Dayne. Lots of zooms and a beautiful capture. Shot from the mez.  (A)29, Aida:Date: 5/19/2001Heather Headley, Will Chase (u/s Radames), Taylor Dayne; Shot from 7th row mezz, digital, nice zooms, some heads in the way, nothing major. A30, Aida:Date: 12/12/2001Maya Diggs, Matt Bogart, Idina Menzel. Audio is a bit fuzzy at times, shaky camera work at times. A must have for any Idina fan. She is brilliant as Amneris. A31, Aida:Date: 7/16/2005Idara Victor (Aida), Elizabeth Stanley (Amneris), Nicholas Belton (Radames), Alexander Cassel (Merab), Darren Matthias (Zoser), Ernest Marchain (Pharoah), Lakisha Bowen (Nehebka); a bit shaky, with lots of great close-ups; occasionally the bar and seat in front of taper get in the way, but no heads; 1st generation; Awesome video A32, Aida:Date: 7/27/2005Montego Glover / Darren Ritchie / Chelsea Krombach; Great capture - Pro-shot. A+33, Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular:Date: 2/4/2006Pro-shot from Disney's California Adventure. A big show, worthy of the Broadway stage, filmed on multiple cameras. Some spotlight washout, but nothing too bad. Excellent quality, with menus direct from the source. A+34, ALICE AT THE PALACE:Early 1980's production. Meryl Streep sings, dances and carries the show with delightful flair. Also stars Mark Linn-Baker, Michael Jeter and Debbie Allen.  Pro-Shot A+35, Alice at the Palace:A musical theater adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Meryl Streep sings and dances through such famous scenes as the Mad Tea Party and playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts. This production, from the early 1980s, lies somewhere between Hair and Into the Woods. The music ranges across a variety of styles and video manipulations enhance the inventive physical staging, but it's Meryl Streep that will carry you through--her sound effects as Alice changes size (after drinking from a bottle labeled Drink Me) are delightful. Alice at the Palace features several other recognizable faces, including Mark Linn-Baker (My Favorite Year) and dancer-choreographer Debbie Allen. Pro-shot A+36, All Shook Up:Date: 4/9/2005Cheyenne Jackson, Jenn Gambatese, Jonathan Hadary, Mark Price, Sharon Wilkins; Excellent crystal clear video capture of the show! Also includes: pre-B’way, and opening night stories from NY1, as well as reviews from B’way Backstage and NY1, plus scanned Playbill info. A+37, All Shook Up:Date: 9/17/2006Tour; Joe Mandragona, Jenny Fellner, Natasha Yvette Williams, Valisia Lekae Little, Dennis Moench, Wally Dunn, Beth Glover, Susan Anton; A fantastic filming job of this video, great close-ups, nice sound too. A+38, All That I Will Ever Be:Date: 1/27/2007Peter Macdissi, Austin Lysy, Patch Darragh, Kandiss Edmundson, David Margulies, Victor SlezakoneOne 30-second cover up for late seaters; no other problems with great sound and beautiful closeups throughout (Pigerty's Master) A+39, Altar Boyz:September. Cheyenne Jackon, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Mark Kudisch (voice of God). A40, Altar Boyz:Original off-B’way cast. Scott Porter, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Andy Karl and Tyler Maynard. Quality/Notes: A few heads, but overall very nicely done. Nice clear video, great sound. A-41, Altar Boyz:Date: 7/29/2005Kevin Kern, Danny Calvert, Andy Karl Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg (new); Very clear capture, captures the boys quite well. Includes Playbill info and NY1 interview. A42, Altar Boyz:Date: 10/11/2006Matthew Buckner, Ryan Ratliff, Jesse Johnson, Jay Garcia, Nick Blaemire; Wonderful cast great show, solid performances. A43, Altar Boyz:Date: 5/4/2007Musical Theater, West; Danny Calvert, Dan Pacheco; Crystal-clear filming using one camera on a tripod. Pro-shot quality. A+44, Altar Boyz:Date: 9/4/2007Chad Doreck (one of the "Danny" finalists from TV’s Grease: You’re the one that I want), Ryan J Ratliff, Landon Beard, Jay Garcia, Ryan Strand; Nicely filmed and crystal clear. A45, American Idiot:Date: 10/4/2009John Gallagher Jr. (Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Matt Caplan (Tunny), Mary Faber (Heather), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatshername), Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Omar Lopez-Cepero, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Alysha Umphress, Morgan Weed.46, An Almost Holy Picture:Date: 2/21/2002Kevin Bacon, good video, nice picture and sound, A47, An Evening with Patti Lupone:PBS; One-hour concert special as broadcast on PBS. Taped in January 1997 at the Callum Theatre in the Palm Desert Resort hotel in Palm Springs, CA. Includes sensational renditions of "Don’t cry for me, Argentina", "Anything goes", "I get a kick out of you", "As if we never said goodbye", "Sleepy man", "I dreamed a dream", "Heat wave", and more. Recorded during a pledge drive, so concert is interrupted with breaks, but include Patti in the studio being interviewed as well a trying to raise money. Rare Bonus: Clips of "Anything Goes" from a bootleg with tons of close-ups! Bootlegged footage with tons of close-ups. Bootlegged footage from 1988 Lincoln Center revival of "Anything Goes". This is NOT fro the poor quality tape that has been circulating for years, but rather is completely different, newly surfaced footage! Very well filmed, with lots of great close-ups, but some generational los. Not the complete show, but about 40 mins of musical highlights. This footage was discovered at the end of the above disc, so they are both on one DVD (About 90 minutes).48, Annie:Date: 10/1/200630th Anniversary Tour: Marissa O'Donnell, David Chernault as (u/s) Daddy Warbucks, Alene Robertson, Elizabeth Broadhurst, Ashley Gonzales, Scott Willis, Monica Patton. Shot 14 Rows back from the stage, amazing close-ups, heads in some frames at times, but not much. Wonderful production. Best Annie around.     A-49, Annie Get Your Gun:Pro-shot, Mary Martin, John Raitt, William O'Neill, Reta Shaw, pro-shot for tv, in black and white, Irving Berlin ordered all copies of this show destroyed but a few copies managed to survive, it was very briefly released again before a cease & desist order came through again, very rare. A-50, Annie Get Your Gun:Bernadette Peters, Tom Wopat and OBC. Action is followed well, occasional spotlight washout, but overall a really good video. A51, ANYONE CAN WHISTLE:Date: 4/10/20108 PM. Donna Murphy, Sutton Foster, Raul Esparza, Edward Hibbert DVD Also includes the 2pm 30 minute talkback featuring Stephen Sondheim and a few behind the scenes clips with interviews and rehearsal footage. A52, Anyone Can Whistle:Date: 4/10/2010Cast: Donna Murphy, Sutton Foster, Raul Esparza, Edward Hibbert etc. A***DVD Also includes the 2pm 30 minute talkback featuring Stephen Sondheim and afew behind the scenes clips with interviews and rehearsal footage!***53, Anything Goes:Patti Lupone54, Applause:Date: 2/9/2008Encores! Christine Ebersole, Kate Burton, Mario Cantone, Tom Hewitt, Megan Sikora, Chip Zien, Michael Park, Erin Davie; Great capture of the City Centers production. A-55, August: Osage County:Date: 12/14/2007Ian Barford, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Brian Kerwin, Dennis Letts, Madeleine Martin, Mariann Mayberry, Amy Morton, Sally Murphy. Beautifully filmed and crystal clear!   (A+)56, August: Osage County:Date: 1/2/2008Dennis Letts, Deanna Dunagan, Amy Morton, Jeff Perry, Ian Barford, Madeline Martin, Sally Murphy, Mariann Mayberry, Rondi Reed, Francis Guinan, Kimberly Guerrero, Brian Kerwin, Troy West. Excellent picture and sound. A57, Avenue Q:John Tartaglia (Princeton/Rod), Jennifer Barnhart (u/s Kate Monster/ Lucy), Rick Lyon (Nicky/ Trekkie Monster), Natalie Venetia Belcon (Gary Coleman), Ann Harada (Christmas Eve), Jordan Gelber (Brian), Aymee Garcia (u/s Mrs.T/Bear). A-58, Avenue Q:Date: 1/1/2003B+59, Avenue Q:Date: 10/12/2003John Tartaglia, Jennifer Barnhart as (u/s) Kate, Rick Lyon, Aymee Garcia, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada. Excellent video with good close-ups, picture and sound. (A)60, Avenue Q:Date: 10/12/2003A61, Avenue Q:Date: 10/18/2003Excellent quality picture and sound. Occasional cover-ups but a very good DVD. Includes Breakfast with the Arts.62, Avenue Q:Date: 10/18/2003OBC; John Tartaglia, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennier Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada; Excellent picture and sound; occasional cover-ups but very good recording, includes Breakfast with the Arts on A&E. A63, Avenue Q:Date: 2/24/2004Barrett Foa, Aymee Garcia (u/s), Ann Sanders, Chandra Wilson, Peter Linz (u/s), Jennifer Barnhart, Jordan Gelber. Features almost all understudies. Excellent video with nice close ups. A-64, Avenue Q:Date: 9/24/2006Howie Michael Smith, Mary Faber, Rick Lyon, Ann Sanders, Haneefah Wood, Matt Schreiber as (u/s) Brian, Jen Barnhart. Great cast. About 5 minutes total of blackouts. A-65, Avenue Q:Date: 11/18/2007Seth Rettberg as (u/s) Rod/ Princeton, Kelli Sawyer, Angela Ai, David Benoit, Cole Porter, Carla Renata, Minglie Chen; Beautiful capture of the touring cast. This is a terrific cast. A66, Bare - The Musical:Date: 5/27/2004Michael Arden, Jenna Leigh Green, Kearran Giovanni, John Hill, Natalie Joy Johnson, Aaron Lohr, Sasha Allen, Isaac Calpito, Mike Cannon, Adam Fleming, Kaitlin Hopkins. A67, Barnum:Made for TV; Jim Dale. A+68, Bat Boy:69, Beautiful and Damned:Pro-shot, Michael Praed, Helen Anker, Susannah Fellows, David Burt, drawing its title from F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, it focuses on the turbulent relationship he shared with his wife, Zelda, during the Jazz Age, young, stylish and successful, they are the envy of high society friends, who are unaware that behind their glamorous facade are two individuals doomed to tragedy, words and music are by the veteran songwriters, Roger Cook and Les Reed, who are variously responsible for such easy listening standards are "It's Not Unusual", "There's a Kind of Hush", "Delilah" and "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing", never released. A70, Beauty and the Beast:Date: 8/3/2003National Tour71, Big:Daniel Jenkins, Crista Moore, Jon Cypher, Patrick Levis. Pro Shot video of unedited press reels; runs about 85 minutes long. A+72, Big River Adventures of Huck Finn:Date: 9/23/2003Daniel Jenkins, Tyrone Giordano, Michael McElroy, Troy Kotsur, Lyle Kanouse, Gina Ferrall, Michael Arden, cover-ups and lap shots for Act I, good video of Act 2, very good sound throughout, nice close-ups where there is a picture, done in conjunction with Deaf West Theatre, hearing, hard of hearing and non-hearing actors in this production.73, Billy Elliot:Date: 4/28/200674, Billy Elliot:Date: 11/2/2006London cast: Mathew Koon, Sally Dexter, Philip Whitchurch, Ann Emery, Chris Lennon, Sara Poyzner; Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. This features the Asian Billy, and he was an amazing dancer and gave an amazing performance. A75, Billy Elliot:Date: 10/18/2008David Alvarez, Hyden Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking, well captured show. Amazing performances. A76, Billy Elliot:Date: 11/15/2008Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking; Nicely filmed from the balcony and fully screen shots for the dance numbers. Excellent, this is a great recording, one of my favorites. A+77, Billy Elliot:Date: 11/21/2008David Alvarez, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking. Great capture with a few quick blackouts throughout the show.   (A-)78, Billy Elliot:Date: 11/21/20082 DVDs79, Blithe Spirit:Date: 5/16/2009Rupert Everett (Charles), Jayne Atkinson (Ruth), Christine Ebersole (Elvira), Angela Lansbury (Madame Arcati). 1st 4 minutes of each act are blacked out, some heads. What is captured is crystal clear. (B+/A-)80, Blood Brothers:Date: 4/29/1989London Revival Cast. Professionally Shot: KikiDee (Mrs Johnstone), Warwick Evans (Narrator), Con O’Neil (Mickey), Robert Locke (Eddie), Terry Melia (Sammy), Annette Ekblom (Linda), Joanne Zorian (Mrs Lyons), John Coroy (Mr Lyons), Michael Atkinson (Policeman/ Teacher), Dee Robillard (Donna Marie / Miss Jones), Fenton Gray (Perkins). An amazing copy of this great show.   A81, Boeing Boeing:Date: 4/19/2008Christine Baranski, Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Gina Gershon, Mary McCormack, Kathryn Hahn; Filmed on the first night of reviews. An architect living in Paris has been juggling 3 flight attendant fiancées. Nice capture, crystal clear. Missing the first minute of Act 2. A82, Bombay Dreams:Date: 10/6/2002Apollo Victoria Theatre, Digital video. A few head obstructions and mostly shot between 2 heads but full of zooms and great close ups from the dress circle mezzanine. Also includes B'way GMA performance. A-83, Bridge and Tunnel - Sarah Jones:Date: 3/6/2004Solo show with great picture and sound; 1st generation from the master. Tape includes the Theater Talk interview. A84, Brilliant Mistake: The Music of Elvis Costello:Date: 10/31/2005Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Ruben Vega, Raul Esparza, Sherie Rene Scott, Marcy Harriell, Norbert Leo Butz, Will Chase, Matthew Morrison, Eden Espinosa, Gavin CreelFilmed from the orchestra but not too many heads. The first ten minutes have some video pixilation but okay after the second song. Elvis Costello sings five songs at the end.85, Broadway Bares:Crystal Clear86, Broadway Bares 14:Now Showing! Aliane Baquerot, Laura Bell Bundy, Patrick Cassidy, Jennifer Cody, Mikala Frietas, Katy Grenfell, Gregg Goodbrod, Denis Jones, Jai Rodriguez, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia. Pro shot!87, Broadway Bares 17:Date: 3/17/2007Myth Behavior. Ashley Brown, Laura bell Bundy, Harvey Fierstein, Deidre Goodwin, Capathia Jenkins, Leslie Kritzer, David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Daphne Rubin-Vega, more. BC/EFA benefit. Multi-camera, pro shot for video.88, Broadway Bares XII:Comic Strip Theme featuring Popeye, Spiderman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman and the Archies; Special Guests John Stamos and Steven Weber. Dancers feature Jai Rodriguez, Orfeh, Christopher Siebert, Yasminn Alers, Julia Murney. Pro shot!89, Broadway Bares XV:Shoshana Bean, Michael Elroy, Christina Applegate, David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry, Jai Rodriguez, Bruce Villanch, more.  BC/EFA annual "burlesque" benefit show.  Pro-shot features display menu.90, Broadway Bares: A Comic Strip:A+91, Broadway Bares: Best of Luck 10 Years:A+92, Broadway Bares: Burlesque is Back:A93, Broadway Bares: Rxxx:94, Broadway Bares: Thirteen:A+95, Broadway Compilation:Disc ONE.THE FULL MONTY "Let It Go" (Today), THE FULL MONTY "Michael Jordan's Ball" (Rosie), SEUSSICAL "Notice Me Horton" (Rosie), JANE EYRE "Secret Soul" (Rosie), THE MUSIC MAN "Trouble" (Macys), SEUSSICAL "Biggest Blame Fool" (Macys), SEUSSICAL "Oh The Thinks You Can Think" (Today), SEUSSICAL "Biggest Blame Fool" (Rosie), SEUSSICAL "Rosie's Backstage Pass" (Rosie), AIDA "I Know the Truth-Taylor Dayne" (Regis), A CLASS ACT "Next Best Thing To Love" Randy Graff (Rosie), BELLS ARE RINGING "Perfect Relationship" Faith Prince (Rosie), DOWN HEARTED BLUES "Has Been Blues" Jennifer Holiday (Rosie)96, Broadway Compilation:SEASON 2 DVDsBROOKLYN "Back Story" (Today) 10/30/04, BROOKLYN "Once Upon a Time" (Today) 10/30/04ALL SHOOK UP "Love Me Tender/ Burning Love" Jennifer Gamatese, Cheyenne Jackson (Macys) 11/25/04, WONDERFUL TOWN "Swing" Brooke Shields (Macys) 11/25/04, BOMBAY DREAMS "Shakalaka Baby" Tamara Grey (Macys) 11/25/04, GOOD VIBRATIONS "Fun, Fun, Fun" David Larsen, Kate Reinders (Macys) 11/25/04, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG Raul Esparza, Erin Dilly 11/25/04, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF "Matchmaker" (CBS Today) 11/25/04, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES "La Cage" (Today) 12/2/04, ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Profile (CBS Sunday Morning) 12/19/04, HEATHER HEADLEY "Your Song" (Kennedy Center Honors) 12/21/04, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA "All I Ask of You" Emmy Rossen/Patrick Wilson (GMA) 12/22/04, BROOKLYN "Once Upon a Time" (Today) 12/28/04, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS "Dirty Rotten" J Lithgow/ NL Butz (Today) 1/28/0497, Broadway Home Movies:Interesting collection of footage from various old Broadway shows, most probably filmed by a cast member. Included: Black and white footage of a "Gypsy" rehearsal with Ethel Merman and the original Broadway cast, and some bootlegged color footage from the show, all with music from the cast album playing over the silent footage; Color silent footage of "Mame" with Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur filmed from the balcony and some from the wings and some candid footage before the show with Lansbury; Rare color footage, also silent, of Angela Lansbury and the original Broadway cast of "Dear World" during a rehearsal; More rare footage of Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera, this time in color with full sound of a rehearsal of "Chicago" with full orchestra, cast and costumes on stage. There's a number with Chita Rivera which never made it to the final show, as well as some other scenes which didn't make the final cut either. You can even hear Bob Fosse stopping the action a few times to give stage directions. (VERY INTERESTING STUFF!) A-98, Broadway in Bryant Park:Date: 7/20/200699, Broadway on Broadway:Pro shot. Hosted by Jane Krakowski and Nathan Lane. Performances from Chicago (They Both Reached for the Gun with Brent Barrett and Melanie Griffin), Mamma Mia (Money, money, money), Gypsy (Baby June and Her Newsboys), Nine (Unusual Way), Thoroughly Moder A+100, Broadway on Broadway:Bwaytrader’s master - Performances from "Wicked,: "Bye Bye Birdie," and tons of others. Good quality. A101, Broadway Under the Stars:Pro shot TV-Raul Esparza, Christy Carlson-Romano, Brian Stokes-Mitchell, Kenita Miller.102, Broadway Under the Stars:TV Broadcast 6/13/2005. Cast: Brent Barrett, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Raul Esparza, Dan Fogler, Hunter Foster, Victor Garber, Cheyenne Jackson, Marc Kudisch, Brian Stokes Mitchell, The Radio City Rockettes103, Broadway Under the Stars:Pro-Shot for CBS Television airing 07-15-06, performed from Central Park 06-26-06 Performances by: Jane Krakowski "Don't Tell Mama," Sutton Foster "You've Got Possibilities," Kelli O'Hara and Matthew Morrison "Tonight," Renee Elise Goldsberry "The Miller's Son," Lee Ann Womack "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," Carolee Carmello "Buenos Aires," Brian d'Arcy James "Oh, What A Circus," Elaine Stritch "Why Do I Love You?," Rebecca Luker "Bill," Anika Noni Rose "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man," Shuler Hensley "In Praise of Women," Donna McKechnie "I'm Still Here," Michael Arden "She Loves Me," Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Dominic Nolfi, and J. Robert Spencer "All I Ask Of You," Michael Cerveris "Too Many Mornings," Christine Ebersole "Not A Day Goes By," Manoel Felciano "Old Red Hills Of Home," Bebe Neuwirth "Cabaret." Special Appearance by Liza Minnelli w/ Harold Prince104, BROADWAYS LOST TREASURES 2:(PRO DVD) THE LEADS "Patti LuPone, Anything Goes, "Angela Lansbury, Beatrice Arthur, Mame, "Robert Morse, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, "Jane Lapotaire, Piaf, "Richard Kiley, Man of La Mancha ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING "Nell Carter, cast, Ain’t Misbehavin’, "Michael Jeter, Brent Barrett, Grand Hotel, "Gregory Hines, Jelly’s Last Jam, " Walter Bobbie, Nathan Lane , Guys and Dolls REVIVALS AND RECORD BREAKERS "George Hearn, cast, La Cage aux Folles, "Cast, Les Misérables, "Shirley Verrett, cast, Carousel, "Jerry Orbach, Chicago BONUS PERFORMANCES "Katharine Hepburn, Coco, "Robert Lindsay, Me and My Girl, "Tom Bosley, Fiorello!, "Kathi Moss, cast, Nine, Bill Hutton, cast, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat BONUS EXTRA: Five additional performances not seen on the PBS broadcast105, BROADWAY'S LOST TREASURES 3:Pro-Shot DVD) Performances: Cast, " 42nd Street ," "We're in the Money," 42nd Street , 2001; Gwen Verdon, Ray Waltson, "Whatever Lola Wants," Damn Yankees, 1971; Vanessa Williams and cast, medley, Into the Woods, 2002; Jerry Orbach, "She Likes Basketball," Promises, Promises, 1969; Debbie Allen and cast, " America ," West Side Story, 1980; Cast, "Sing, Sing, Sing," Fosse, 1999; Michel Bell and cast, "Ol' Man River," Show Boat, 1995; Anthony Roberts and cast, "Step to the Rear," How Now, Dow Jones, 1968; Alfred Drake, "Where Is the Life That Late I Led," Kiss Me Kate, 1971; Julie Andrews, medley from My Fair Lady and Camelot, 1991; Harry Groener and cast, "I Can't Be Bothered Now," Crazy for You, 1992; Chita Rivera and cast, "Where You Are," Kiss of the Spider Woman, 1993; Robert Goulet and Inga Swenson, "Indian Love Call, " Rose-Marie, 1982; Cast, "T'Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do," Black and Blue, 1989; Zero Mostel, "Comedy Tonight," A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1971; Ethel Merman, medley from Girl Crazy, Call Me Madam, and Gypsy, 1972; Kristin Chenoweth, "My New Philosophy," You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, 1999; Cast, "Caldonia," Five Guys Named Moe, 1992; Cast, "Ragtime," Ragtime 1998. Four additional performances not seen on the PBS broadcast: Jonathan Pryce and cast, "The American Dream," Miss Saigon, 1991; Angela Lansbury, "Everything's Coming Up Roses," Gypsy, 1975; Robert Goulet, "The Happy Time," The Happy Time, 1968; Desi Arnaz, "She Could Shake Her Maracas," Too Many Girls, 1972106, Brooklyn:Date: 8/20/2003(Denver Civic Theater. Eden Espinosa. Press reels. PRO-SHOT107, Brooklyn:Date: 10/2/2004Eden Espinosa as Brooklyn. A+108, Burn the Floor:The new show- Floor play. Filmed at the Canberra Theatre in Australia. Widescreen, 103 minutes. Pro shot. This is ballroom dancing in the new millennium. This is Floor Play- ten years in the making, breath-taking, sensual, and ultimately inspiring. A++109, By Jeeves:Date: 10/19/2001John Scherer, Martin Davis, Donna Lynne Champlin, Don Stephenson, James Kall, Becky Watson. Filmed during previews, nice video with great clear close-ups and excellent video plus sound. 2 dvds. A110, Bye Bye Birdie:Date: 9/16/2009Broadway preview. John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Dee Hoty, Bill Irwin, Jayne Houdyshell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie Trimm.111, Cabaret:Press reels. Two hours of unedited raw pro-shot footage with original and replacement cast. Alan Cumming, Natasha Richardson, Mary Louise Wilson, Ron Rifkin, Blair Brown. A112, Cabaret:Date: 11/13/2001Raul Esparza (Emcee), Gina Gershon (Sally), Matthew Greer (Cliff), Alma Cuervo (Freulein Schneider), Larry Kieth (Herr Schultz). A113, Cabaret:Date: 11/4/2006(nudity); Anna Maxwell Martin, Michael Hayden, James Dreyfus, Sheila Hancock, Geoffrey Hutchings, Harriet Thorpe, Andrew Maud. A totally different Cabaret then previous ones. Wonderful production. Crystal clear. A+114, Camalot:115, Camalot:Date: 5/8/2008116, Camelot:Date: 5/8/2008Gabriel Byrne (King Arthur), Marin Mazzie (Guenevere), Nathan Gunn (Lancelot), Christopher Lloyd (Pellinore), Stacy Keach (Merlyn), Fran Drescher (Morgan LaFay), Pro-shot as shown on PBS. A+117, Can Can:118, Candide:May. Paul Groves (Candide), Kristin Chenoweth (Cunegonde), Patti LuPone (The Old Lady), Sir Thomas Allen (Dr.Pangloss), Janine LaManna (Paquette), Jeff Blumenkrantz (Maximillian); PBS pro shot. A+119, Caroline or Change:Date: 7/24/2004Tonya Pinkins, Anika Noni Rose, Veanne Cox, Chandra Wilson, Chuck Cooper, Larry Keith, Alice Playten. Beautiful video; nice zooms and close-ups and excellent sound,  (A)120, Carousel Concert:Date: 6/6/2002Hugh Jackman, Audra MacDonald, Lauren Ward, Jason Danieley, Norbert Leo Butz, Blythe Danner, Judy Kaye, John Raitt, Philip Bosco, Eden Riegel; Shot from 3rd tier, 2nd row center. Hornpipe or the June Ballet not included. Lots of zooms, digital. A121, Carrie:Original London Production; Barbara Cook, Linzi Hatley, Darlene Love, Charlotte D’Amboise, etc. Filmed professionally for the RSC archives, ENTIRE SHOW direct from the master, no generation loss at all. Shot from first row mezzanine center with no obstructions. Audio taken directly from the soundboard. Crisp clear picture, mostly a full stage shots without zooms, you can still see all detail perfectly. A122, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:Date: 10/16/2003Ashley Judd. A+123, Catch Me if you Can:Date: 8/4/2009Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr), Norbert Leo Butz (Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Rachel De Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Felicia Finley (Cheryl Ann). Filmed during the previews. Nicely filmed, and a great capture of the show. A124, Catch Me If You Can:Date: 8/15/2009Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Norbert Leo Butz (Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr.), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Rachel De Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Felicia Finley (Cheryl Ann. A little different than the earlier version listed above as the show is tweaked and is changing on its way to Broadway. Occasional blackouts and occasional heads in the frame. Some shakiness here and there. Widescreen. A-125, Cats:Date: 9/13/200525th Anniversary Tour; Esther Stilwell (Grizabella), Derek Hanson (Munkustrap), Drew Little (Skimbleshanks); Excellent capture. Crystal clear picture, great sound. Best Cats out there. Amazing showmanship. A126, Celine Dion:Date: 7/30/2009A New Day; Crystal clear, perfect pro shot. As clear as being there. A++127, Chatterbox:Raul Esparza; Looks to be a digital camera shot. Color is good. Still a little hard to understand but not too bad. Raul does an awesome Defying Gravity ever! He is also almost as funny as Seth. A/A-128, Chess:Date: 9/23/2003Actors Fund BCEFA Concert; Actual performance. Julia Murney, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Norm Lewis, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Sutton Foster. Pro video of the one night only Actors Fund Benefit Concert. A+129, Chess Actors Fund BCEFA Concert:Date: 9/22/2003Actual Performance. Julia Murney, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Norm Lewis, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Sutton Foster. BCEFA Pro video.  (A+)130, Chess Actors Fund BCEFA Concert:Date: 9/22/2003Benefit Concert Rehearsal. Adam Pascal, Julia Murney, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Sutton Foster, Norm Leiws, Jonathan Dokuchitz. Incredible recording. Crystal clear.    (A+)131, Chess in Concert:Date: 8/11/2001Brain D’Arcy James, Lauren Kennedy, Rob Evan, Julia Murney, Danny Zokki, Norm Lewis. Some wash out. Nice close-ups. A-132, Chicago:Starring Chita Rivera as Roxie and Val Pettiford as Velma. Very good picture and sound. (A-)133, Chicago:Chita. A134, Chicago:Date: 9/8/2002Amy Spanger, Stephanie Pope, Michael C. Hall, Roz Ryan; Excellent capture from mezzanine. Very clear with lots of close-ups. Here and there a little shaky for a few seconds. Fantastic video that gets everything from the opening "Welcome Ladies and G A135, Chicago:Date: 5/10/20042 DVDs. Pia Douwes, Belle Callaway, Roz Ryan, Tom Wopat, PJ Benjamin, D.Sabella; Amazing quality and great performances! A+136, Chicago:Date: 9/17/2005Stars Brooke Shields, very good quality and performances.137, Chicago:Date: 11/23/2005Tour. Brenda Braxton, Paige Davis, Carol Woods, Tom Wopat, crystal clear quality, great exposure, nice close-ups and follows action nicely. Here and there a little shaky for a few seconds. Fantastic video that gets everything from the opening "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen speech" to the end of the curtain call! A138, Chicago:Date: 11/23/2005National Tour; Brenda Braxton (Velma), Paige Davis (Roxie), Carol Woods (Mama), Tom Wopat (Billy); Crystal clear quality with nice close-ups that follow action, good capture overall. A-139, Chicago:Date: 7/30/2006Starring Rita Wilson, Brenda Braxton, Josh Rhodes as (u/s) Billy Flynn, Michelle Robinson as (u/s) Mama, Kevin Chamberlin, R. Lowe. Fabulous filming and amazing picture and sound. (A+)140, Chicago:Date: 5/12/2007Tour Cast: Terra C. MacLeod, Michelle DeJean, Kevin Mccready, Carol Woods, Tom Wopat, R. Bean. A terrific capture, very well taped. Amazing shots.  (A)141, Children of Eden:Concert performance starring: Jai Rodriguez, Norm Lewis, John Tartaglia, Kate Shindle, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Julia Murney. (A)142, Children of Eden:Date: 12/1/2003World AIDS Day Concert. Actors fund. Norm Lewis (father), Julia Murney (Eve/ Mama Noah), Jonathan Dukochitz (Adam/ Noah), Darius De Haas (Cain/ Japeth), Max Von Essen (Abel/ Ham), Kate Shindle (Yonah), Laura Benatti, John Tartaglia, Ann Harada, Jai Rodriguez; Note: pro-shot capture of the 1st Annual World AIDS Day benefit concert, performed at Riverside Church in Manhattan. Excellent video clarity, shot beautifully with a single camera. The audio is decent, volume is a little low and the acoustics in the church A143, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:144, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:Date: 4/16/2005Raul Esparza, Philip Bosco, Erin Dilly, Chip Zien. Filmed during previews. Excellent video, shot from the balcony. A145, Cirque Du Soleil:146, Cirque Du Soleil:SOLSTRUM 3 Pro Shot (what an incredible show))Ghostly Wind: It is a dark, stormy night. The night watchman in a costume warehouse plays with paper dolls to pass the time. He is so absorbed that he does not notice the mysterious presence of the Ame Force from Dralion. As she sings, solar wind spreads throughout the warehouse and costumes come to life. Suddenly, there is a blackout and the warehouse is haunted by two mocking and quarrelsome ghosts! Strange, unexplainable things happen to the night watchman and the warehouse. Who will believe that he was hypnotized by ghosts, attended a real Brazilian fiesta, and even participated in a fashion show with top-model Naomi Campbell? He won't be able to explain but in the end he may not be the crazy one!Gone with the Winds: Exposed to solar wind, an airport employee suddenly finds herself at the edge of the American desert. She is excited by this opportunity to hitchhike her way to adventure. She won't be disappointed, since the Aviator from the production Quidam, the Lizard from Varekai and the Comet from "O" all take it upon themselves to ensure that her journey across the desert will be extraordinary! Neither heat, nor thirst nor fatigue will prevent her from taking part in many encounters and facing adventures that are often absurd. During her travels, she will fear for her life, ride a scooter and be the object of seduction on more than one occasion. She will meet an astronaut, the entire crew of a cruise ship as well as the Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard.Wind from the past: Feeling lazy, the Dreamer from the show Saltimbanco climbs into a cluttered attic, planning to take a little nap. He makes so much noise clumsily knocking around that Old Max comes up to see what is going on. He finds nothing abnormal about his attic… only that Eddie, the character from his jack-in-the-box, is standing beside him in flesh and blood . Solar wind and the Dreamer have clearly been at work. Soon after, Old Max and Eddie literally jump into the toy box after getting acquainted. At the bottom, the old man gets the surprise of his life: he has become a child once again! The toy box is the setting of several encounters. They meet a suspicious bicycle salesman, a powerful warden of a fortified castle, a multitude of highly talented children, an electronic knight and two individuals whom Old Max knows very, very well147, Cirque Du Soleil:"Varekai" Pro Shot. Deep in the forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world - One of the most amazing shows I've seen.  Color, sound, mind-blowing, I loved it.    A++148, Cirque Du Soleil:"Corteo" Pro Shot. YOU WILL BE ASTOUNDED by sound, visuals & the overall artistry.  A++149, Clarence Darrow:PRO SHOT - In a rarely seen filmed version of his acclaimed one man show, Henry Fonda stars as controversial lawyer Clarence Darrow. The great actor is brilliantly showcased in a drama that follows Darrow's reflections on his life, his passions, his personal disappointments and his professional triumphs. THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL. Running Time: 80 minutes. Color. A+150, Clue:September. Honeywell Foundation; Melissa Tucker, Michelle Carter; Pro-shot, great picture and sound. Digital pixilation new and then, not bad at all. Overall a good DVD and very enjoyable. A-151, Company:Pro-video for PBS. Raul Esparza, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Angel Desai, Elizabeth Stanley, Matt Castle, Amy Justman, Fred Rose, Leenya Rideout, Keith Buterbaugh, Kristin Huffman, Robert Cunningham, Heather Laws, Bruce Sabath Barbara Walsh. Pro-shot video A+152, Company:Date: 7/1/2007Final Revival Performance: Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley. A terrific capture and includes curtain call and Raul's curtain speech. A+153, Contact:Jason Antoon, Boyd Gaines, Stephanie Michels, Deborah Yates, Karen Ziemba. Decent shot, the first scene on the swing is all blackout as latecomers were coming in. After that the rest is fabulous! A-154, Contact:155, Contact:Date: 9/1/2002Alan Campbell, Colleen Dunn, Charlotte D’Amboise; Date: Rating: Description: Pro shot airing from PBS special. Sound is a little low, but overall this DVD is perfect I saw this show live and loved it. I would call it a ballet much more than a musical but the dancing is spectacular (Gotta love Susan Stroma’s choreography) and if you A+156, Contact:Date: 9/2/2002Alan Campbell, Colleen Dunn; Charlotte Damboise starring in the final performance for the live PBS telecast. A+157, Coram Boy:Date: 5/26/2007A158, Corteo:159, Crazy for You:PBS Broadcast. A+160, Crazy for You:Date: 6/17/1992Harry Groener, Jodi Benson (Polly), Michele Pawk, Bruce Adler; Pro shot video of the original cast. Excellent quality with soundboard sound. No sales, and very restricted trades. A+161, Crazy for You:Date: 10/20/1999Jim Walton, Stacey Logan, Bruce Adler, Lori Alexander, Jeb Brown, Jane Cowell, Alan Gilbert. A televised version of the Papermill Playhouse production. PBS pro-shot, excellent quality. A+162, Cry Baby:Date: 3/15/2008James Snyder (Cry-baby), Elizabeth Stanley (Allison), Harriet Harris (Mrs.Vernon-Williams), Chester Gregory II (Dupree), Christopher J. Hanke (Baldwin), Alli Mauzey (Lenora), Courtney Balan (Mona), Tory Ross* (Pepper), Lacey Kohl (Wanda), Richard P . First preview. Yet to be personally reviewed.163, Cry Baby:Date: 6/22/2008James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Harriet Harris, Dwayne Clark, Christopher J. Hanke, Ali Mauzey, Carly Jibson, Lacey Kohl, Richard Poe and Tory Ross. Final performance. Includes the curtain call. Yet to be personally reviewed.164, Curtains:Date: 9/8/2006(Pre-Broadway). David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Noah Racey, Megan Sikora. Pre-Broadway Kander and Ebb musical. Filmed from the balcony, with occasional heads in the shots. Filmer cut about 15 minutes of "non-essential dialogue" from the show due to length, but it doesn't appear to detract from the show. DVD includes menu with thumbnails and chapter stops for all the songs. A-165, Curtains:Date: 3/27/2007David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Edward Hibbert. Nicely filmed, but an occasional head appears at the bottom of the screen. Crystal clear, some minor spotlight washout in the wide shots. DVD has been constructed with an opening menu, scanned Playbill information, and photos. A-166, Curtains:Date: 5/3/2008167, Dame Edna: Back with a Vengeance:Date: 12/21/2004Barry Humphries, very nice picture and sound, with only a couple of very brief cover ups, 1 DVD, A168, Damn Yankees:Date: 7/5/2008City Center Encores! First performance: Sean Hayes, Jane Krakowski, Cheyenne Jackson, Randy Graff Veanne Cox, PJ Benjamin and Megan Lawrence. This show is put together and performed Excellent. I have seen many versions but in my opinion no other Damn Yankees production compares with this one. Was astonishing. This capture is just stunning and one of the best from City Centers with no obstructions A+169, Dance of the Vampires:Date: 10/19/2002B+170, Dance of the Vampires:Date: 1/24/2003Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers. Really good quality video - the best of them I have seen.  (A+)171, Dear World:Judi Connelli, Michael Cormick, Robynn Arthur, William Zappa, Anne Grigg. Staged concert performance. A few songs included that have rarely been heard before. Very nicely filmed. A172, Debbie Does Dallas:Date: 11/6/2002Original off-B’way cast; Sherie Rene Scott; Shot from close-up, towards house right. Nice clear picture with great sound. A very enjoyable DVD. A/A-173, Democracy:Date: 12/18/2004James Naughton, Richard Thomas, Michael Cumpsty, Robert Prosky, John Dossett, Richard Masur, Lee Wilkof, some spotlight washout but very little, excellent video with nice picture and sound, A174, Deuce:Date: 5/5/2007Angela Lansbury, Marian Seldes, Michael Mulheren, Joanna P. Adler, Brian Haley. 2-30 second cover-ups. Excellent close ups and sound. Includes NY1 review. A/A-175, Dirty Dancing:Date: 11/7/2006Georgina Rich, Josef Brown, David Rintoul, Rae Baker, Isabella Calthorpe, Nadia Coote, Issy van Randwyck. Beautifully filmed, great close ups, very few obstructions. Seem to be a couple of shot cover ups but on whole its pretty good. A176, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:Date: 2/26/2005John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Joanna Gleason, Gregory Jbara, Sara Gettelfinger. A/A+177, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:Date: 7/26/2006Keith Carradine, Brian D’Arcy James, Julie Conners (Christine u/s), Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato (Andre u/s), Sara Gettelfinger. A178, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:Date: 7/29/2006Keith Carradine, Brian d'Arcy James, Julie Connors as (u/s) Christine, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato as (u/s) Andre, Sara Gettelfinger. Great cast, Julie does an amazing job and Brian is hilarious! Fabulous filming and quality!   (A+)179, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:Date: 8/12/2007Tom Hewitt, D.B. Bonds, Hollis Resnik, Laura Marie Duncan, Jenifer Foote, Joe Cassidy. Final performance in Chicago. Beautiful capture.. A+ 2 DVD's180, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead:Date: 1/18/2006Eddie Kay Thomas (CB), America Ferrara (CB’s sister), Keith Nobbs (Van), Ian Somerhalder (Matt), Logan Marshall- Green (Beethoven), Karen KiConcetto (Tricia), Ari Graynor (Marcy), Eliza Dushku (Van’s sister). Very clear with great color and very good sound. Pretty easy to understand the entire dialog. The show itself is a little odd. The premise is the characters from the Peanuts become teenagers, and deal with everything typical teenagers deal with. A little A181, Doubt:Date: 11/20/2004Cherry Jones, Brian F. O'Byrne, Heather Goldenhersh, Adrianne Lenox. Excellent picture and sound and a very nice capture.182, Dracula:Date: 7/31/2004Tom Hewitt, Melissa Errico, Don Stephenson, Darren Ritchie, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Kelli O'Hara, Chris Hoch, Shonn Wiley, Bart Shatto, Celina Carvajal, Melissa Fagan, Chuck Wagner. Includes interviews and reviews. (A)183, Dreamgirls:OBC. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jennifer Holliday, Ben Harney, Cleavant Derricks, Obba Babatunde. Some short blackouts but not too bad. Overall good video for its age. B+/A-184, Dreamgirls:August. Tour. Frenchie Davis, David Jennings, Andre Garner, Ramona Keller, Angela Robinson. Very well filmed version, with sound directly from soundboard and filmer used tripod with zooms and pans. A+185, Dreamgirls:Frenchie Davis, Ramona Keller. Excellent capture. Very clear. A-186, Dreamgirls:Regional; Frenchie Davis (Effie), Andre Garnew, Ramona Keller, Angela Robinson; Pro-shot. Crystal clear with great color. A full stage shot the majority of the time with some mid-range shots as well. There is some very minor spotlight washout on the wider shots. A great overall capture of the show. A187, Easter Bonnet:Bernadette Peters, Joel Grey, John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Harvey Fierstein, Brad Oscar, Tovah Felshuh, Christopher Sieber, Audra McDonald, Sean Combs188, EVERYDAY RAPTURE:Date: 4/20/2010Cast: Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe. Show Location: American Airlines Theatre. *Disc Also Includes About 30 Minutes of Interviews & Behind The Scenes FeaturesExcellent capture and excellent performances. 16:9 Widescreen (A)189, Evil Dead I and II:The Musical: Adapted from Sam Paimi’s Evil Dead movies. Pro shot, using multiple cameras "For promotional use. Not for duplication" appears occasionally at the bottom of the screen. Everyone I know thinks it is hysterical! Fun show. A+190, Evita:Date: 8/17/2008Julia Murney (Eva), Eric Kunze (Che), Scott Blanks (Peron). 100% crystal clear, brief cover ups. Fantastic capture overall191, Fame:Date: 1/27/1999Nick Piazza-Gavin Creel, Serena Katz-Jennifer Gambastese, Joe Vegas-Jose Restrepo, Carmen Diaz-Natasha Rennalls, Mabel Washington-Dioni Michelle Collins, Grace Lamb-Amy Ehrlich. Overall very nice. A-192, Fat Pig:Date: 2/14/2004Andrew McCarthy, Keri Russel, Jeremy Pivin. Nice capture. A-193, Fiddler on the Roof:January. Pre-West End: Henry Goodman and Beverly Klein. Pro-shot in its Pre West End premiere. Great performances and great to see it before its Savoy Transfer. A+194, Fiddler on the Roof:1/7. A195, Fiddler on the Roof:Date: 1/31/2004A196, Fiddler on the Roof:Date: 1/31/2004Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Stephen Lee Anderson, David Ayers, John Cariani, Nick Danielson, Philip Hoffman, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy, Tricia Paoluccio, Robert Petkoff. Great video but sound only for last 10 min of act one; 1st generation from the master. A197, Fiddler on the Roof:Date: 2/28/2004Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Stephen Lee Anderson, David Ayers, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy. Great! A198, Fiddler on the Roof:Date: 12/4/2005Harvey Fierstein, Rosie O’Donnell. Excellent video with very nice close-ups and great audio. A199, Fifth of July:Highlighted by Swoosie Kurtz's Tony Award-winning performance, this 1982 recording of Fifth of July preserves what is likely to remain the definitive production of Lanford Wilson's highly acclaimed play. Originally presented on PBS's American Playhouse, the videotaped performance retains director Marshall W. Mason's original 1978 staging for New York's legendary Circle Repertory Company, while allowing TV director Kirk Browning to "open up" the play with outdoor exteriors of Wilson's Lebanon, Missouri, setting in the summer of 1977. It's there that Kenneth (Richard Thomas), a disabled Vietnam veteran, is reunited with several friends from their days as student activists, reflecting on their past, present, and future with varying degrees of trepidation, hope, and wisdom. Groundbreaking in its casual portrayal of an openly gay couple (Jeff Daniels is superb as Kenneth's supportive lover), Fifth of July clearly influenced The Big Chill, offering a formidable acting showcase to a young cast (including Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon) whose careers were boosted by this one-of-a-kind ensemble experience. A200, Finian's Rainbow:Date: 3/28/2009Cheyenne Jackson, Kate Baldwin, Jeremy Bobb, Phillip Bosco, Guy Davis, Alina Faye, Jim Norton, first 20 minutes or so shot from 3/29/09, overall a good DVD as City Center isn't the easiest place to shoot in so there are heads at the bottom of the screen and it was filmed from very far back so it's not "crystal clear", A-. 2 DVDs201, Finian's Rainbow:Date: 10/24/2009Jim Norton, Kate Baldwin, Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Fitzgerald, Chuck Cooper, Guy Davis, Alina Faye, Terri White, William Youmans. Excellent capture, up close and clear. A202, Finian's Rainbow:Date: 1/14/2010Cheyenne Jackson, Kate Baldwin, Jim Norton, Christopher Fitzgerald, Chuck Cooper, Terri White, Guy Davies, Alina Faye, Brian Reddy, David Schramm, William Youmans, Tanya Birl, Christopher Borger, Meggie Cansler, Bernard Dotson, Leslie Donna Flesner, Sara Jean Ford, Taylor Frey, Lisa Gajda, Kearran Giovanni, Kevin Ligon, Monica L. Patton, Joe Aaron Reid, Devin Richards, Steve Schepis, Rashidra Scott, Paige Simunovich, James Stovall. Shot around a few heads with one or two brief cover ups. Beautiful video. A203, First You Dream:Date: 6/12/2000Pro-shot video of the Christopher Reeve benefit with Julia Murney, Carolee Carmello, Marin Mazzie, Heather Headley, Bebe Neuwirth, Idina Menzel, Sherie Rene Scott, James Naughton, Sharon Laurence, Kristin Chenoweth and more. A204, First You Dream:Date: 6/12/2000Bryan Batt; Broadway Inspirational Voices: Kristin Chenoweth; Margaret Colin; Heather Headley; Cherry Jones; Idina Menzel; Julia Murney; Bebe Neuwirth; Bran Page; Christopher Reeve; Dana Reeve; Bruce Vilanch; Barbara Walters; Virginia Woodruff. "Great picture and sound, semi pro-shot with one camera on a tripod."  (A)205, Five Flights:Date: 1/21/2004Alice Ripley, Joanna P. Adler, Kevin Karrick, Jason Butler Harne, Matthew Montelongo, Lisa SteindlerExcellent picture and sound; 1st generation from the master A206, Flashdance: The Musical:Date: 1/31/2009UK Tour: Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Noel Sullivan, Bruno Langley, Bernie Nolan, Michael Conway, Simon Harvey, Gavin Spokes, Vas Constanti. Clear and steady picture with no obstructions and very few blackouts. The show features lots of big ensemble performances, captured nicely in widescreen. A-207, Flashdance: The Musical:Date: 3/1/2009Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Noel Sullivan, Bruno Langley, Bernie Nolan, Michael Conway, Simon Harvey, Gavin Spokes, Vas Constanti, Carryl Thomas, Djalenga Scott, Ruthie Stephens, Vanessa Leigh Hicks. This is the world premier of the musical based on the movie . Songs from the movie and some new songs. Nicely filmed, there are a couple blackouts in the first five minutes.. Crystal clear audio and video. (A)208, Flower Drum Song:Date: 11/5/2002Lea Salonga, Jose Llana, Jodi Long, Sandra Allen. Good close-ups and some zooms and from the master. A very nice capture of the short lived revival. A-209, Flower Drum Song:Date: 11/5/2002Lea Salonga210, Flower Drum Song:Date: 2/26/2003Broadway Revival Show. Cast: Lea Salonga, Jose Llana, Sandra Allen. Some head obstructions during first 10 minutes but nothing major. Good picture quality and sound. Includes BCEFA Speech at the end of the curtain call.211, Follies:Date: 2/9/2007Victoria Clark, Mimi Hines, Jo Anne Worley, Christine Baranski, Donna Murphy, Victor Garber, Michael McGrath. Complete show, awesome capture, superb. (A)212, Forbidden Broadway:Off Broadway. Complete show filmed during rehearsal. Shows some generation loss, but overall not bad and rare! (B)213, Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back:Off Broadway. Bryan Batt, Mathew Ward, Donna English, Christine Pedi. Very clear pro videotaping of the clever send-ups of Broadway show. Good close-ups and some funny stuff. (A)214, Forbidden Hollywood:215, Fosse:216, Frankenstein:Pro shot very interesting. Shuler Hensley (The Creature), Ivan Rutherford (Victor Frankenstein), Rita Harvey (Elizabeth), JC Hoyt (Baron von Frankenstein); Not personally reviewed yet. The film is a "demo" of the show designed as a showcase for potential producers. Professional quality video. A217, Frost Nixon:Date: 4/7/2007Frank Langella, Michael Sheen; Excellent capture. Includes Playbill info and NY1 Reviews. A218, Funny Girl:Stephanie J. Block; Nice video and great performances. A+219, Funny Girl:Date: 9/23/2002B'way Cares - Equity Fights AIDS Concert. A+220, Gem of the Ocean:Date: 2/6/2005Phylcia Rashad, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Anthony Chisholm, John Earl Jelks, Eugene Lee, Raynor Scheine. Final performance of this show; great picture and sound A+221, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:Date: 4/13/2006Tour; Christina Wolfe as a Lorelei, Lindsey Clayton as Dorothy, Nick Mannix as Gus, Dawn Timm, Gabriel Beck, Jean Liuzzi, Miki Berg; Crystal clear picture and sound. Beautiful DVD of rarely performed show. A+222, Ghosts:Ibsen's play directed by Elijah Moshinski for TV (UK); with Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Kenneth Branagh, Freddie Jones & Natasha Richardson FANTASTIC production of this staggering Ibsen play. A+223, Glengarry Glen Ross:Date: 4/30/2001A224, Glengarry Glen Ross:Date: 4/30/2005Alan Alsa, Liv Schreiber, Tom Wopat, Gordon Clapp, Jeffrey Tambor. Crystal clear audio and video with great close-ups. Includes interviews and review from NY1. A225, God of Carnage:Date: 5/28/2009Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden. Nice clear video with good sound and close ups. Excellent performances. Includes the Charlie Rose Show and Theatre Talk. A226, Godspell:pro-shot taped from Bravo, Victor Garber, David Haskell, Jerry Sroka, Lynne Thigpen, Katie Hanley, Robin Lamont, Gilmer McCormick, Joanne Jonas, Merrell Jackson, Jeffrey Mylett 2 dvds A227, Godspell:B+228, Grease:Date: 7/28/2007Max Crumm, Laura Osnes, Lindsay Mendez, Jenny Powers, Kristen Wyatt, Matthew Saldivar, Robyn Binder, Stephen Buntrock; Stars the winners of NBCs "You’re the one that I want" reality show. A wonderful capture of this charming show. A+229, Grease:Date: 1/4/2009Derek Keeling, Ashley Spencer, Ace Young, Xavier Cano, Todd Buonopane, Ryan Patrick Binder, Janine DiVita, Helene Yorke, Lindsay Mendez, Kirsten Wyatt, Allison Fischer, Jamison Scott, Susan Blommaert, Mike McGowan, Natalie Hill, Stephen R. Buntrock, nice capture of final show on B'way, few black outs most of them very short, longest one is during scene in Marty's bedroom which lasts about 2 minutes, video starts again before Freddy, My Love, first couple of minutes of each act are also blacked out, very last minute of Act II, couple of heads in the way which the filmer tries to work around, very slight washout, good sound with close-ups plus wide shots, (A-) 2 dvds230, Grease:Date: 2/20/2010A very nice capture with a good mix of wide shots, mediums and close-ups. A really well done production, a little different from the B'way Revival. Noel Sullivan, Sioban Dillon, Toby Antsis, Matthew Goodgame, Victoria Hamilton-Barrit, Lucas Rush & Fay Brookes. A231, Grey Gardens:Date: 9/13/200525th Anniversary Tour. Excellent capture of the Tour cast. Crystal clear picture and sound. Best Cats DVD around. Awesome energy and performances.232, Grey Gardens:Date: 4/30/2006Christine Ebersole, Matt Cavenaugh, Sara Gettelfinger, Sarah Hyland, John McMartin, Michael Potts, Bob Stillman, Audrey Twitchell, Mary Louise Wilson. Excellent video, nicely filmed with great close-ups and sound throughout; amazing quality, includes A+233, Grey Gardens:Date: 7/17/2007Maureen Moore as (u/s) Little Edith, Dale Soules as (u/s) Edith, John McMartin, Matt Cavenaugh, Erin Davie, Michael Potts, Abigail Ferenczy, Kelsey Fowler, Bob Stillman. Shot rather high but with absolutely no obstructions or heads. Act 1 is shot in a weird green purple color mode, but still totally watchable. Act 2 is in the normal color mode. (A) 2 DVD's234, Guys and Dolls:Date: 11/1/2006Patrick Swayze, Samantha Janus, Norman Bowman, Vivien Carter as (u/s) Sarah, Dominic Watson as (u/s Nicely Nicely, Denise Pitter as (u/s General Cartwright, Nick Cavaliere; Wonderful cast and very charming production. Great capture, picture and sound. A235, Guys and Dolls:Date: 3/10/2009Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, Kate Jennings Grant, Titus Burgess, Steve Rosen, Mary Testa; Video is a nice mix of close ups and full stage shots to see the set and dances with a few some blackouts. Also includes "Bushel and a Peck" and "Adelaide’s Lament" from the 2/14/09 performance. A236, Gypsy:Starring Tyne Daly. Amazing video for its age or for any video, and great performances. A237, Gypsy:Hallmark Entertainment. Bette Middler, Peter Riegert, Cynthia Gibb, Ed Asner. Better Middler is amazing as Mama. Digital DVD. A+238, Gypsy:Papermill Playhouse. Betty Buckley, Deborah Gibson, Laura Bell Bundy, Joe Machota, Anna McNeely, Jana Robbins. A+239, Gypsy:2nd Papermill Video. Starring Betty Buckley. Shot from balcony. Nice close ups and very clear. Also stars Deborah Gibson, Laura Bell Bundy, Joe Machota, Anna McNeely, Jana Robbins. Great recording. (A-)240, Gypsy:Date: 4/3/2003Revival. Bernadette Peters, Tammy Blanchard, John Dossette Kate Reinders, David Burtka, Heather Lee Kate Buddeke, Julie Halston, Heather Tepe, Addison Timlin. Here is Bernadette’s tour-de-force as Mama Rose. Excellent shot. A241, Gypsy:Date: 8/13/2006Ravina festival. Patti Lupone, Jack Willis, Jessica Boevers, Jen Temen, Debra Watassek, Jane Blass, Derin Altay. Occasional cover-ups and heads in the way. Wonderful production.242, Gypsy:Date: 7/29/2007City Center Encores! Final performance: Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Nancy Opel, Alison Fraser. Wonderful performances by all. Includes curtain call part were Patti calls Laurents and Sondheim on stage. A243, Gypsy:Date: 3/25/2008Revival: Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha. A not to be missed production, very detailed and near perfection. Beautifully captured. The performances are absolutely brilliant. (A)244, Gypsy:Date: 4/5/2008Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha. The first thirty minutes of the show are shaky at times with some cover-ups, but still a decent capture (B+)245, Hair:Date: 8/5/2000Encores! Concert starring: Idina Menzel, Tom Plotkin, Luther Creek, Miriam Schor, Michael McElroy. Excellent video with lots of zooms. (A)246, Hair:Date: 9/20/2004BCEFA Benefit Concert REHEARSAL. 4th Annual Actor's Fund Benefit Concert. Soshana Bean, Laura Benanti, Kathy Brier, Jim J. Bullock, Liz Callaway, Gavin Creel, Raul Esparza, Harvey Fierstein, Ana Gasteyer, Annie Golden, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi, Michael McKean, Euan Morton, Julia Murney, Nancy Opel, Adam Pascal, Billy Porter, Jai Rodriguez, RuPaul, John Tartaglia, Lillias White, Harris Doran and others. (A+)247, Hairspray:Note: Amazingly clear picture and sound with studio-like color. Shot from the front row of the mezzanine with no obstructions, gorgeous close-ups and one short cover up. Easily the nicest Hairspray video I have ever seen, possibly the best live recording. A+248, Hairspray:OBC249, Hairspray:Date: 7/29/2002Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mathew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Danelle Eugenia Wilson, Mary Bond Davis; Digital, shot from 1st row mezzanine. Lots of close-ups, from the master. A+250, Hairspray:Date: 12/13/2005National tour; Keala Settle (Tracy), Dale Calandra* (Edna), Jim J. Bullock (Wilbur), Melissa Larsen* (Penny), Aaron Tveit (Link), Alan Mingo Jr. (Seaweed), Tara Macri (Amber), Susan Henley (Velma), Bryan Crawford* (Corny Collins), Charlotte Crossley (Motormouth) Note: Very clear picture and with good sound and color. About four minutes total of blackouts but sound throughout. A really nice capture of this show. A251, Hairspray:Date: 1/31/2006John Pinette, Mechelle Dowdy, Stephen Derosa, Darlene Love, Tevin Campbell, Michael Cunio, Tracy Miller, Kevin Meaney, Becky Gulsvig, Julie Halston, Cameron Adams, Blake Hammond, Leah Hocking. Cover up during "it takes two". Good filming of the show. (A-)252, Hairspray:Date: 1/31/2006Michelle Dowdy* (Tracy), John Pinette (Edna), Tracy Miller (Penny), Andrew Rannells (Link), Becky Gulsvig (Amber), Micahel Cunio* (Corny Collins), Leah Hocking (Velma), Stephen DeRosa (Wilbur), Darlene Love (Motormouth), Julie Halston (Female Authority), Note: Great clarity and color. Appears to be shot from the front of the mezzanine. Camera wanders a bit, but the action is still captured pretty well. A253, Hairspray:Date: 11/25/2006Shannon Durig (Tracy), Blake Hammond (Edna), Diana DeGarmo (Penny), Stephen DeRosa (Wilbur), Darlene Love (Motormouth), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Jonathan Dokuchitz (Corny Collins), Lisa Jolley, Isabel Keating, Tara Macri (Amber), Kevin Meaney, Nat A++254, Hairspray:Date: 3/25/2007Michelle Dowdy as (u/s) Tracy, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Hayley Podschun as (u/s) Amber, Paul Vogt, Susan Mosher as (u/s) Velma, Alexa Vega, Ashley Parker Ange, Tevin Campbell, Darlene Love. Some great close ups, but moments of obstruction due to heads in the way but nothing too bad. (A-)255, Hairspray:Date: 10/16/2007Michael Ball, Mel Smith, Leanne Jones, Ben James-Ellis, Tracie Bennett, Elinor Collett, Johnnie Fiori, Adrian Hansel, Rachael Wooding. Beautifully captured. (A) 2 DVD's256, Hairspray: "Ultimate" Edition:2 DVD set. Various dates with the original cast. Some unknown [to me] fan lovingly edited together - almost seamlessly - a full show from I think 3 different performances. This is the original cast and they are just wonderful. Of all of "my" Hairsprays, this one is the most electric and wonderful. The end credits - yes, there are end credits! - have the "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the cast recording playing while production stills and cast info roll. It's a delicious edition and I'm thrilled to have it. A-257, Hedwig and the Angry Inch:Date: 1/2/1999Producer's Copy. John Cameron Mitchell. Broadcast Quality; Excellent performance of a superb show captured with wonderful quality, a must see. Filmed on 3 camera angles. Perfection. A+258, Helen of Troy:Date: 6/13/2005Eden Espinosa, Alice Ripley, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Bruce Vilanch, Cary Shields, Will Swenson. Shot from first few rows. A-259, Hello Dolly:Tour. Carol Channing. Picture is clear and sound is very understandable. A260, Henry IV:Date: 11/29/2003Kevin Kline, Richard Easton, Ethan Hawke, Dana Ivey, Audra McDonald, Michael Hayden, Stephen DeRosa, Byron Jennings. Video is dark because the show is but the taper did a good job with what was available; nice picture and sound. 1st generation from the master.261, Here Lies Jenny:Date: 6/5/2004Bebe Neuwirth, Greg Butler, Ed Dixon. A-262, Hero, The Rock Opera:Michael Tail, Mark Stuart, Rebecca St. James. Pro shot for video. Interesting show; kind of a cross between Rent/Taboo/Brooklyn. A263, Honk:Date: 6/1/2000Gavin Creel, James Hindman, Nancy Opel, Ken Prymus, Natasha Harper, Mary Stout.Pro shot, using multiple cameras. A264, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying:Matthew Broderick (J. Pierrepont Finch), Megan Mullally (Rosemary Pklkington), Ronn Carroll (JB Biggley), Jeff Blumenkrantz (Bud Frump), Jonathan Freeman (Bert Bratt), Victoria Clark (Smitty), Luba Mason (Hedy La Rue), Lillias White (Miss Jones); Great video considering age incredibly good. A265, Hurly Burly:Date: 2/5/2005Ethan Hawke, Catherine Kellner, Parker Posey, Wallace Shawn Excellent video with great picture and sound; 1st generation from the master. A+266, I Am My Own Wife:Date: 11/19/2003Jefferson Mays. Great video, great show with lots of close ups. 1st generation from the master A267, In A Dark Dark House:Date: 5/20/2007Ron Livingston, Louisa Krause, Frederick Waller. Written by Neil LaBute. Beautiful filmed with great close-ups and crystal clear. Occasional heads in wide shots. Includes Playbill info and NY1 review.268, In The Heights:Date: 2/14/2008First preview: Andrea Burns (Daniela), Janet Dacal (Carla), Robin DeJesus (Sonny), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Mandy Gonzales (Nina), Priscilla Lopez (Camilla), Olga Merediz (Abuela Claudia), Lin--Manuel Miranda, (Usnavi), Karen Olivo (Vanessa), Seth Stewart; A good capture of the first performance and audience energy to match. Full stage shot for most of the ensemble numbers, cast had great energy. A269, In The Heights:Date: 3/3/2008Javier Munoz as (u/s) Usnavi, Andrea Burns (Daniela), Robin De Jesus (Sonny), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Mandy Gonzalez (Nina), Christopher Jackson (Benny), Priscilla Lopez (Camilla), Olga Merediz, (Abuela Claudia) Karan Olivo (Vanessa), Seth Stewart (G A270, In The Heights:Date: 3/5/2008Javier Munoz (Usnavi u/s), Andrea Burns (Daniela), Janet Decal (Carla), Robin De Jesus (Sonny), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Mandy Gonzalez (Nina), Christopher Jackson (Benny), Priscella Lopez (Camilla), Olga Merediz (Abuela Claudia),Karen Olivio (Vanessa), Seth Stewart (Graffity Pete) 4 Tony Awards. A/A-271, In The Heights:Date: 5/18/2008Matinee. Krysta Rodriguez (Vanessa u/s), Seth Stewart (Graffiti Pete), Lin-Manual Miranda (Usnavi), Olga Merediz (Abuela Claudia) Stephanie Klemons (Carla u/s), Andrea Burns (Daniela) Priscilla Lopez (Camila), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Robin DeJesus (Sonny), Mandy Gonzalez, Christopher Jackson; Brief cover up for latecomers, but no heads in the way. Clear picture with close-ups and good sound, from the master. A272, In the Heights:Date: 5/18/2008Krysta Rodriguez* (Vanessa), Seth Stewart, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Olga Merediz, Stephanie Klemons (Carla), Andrea Burns, Priscilla Lopez, Carlos Gomez, Robin De Jesus, Mandy Gonzales, Christopher Jackson273, In the Heights:Date: 3/25/2009Shaun Taylor-Corbett (Usnavi u/s), Mandy Gonzalez (Nina), Chris Jackson (Benny), Marcy Harriell (Vanessa), Rick Negron (Kevin), Priscilla Lopez (Camilla), Blanca Camacho (Abuela Claudia u/s), Andrea Burns (Daniela), Janet Dacal (Carla), Robin DeJesus (Sonny), Tony Chiroldes (Piragua Guy u/s), Seth Stewart (Graffiti Pete). A-274, In The Heights:Date: 5/27/2009"In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams" chronicles the personal stories of composer/lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of "In the Heights" in the months leading up to opening night. A+275, Into The Woods:Pro-shot. Bernadette Peters (witch), Chip Zien (baker), Joanna Gleason (baker’s wife), Tom Aldredge (narrator/ mysterious man), Robert Westenberg (Cinderella’s prince/ wolf), Kim Crosby (Cinderella), Danielle Ferland (Lil’ Red), Ben Wright (Jack), Barbara Byrne (Ja Note: Pro shot for PBS. A release in China with Chinese subtitles, though you have the option of turning the chapter titles from Chinese to English. Performed in English. An absolutely beautiful DVD of a wonderful show land production Even if you don’t kn A++276, Into The Woods:Date: 4/13/2002Vanessa Williams, Laura Benanti, John McMartin, Stephen DeRosa, Kerry O’Malley, Adam Wylie, Molly Ephraim, Gregg Edelman; Fantastic video. Hello Little Girl staged differently in shows after this date. A+277, Is He Dead?:Date: 1/26/2008Norbert Leo Butz, Jenn Gambatese, John McMartin, Mary Louise Burke, Darvid Pittu, Michael McGrath, Tom Alan Robbins, Bridget Regan, Byron Jennings, Jeremy Bobb, Patricia Conolly; Nice video, clear picture and sound. A-278, Jane Eyre:Date: 4/18/2001Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout279, Jane Eyre:Date: 5/20/2001Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout, Elizabeth DeGrazia, Lee Zarrett (u/s Robert) shot from second row front mezz, steady and clear, mostly zooms and close-ups. A280, Jay Johnson: The Two And Only:Date: 11/26/2006Jay Johnson with his puppet friends, Bob, Darwin, Amigo, Nethernore, Spaulding, Squeaky, Long John LaFeat. "Through the art of ventriloquism and a diverse array of comic figures, Jay Johnson (best known as Chuck on the classic TV comedy Soap) takes his audience on a multi-dimensional journey that combines his storytelling (which explores the history of the form from ancient time to vaudeville, as well as his work on the television series) and his skill, with a parade of characters that range from a subversive monkey to a befuddled tennis ball." Filmed on closing night, prior to the planned national tour. Very nicely filmed. Crystal clear A281, Jekyll & Hyde:Robert Evan, Andrea Rivette, Coleen Sexton, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham. Pro-shot. A282, Jekyll & Hyde:David Hasselhoff, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham. Pro-shot for television. A+283, Jekyll & Hyde:Date: 12/16/2000Matinee. Rob Evan (alt.), Andrea Rivette, Coleen Sexton. A great video with almost no spotlight washout at all, and plenty of close-ups. Just a great, great video A284, Jekyll and Hyde:Pro-shot. A285, Jekyll and Hyde:Date: 4/1/2000National tour; Chuck Wagner, Sharon Brown; Good picture. Nice full view of the stage. Good sound, and overall very good video! A-286, Jerry Springer: The Opera:2004. BBC Broadcast performance . A+287, Jerry Springer: The Opera:Date: 1/30/2004Michael Brandon, David Bedella, Alison Jiear, Jo Napthine (u/s). Great picture and sound; 1st generation from the master. A288, Jersey Boys:11/3/05 (Act1) - 11/11/05 (Act2). John Lloyd Young, J Robert Spencer, Daniel Richard, Christian Hoff. During Act 1 there are some heads to shoot around but filmer shoots around them very nicely so they are hardly noticeable. Act 2 is nicely captured with great picture and sound. A289, Jersey Boys:Date: 11/19/2005OBC; John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff. Excellent, up close and clear recording of this 2006 TONY winner!! Includes NY1 reviews, opening night premiere, John Lloyd Young interview. A290, Jersey Boys:Date: 3/20/2007Jarrod Spector (Frankie Valli alt), Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Deven May (Tommy DeVito), Michael Ingersoll (Nick Massi), John Altieri (Bob Crewe), Joseph Siravo (Gyp De Carlo and others), Miles Aubrey (Norm Waxman), Sandra DeNise (Lorraine & others), Rick Faugno, Eric Gutman (Hank Majewski), Nathan Klau, Brandon Mattieus, Jackie Seiden (Mary Delgado and others), Melissa Strom (Francine and others), highlights, nicely captured. A291, Jersey Boys:Date: 4/5/2007292, Jersey Boys:Date: 4/24/20071NT: Rick Faugno as (alt) Frankie Valli, Miles Aubrey as (u/s) Bob Gaudio, Deven May, Michael Ingersoll, Taylor Sternberg as (u/s) Hal Miller, Douglas Crawford as (u/s) Hank Majewski, Erik Bates as (u/s) Norm Waxman, Heather Ferguson, John Altieri, Joseph Siravo, Nathan Klau, Jackie Seiden, Courter Simmons, Melissa Strom. Nicely captured. A293, Jersey Boys:Date: 4/27/20071NT. Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli), Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Deven May (Tommy De Vito), Michael Ingersoll (Nick Massi), Taylor Sternberg (Hank Majewski and others u/s), Heather Ferguson (Lorraine and others u/s), John Altieri, Joseph Siravo, Miles Aubrey, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Courter Simmons, Melissa Strom. Starts after I'm in the Mood for Love.294, Jersey Boys:Date: 5/3/20071NT Closing Show: Christopher Kale Jones, Erich Bergen, Deven May, Michael Ingersoll, John Altieri, Joseph Siravo, Miles Aubrey, Eric Gutman, Sandra DeNise, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Courter Simmons, Melissa Strom. Nicely captured. A295, Jersey Boys:Date: 5/3/2007Erik Bergen, Christopher Kale Jones, Devin May, Mike Ingersol, John Altieri, Miles Aubrey296, Jersey Boys:Date: 5/13/20072NT: John Michael Dias as (alt) Frankie Valli, Drew Gehling, Jeremy Kushnier, Steve Gouveia, Craig Laurie, Eddie Driscoll, Wade McCollum, Ryan Quinn West, Lauren Marshall, Mike Erickson, Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Steven Goldsmith, Lyndsey Cole. Nicely captured. A297, Jersey Boys:Date: 8/3/2007Curran Theater; Jarrod Spector (Frankie Valli), Drew Gehling (Bob Gaudio), John Hickman (u/s Nick Massi), Jeremy Kushnier (Tommy DeVito), Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson (u/s G A298, Jersey Boys:Date: 8/5/20072NT: John Michael Dias as (alt) Frankie Valli, Drew Gehling, Jeremy Kushnier, Michael Ingersoll, Mike Erickson, Jake Speck, Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Ryan Quinn West, Lauren Marshall, Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Steven Goldsmith, Lyndsey Cole. Nicely captured. A299, Jersey Boys:Date: 11/30/2007Christopher Kale Jones, Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Deven May, Steve Gouveia, John Altieri. Missing the first minute of the show but well filmed from rear orchestra. Occasional heads at the bottom of the screen, but mostly no obstructions at all. A300, Jersey Boys:Date: 12/22/20072 DVDs. A+301, Jersey Boys:Date: 1/2/2009Taylor Sternberg (Frankie u/s), Sebastian Arcelus, Dominic Nolfi, Matt Bogart, Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, Miles Aubrey, Bridget Berger. Nicely captured with some nice zooms and close-ups.  A few cover ups and audio for the first minute or two at the beginning of each act but other than this no real problems.302, Jersey Boys:Date: 2/12/2009303, Jesus Christ Superstar:National tour, Sebastian Bach, Carl Anderson, Natalie Toro. Excellent video, multi-camera shot. A304, Jesus Christ Superstar:Steven Seale, Drew Sarich, Kudra Owens. Interesting interpretation of the show. In English. Multi camera pro-shot for video. (A)305, Jesus Christ Superstar:Date: 1/13/2007Tour. Ted Neeley, Corey Glover, Tiffani Dodson, Jeremy Pasha, Craig Sculli, Larry Alan Coke, Aaron Fuksa. This is "The Farewell Tour" production, closer to the original style, not the previous revival production. Very nicely filmed, and crys A+306, Jesus Christ Superstar:Date: 3/25/2007Ted Neeley and Corey Glover, with the tour's 2nd Caiaphas. A Great capture of the performance. Also Includes 30 minutes of highlights from the 3/21/07 performance with the understudy for Harod. Also some stage door footage of Ted talking with fans, from the master. A307, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:2000308, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:Date: 2/16/2002Regional. A309, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:Date: 2/16/2002Eden Espinoza, Roger Befeler, John LaLonde, Jennifer Rias, John Hrbacek, Matt Logan, David Beaver, Robert Vance, Ryan Ball, Trevor Brackney. A presentation of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A310, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:Date: 11/23/2005National Tour starring Patrick Cassidy and American Idol Amy Adams, Todd Dubail, Nicholas Saverine. Best Joseph dvd available, crystal clear picture and sound. Good production and performances. A+311, Judy Garland Live at the Palladium (LP):Date: 11/16/1964With Liza Minelli. Judy walked onstage at the LP and gave a performance that captured everything that was magical and unforgettable about her. Later joined by Liza in their first official public duet. Garland sings the tunes she's made her own, including, "Over the Rainbow", as well as "Just in Time", " Hello Dolly", "It's a Matter of Time", and "The Man That Got Away." Fabulous. A312, Kiss Me, Kate:Revival. Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Amy Spanger, *Kevin Neil McCready, Merwin Foard, John Horton, Adriane Lenox, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Michael Mulheren, Lee Wilkof, Ron Holgate Camcorder Video, good picture and sound; a bit of generation loss; A313, Kristin Chenoweth:From Screen to Stage314, Kristin Chenoweth Compilation:Included: "Nascar / Star Spangle Banner", "Carson Daly 2nd Appearance", "Today Show - For Good w/ Trisha Yearwood", "Frasier - Junior Agent", "Ellen The Musical", "Tonight Show - Deck the Halls and Running With Scissors", "Craig Ferguson - Running With Scissors and Taylor the Latte Boy", "Night of too many Stars", "Megan Mulalley", "Conan O'Brian - Deck the Halls and Running With Scissors", "The View.   A+  315, La Boheme:Date: 2/1/1996Off-Broadway Cast Awesome cast! Clear video and sound, all around great production. Great for any fan of La Boheme or Rent. Shot semi-professionally with one camera on a tripod. A316, La Cage Aux Folles:Date: 12/4/2004Broadway Revival. Gary Beach, Daniel Davis, Gavin Creel, Angela Gaylor, Linda Balgord, Michael Mulheren, John Shuman, Michael Benjamin Washington. Wonderful video, from master. A+317, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES:Date: 4/7/2010Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Douglas Hodge, Fred Applegate, Veanne Cox, Chris Hoch,Elena Shaddow, A.J. Shively, Nick Adams, Christine Andreas Sean A. Carmon,Nicholas Cunningham, Robin De Jesus, Sean Patrick Doyle, Dale Hensley, LoganKeslar, Terry Lavell, Heather Lindell, Bill Nolte, David Nathan Perlow, CherylStern. A318, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES:Date: 4/7/2010Kelsey Grammer, Douglas Hodge, Fred Applegate, Veanne Cox, Chris Hoch, Elena Shaddow, A.J. Shively, Nick Adams, Christine Andreas Sean A. Carmon, Nicholas Cunningham, Robin De Jesus, Sean Patrick Doyle, Dale Hensley, Logan Keslar, Terry Lavell, Heather Lindell, Bill Nolte, David Nathan Perlow, Cheryl Stern. A319, Laugh Whore:Televised version of Mario Cantone's one man Broadway show, as broadcast on Showtime. A+320, Lea Salonga:Broadway Concert. Note: Pro Shot. Includes: I Enjoy Being A Girl, As If We Never Said Goodbye, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Someone Else’s Story, Nothing, Too Much For One Heart, and more. [A+]321, Lea Salonga:Pro-Shot Concert featuring: Maybe, I can see it, I’ve never been in love before, I enjoy being a girl, Love, Look away, Andrew Lloyd Webber Medley, Someone else’s story, Nothing. You’ll never get away from me/ wherever we go, Too much for o A322, Lea Salonga:Philippine Homecoming; Note: pro shot. Has some generation loss, but not much A323, Leading Men:Date: 5/30/2005Concert @ Joe's Pub Benefit Concert for BC/EFA hosted by: John Tartaglia. Performances by: Barrett Foa, Max Von Essen, Christopher Sieber, Ben Strothmann, Jai Rodriguez, Chad Kimball, Matthew Morrison, Ted and Brian Farley, Seth Rudetsky. Pro shot A324, Legally Blonde:MTV. A+325, Legally Blonde:Date: 2/24/2006Pre-B'way.326, Legally Blonde:Date: 2/13/2007Full original San Francisco cast. The video has a couple of heads for the very first 20 minutes, but looks great after that. A327, Legally Blonde:Date: 2/24/2007Closing night. Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson, Michael Rupert. Great video and the best of the San Francisco’s videos. A328, Legally Blonde:Date: 7/1/2007DeQuina Moore's Last: Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Michael Rupert, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson. Terrific performances and beautiful dvd. Possibly the best Legally Blonde capture available and with no obstructions. A+329, Legally Blonde:Date: 9/5/2007Laura Bell Bundy (Elle), *Noah Weisberg* (Emmett), Richard Blake (Warner), Kate Shindle (Vivienne), *Kevin Pariseau* (Callahan), Orfeh (Paulette), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Annaleigh Ashford (Margot), Asmeret Natalie Joy Johnson (Enid), Kate Weth A-330, Legally Blonde:Date: 9/9/2007Laura Bell Bundy (Elle), *Noah Weisberg* (Emmett), Richard Blake (Warner), Kate Shindle (Vivienne), *Kevin Pariseau* (Callahan), Orfeh (Paulette), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Annaleigh Ashford (Margot), Asmeret Natalie Joy Johnson (Enid), Ka A+331, Legally Blonde:Date: 9/9/2007Laura Bell Bundy, Noah Weisberg (u/s Emmett), Richard Blake, Kate Shindle, Michael Rupert, Orfeh, Nikki Snelson. A wonderful capture with amazing close-ups. A+332, Legally Blonde:Date: 9/16/2007Becky Gulsvig* (u/s Elle), Christian Borle (Emmett), Richard Blake (Warner), Kate Shindle (Vivienne), Michael Rupert (Callahan), Orfeh (Paulette), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Annaleigh Ashford (Margot), Asmeret Ghebremichael (Pilar), Nikki Snelson (Brooke A+333, Legally Blonde:Date: 10/13/2007Pro-shot from MTV B’way history! First time a show has been aired on TV while still running on B’way. Filmed on 9-18-07. Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Michael Rupert, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson, Richard H. Blake. Disc includes first promotional A+334, Legally Blonde:Date: 10/25/2007Becky Gulsvig as (u/s) Elle, Andy Karl as (u/s) Emmett, Richard Blake, Kate Shindle, Michael Rupert, Orfeh, Haven Burton. Great capture of the two understudies in the role. Shot from the orchestra with excellent camera work. A+335, Legally Blonde:Date: 3/2/2008Haven Burton* (u/s Elle), Christian Borle (Emmett), Orfeh (Paulette), Michael Rupert (Callahan), Richard H. Blake (Warner), Kate Shindle (Vivienne), Nikki Snelson (Brooke), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Becky Gulsvig* (u/s Margot), Asmeret Ghebremich; Shot through heads for the first 10-15 minutes. After that there are no obstructions. Some spotlight washout during full stage shots, but lots of close ups. Whole a pretty nice video. A336, Legally Blonde:Date: 7/26/2008Bailey Hanks, Christian Borle, Amber Efe as (u/s) Paulette, Michael Rupert, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle and Nicolette Hart. Featuring the winner of MTV's Search for Elle Woods Series, Bailey. Beautifully captured with terrific close-ups. A337, Legally Blonde:Date: 7/26/2008338, Legally Blonde:Date: 6/7/2009Tour: Lauren Zakrin as (u/s) Elle, Nick Dalton as (u/s) Warner, D.B. Bonds, Natalie Joy Johnson, Ken Land, Megan Lewis, Coleen Sexton, Rhiannon Hansen. A beautiful capture and wonderful performances. A339, Legally Blonde:Date: 6/7/2009National Tour340, Legally Blonde:Date: 6/6/2010New Jersey Performing Arts Center National Tour. Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone (u/s Elle), D.B. Bonds (Emmett), Natalie Joy Johnson (Paulette), Michael Rupert (Callahan), Jeff McLean (Warner), Megan Lewis (Vivienne), Coleen Sexton (Brooke), Tiffany Engen (Serena), Rhiannon Hansen (Margot), Candice Marie Woods (Pilar), Ashley Moniz (u/s Enid), Ven Daniel (Kyle/Dewey), Sara Andreas (u/s Stenographer) , Barry Anderson (Ensemble), Kyle Brown (Carlos), Liberty Cogen (Kate/Chutney) , Brooke Leigh Engen (Ensemble), Paul Jackel (Dad/Winthrop) , Jason Kappus (Ensemble), Brian Patrick Murphy (Ensemble), Cjay Hardy Philip (Store Manager/Judge) , Jonathan Rayson (Aaron), Constantine Rousouli (Padamadan/Nykos) , Sara Shepherd (Courtney/Mom) . A341, Legally Blonde: The Musical:Date: 5/15/2008Becky Gulsvig342, LEND ME A TENOR:Date: 3/23/2010Music Box Theater.Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Tony Shalhoub, Justin Bartha, Jan Maxwell, Brooke Adams, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Mary Catherine Garrison, Jay Klaitz.*Disc also features over an hour of Interviews & Behind The Scenes Features.Really nice capture. 16:9 Widescreen (A)343, Lennon:Date: 8/6/2005Will Chase, Terrence Mann, Julia Murney. Excellent capture. Crystal Clear.344, Les Miserables:Date: 2/7/20003NT Ahmanson Theatre; Ivan Rutherford as Valijean, Stephen Bishop as Javert, Joan Almedilla, Sutton Foster, Tim Howar, Regan Thiel; A GREAT video shot from the center of the mezz with a digital camera and no obstructions. Great zooming and A345, Les Miserables:Date: 11/19/20022 DVDs. J. Mark McVey, David Masnheimer, Lauren Kennedy, Kevin Kern, Diana Kaarina, Sandra Turley, Christopher Mark Peterson, Nick Wyman; Clear steady taping. A346, Les Miserables:Date: 2/1/2003National tour; Steve Gannon* (Valjean), Stephen Tewksbury (Javert), Jayne Paterson (Fantine), Stephen Brian Patterson (Marius), Jessica - Snow Wilson (Eponine), Dallon Vail Bayles (Cosette); Shot from what appears to be the first or second row of the mezzanine. A little blurry, very minor. Nice sound, good color. Shot very well as well. A/A-347, Les Miserables:Date: 4/22/2003Andrew Varela (u/s valjean), Terrence Mann, Jayne Patterson, Aymee Garcia, Nick Wyman, Diana Kaarina, Christopher Mark Peterson. Great quality video & sound. A348, Les Miserables:Date: 10/29/2004Tim Godwin* (Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Jaavert), Joanna Ampil (Fantine), Kelly-Anne Gower* (Eponine), Ramin Karimloo (Enjolras), Daniel Reeves *(Marius), Julia Moller (Cosette), Stephen Tate (Thenardier), Kathy Secombe (Mme. Thenardier); Note: Highlights start during "Look Down". One hour of footage of selected numbers mostly featuring Ramin Karimloo. Excellent quality, too bad the taper did not capture the show in its entirety. Shot is crystal clear with great color and sound. There is a A+/A-349, Les Miserables:Date: 11/11/2006Victor Hawks as (u/s) Jean Valjean, Norm Lewis, Daphne, Rubin-Vega, Celia Keenan Boldger, Aaron Lazar, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway. A nice capture here of Victor as Valjean. The capture is a little on the dark side. A350, Les Miserables:Date: 2/17/2007Alexander Gemgnani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Ali Ewoldt, Adam Jacobs. Featuring Drew Sarich* as Enjolras. Excellent quality. A351, Les Miserables:Date: 5/12/20072 DVDs.352, Les Miserables:Date: 5/12/2007Drew Sarich as (u/s) Javert Alexander Gemignani, Lea Salonga, Adam Jacobs, Mandy Bruno, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Ann Harada; Filmed in widescreen, a nice capture of some of the new cast members. Drew and Ann give great performances in their roles. A+353, Les Miserables:Date: 6/1/2007Alexander Gemignani, Ben Davis, Gary Beach, LEA SALONGA, Ann Harada, Max von Essen, Adam Jacobs, Ali Ewoldt, Mandy Bruno, Doug Kreeger. Great video, filmed from right side of mezzanine; act II starts 2 minutes into the show. A nice capture with lot A354, Les Miserables:Date: 8/24/20072 DVDs355, Les Miserables:Date: 10/23/2007356, Les Miserables:Date: 5/17/2008Regional-matinee; Hugh Panaro (Valjean), Paul Schoeffler (Javert), Jessica Bogart (Fantine), Laura Gwynne Yaros (Young Cosette), Dawn Spence (Mme Thenardier), Scott Greer (Thenardier), Dante Mignucci (Gavroche), Christina De Cicco (Eponine) Jeffrey Coon (Enjolras), Josh Yo357, Les Miserables:Date: 8/9/2008J. Mark McVey, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Lea Michele, Melora Hardin, John Lloyd Young, Michele Maika. A very nice capture with excellent close-ups. Not always steady, but very good overall. (A-)358, Les Miserables:Date: 8/10/2008In-concert; J.Mark McVey, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Lea Michele, Melora Hardin, John Lloyd Young, Michele Maika, Michael McCormick, Tom Lowe, Ruth Williamson. This pro-shot from the start, in terms of being filmed from the huge screens. It is A-359, Lestat:Date: 3/27/2006Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Jim Stanek, Allison Fischer, Michael Genet, Roderick Hill. Filmed during previews. A-360, Lestat:Date: 4/1/2006Original Broadway Cast: Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Drew Sarich, Jim Stanek, Roderick Hill, Allison Fischer, Steve Wilson (u/s Marquis) Crystal Clear picture and sound. Wonderful quality. First few minutes are shaky and some blackouts, due to ushers and late comers. But overall this is an awesome capture. A361, Lestat:Date: 4/1/2006B’way Preview. Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Drew Sarich, Jim Stanek, Roderick Hill, Allison Fischer, Steve Wilson (u/s Marquis). Crystal clear picture and sound. Wonderful quality and a decent show. A362, Lestat:Date: 5/4/2006Hugh Panaro (Lestat), Carolee Carmello, Jim Stanek, Allison Fischer Note: Filmed from balcony around a front seater for first 15 minutes. Some nice close ups with good clarity and sound. [A/A-]363, Lestat:Date: 5/4/2006OBC shot from balcony. Hugh Panaro (Lestat), Carolee Carmello (Gabrielle), Drew Sarich (Armand), Jim Stanek (Louis), Allison Fischer (Claudia), Roderick Hill (Nicholas), Michael Genet (Marius). Shot around someone’s head for the first 15 minutes., this is A-364, Lestat:Date: 5/27/2006Drew Sarich (Lestat u/s), Carolee Carmello Gabrielle), Roderick Hill (Nicolas), Sean MacLaughlin (Armand u/s), Michael Gent (Marius), Chris Peluso (Louis u/s), Allison Fischer (Claudia). A365, Lestat:Date: 5/27/2006366, Letters from 'Nam:September. Maureen McGovern, David Burnham, Dwayne L. Barnes, Levi Kreis, Jeff Mosier, Michael Cunio, Rodney Hicks. A production of the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using multiple cameras in the round; nice video. A367, Little Shop of Horrors:OBC368, Little Shop of Horrors:Date: 6/5/2003Miracle Theatre; Alice Ripley, Hunter Foster, Reg Rogers, Lee Wilkof, Billy Porter, Dioni Michelle Collins, Moeisjha McGill, Haneefah Wood. Nice picture and sound; occasional spotlight washout and picture cover-up until Skid Row. A369, Little Shop of Horrors:Date: 9/21/2003Hunter Foster, Kerry Butler, Douglas Sills, Rob Bartlett, Carla J. Hargrove, Trisha Jeffrey, DeQuina Moore. Shot from 3rd row mezzanine, beautiful video with lots of close-ups. Digital video, 1st generation from the master. Includes Today Show: Sudd A-370, Little Shop of Horrors:Date: 9/23/2003Hunter Foster, Kerry Butler, Douglas Sills, Rob Bartlett, Carla J. Hargrove, Trisha Jeffrey, DeQuina Moore. Very nice capture and taper follows action well and not many cover-ups. A371, Little Women:Date: 12/11/2004Sutton Foster, Maureen McGovern and the rest of the OBC. Excellent video capture of the show! A little spotlight washout in the first 15 mins. Sound is excellent throughout. Also includes short Preview piece from NY1.   A372, Magic Flute:Date: 1/24/2007PBS. Matthew Polenzani, Ying Huang, Rene Pape, Erika Miklosa, Nathan Gunn, Julie Taymor's dazzling production has been abridged by the direction into an appealing 100 minute version of the Met's first holiday opera presentation with a new English text by J.D. McClatchy. Mozart's the Magic Flute features all the spectacular visual effects of Taymor's original production at NYC Metropolitan Opera including flying birds, dancing bears and the magnificent star shimmering queen of the night, James Levine conducts, A373, Mambo Kings:Date: 8/7/2005Rehearsal studio, semi-pro shot; Esai Morales. A374, Mamma Mia:OBC. A-375, Mamma Mia:A-376, Mamma Mia:Date: 9/14/2002377, Mamma Mia:Date: 1/26/2006Cast: Lauren Mufson, Carey Anderson, Judy McLane, Olga Merediz, Andy Kelso. Crisp & Clear. Some slight pixilation during "Voulez-Vous," but nothing major. Fantastic close-ups. Megamix finale (A-)378, Mamma Mia:Date: 8/29/2006Carol Linnea Johnson, Vicki Van Tassell, Robin Baxter. Best DVD I have seen of the show, very clear, great sound, lots of close-ups. Some heads during finale, but otherwise GREAT! A379, Man of La Mancha:Richard Kiley, Joan Diener, Edmond Verato, Jack Dabdoub, Robert Rouseville, Dianne Barton. A little dark but an excellent video for its age; very good picture and sound. B380, Man of La Mancha:Date: 11/24/2002Brian Stokes Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, Ernie Sabella; Beautiful video from 2nd row center mezz, so no heads in the way. No obstructions at all. Lots of close-ups, very steady. Wonderful production, digital 1st gen from the master. A381, Man of La Mancha:Date: 7/4/2003Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Ernie Sabella; Missing the first few minutes otherwise great! A382, Mark Twain:PRO SHOT -Television history was made on March 6, 1967 when an audience of over 30 million viewers tuned in to watch the first television broadcast of Hal Holbrook's landmark one-man show, Mark Twain Tonight! The 90-minute special was a tour de force, and was acclaimed as one of the high points in television history. THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL. Running time. 90 minutes. Color. A+383, Martin Short Fame Became Me:Date: 10/7/2006Martin Short, Brooks Ashmanskas, Mary Birdsong, Capathia Jenkins, Marc Shaiman, Donna Vivino, Special guest Richard Belzer. Excellent capture.  (A)384, Mary Poppins:9/8. 2 DVDs.385, Mary Poppins:Date: 2/22/2005A386, Mary Poppins:Date: 11/2/2006Rebecca Lock (u/s), Gavin Creel, Aden Gillett, Eliza Lumley, Sarah Flind, Louise Gold, Diane Langton, Robert Madge, Sarah Mansfield, clear picture and sound, nice close-ups, excellent video, A387, Mary Poppins:Date: 9/18/2008UK Tour. Caroline Sheen, Danie Crossley, Martin Ball, Louise Bowden.  Other productions. A Great capture of the show, very sharp with no obstructions.  (A)388, Master Harold..and the Boys:Date: 5/28/2003Danny Glover, Michael Boatman, Christopher Denham, shot from 4th row mezzanine, very nice video, digital, A-389, Match:Date: 3/20/2004Frank Langella, Jane Adams, Ray Liotta. Excellent video and nice close-ups with good sound and picture throughout; 1st generation from the master. A390, Me, Myself & I:Date: 1/23/2007Tyne Daly, Brian Murray, Michael Esper, Charlotte Parry, Stephen Payne, Colin Donnell; Edward Albee's play directed by Emily Mann; a wonderfully absurdist play, with a brilliant performance by Tyne Daly. Fantastic! A391, Metamorphosis:Date: 4/10/2002Anjali Bhimani, Raymond Fox, Kyle Hall, Doug Hara, Felicity Jones, Chris Kipiniak, Louise Lamson, Erik Lochtefeld, Mariann Mayberry, Lisa Tejero. Great video; clear and crisp, as always; 1st generation from the master. A+392, Miss Saigon:Pro shot393, Miss Saigon:July. Cezarah Campos, David Shannon, Leo Valdez, Graia Renihan, JoJo De Lacerna, Richard Lloyd King, Imelda de los Reyes; Shot from the first row, so the entire stage is not always captured. However, the quality and color are lovely making it probably my favorite Miss Saigon DVD. A-394, Miss Saigon:Proshot. Lea Salonga, Will Chase, Leo Valdez, Robert Sena, Ronn Smith, Lisa Capps *caption of : "for preview purposes only. Not for commercial use" at the bottom of the entire video *missing last 4 minutes*. A395, Miss Saigon:396, Miss Saigon:Summer. Voltaire Balderama, Emerita Alcid, Loren Christopher, Timothy Walton, Sarah Pettorsson. Pro-shot in widescreen with multiple cameras. Nice video of a good production. A397, Miss Saigon:Date: 1/7/2001Lea Salonga (Kim), Ruthie Henshall (Ellen), Luoyong Wang (Engineer), Will Chase (Chris); Shot from the orchestra, so there are a good amount of heads to work around. Close ups are very nice though, as well as good, clear sound. Color is a little off due to the spotlight washout. B398, Miss Saigon:Date: 1/17/2001Lea Salonga, Ruthie Henshall, Will Chase, Joseph Anthony Foronda (u/s), Digital. Some scenes obstructed, good video otherwise. Great production! A-399, Miss Saigon:Date: 1/28/2001400, Miss Saigon:Date: 7/22/2003Regional401, Miss Saigon:Date: 9/16/2005Fullerton Civic Light Opera- regional. Franc-Anton Harwart, Kristine Remigio (Kim). Pro-shot. Wonderfully filmed with a single house camera. Great close-ups and wonderful sound. Winner of four 2005 Ovation Awards including: Best Musical, Actor, and Actress. A++402, Moving Out:Date: 10/13/2002Excellent performance, great sound and color. Follows action/dancing sequences and very well! Michael Cavanaugh & band. A403, Moving Out:Date: 6/28/2006404, My Fair Lady:Date: 3/21/2008Tour: Lisa O’Hare, Christopher Cazenove, Tim Jerome, Marni Nixon, Walter Charles, Justin Bohon, Barbara Marineau. Beautifully filmed with a High Definition camcorder and crystal clear. This is really a nice video, with awesome color and clarity, filmed in widescreen. Great performances and cast. A405, MY FAVORITE BROADWAY: THE LEADING LADIES:Pro Video. TV Telecast-hosted by Julie Andrews. Cast: Bebe Neuwirth, Karen Ziemba, Audra McDonald, Marine Mazzie, Judy Kuhn, Lea Delaria, Liza Minnelli, Rosie O' Donnell, Linda Eder, Elaine Stritch A406, Naked Boys Singing:Pro Shot. A++407, Nero:Date: 7/12/2008408, NEW! Bonnie and Clyde:Date: 11/14/2009Laura Osnes (Bonnie Parker), Stark Sands (Clyde Barrow), Mare Winningham (Emma Parker), Melissa van der Schyff (Blanch Barrow), Claybourne Elder (Buck Barrow), Chris Peluso (Ted), Wayne Duvall (Sheriff), Michael Mulligan (Bud), Michael Lanning (Preacher/Judge), occasional short black outs, filmed at the 5th preview. (A)409, Next to Normal:Date: 2/11/2008Alice Ripley, Brian d'Arcy James, Aaron Tveit, Asa Somers, Jennifer Damiano, Adam Chanler-Berat (u/s). Chest shot so mostly a blind shot throughout with no closeups, good sound but not really great to watch. B-410, Next to Normal:Date: 3/1/2008Adam Chanler-Berat, Jennifer Damiano, Brian d'Arcy James, Alice Ripley, Asa Somers, Aaron Tveit. Better than the other version of the show. Filmer does a good job of following the action and some good close-ups. A few heads to start and kinda shaky, and then the video defiantly improves greatly. A411, Next to Normal:Date: 3/13/2008Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Brian d’Arcy James (Dan), Alice Ripley (Diana), Asa Sommers (Dr.Madden/ Dr.Fine), Aaron Tveit (Gabe); This DVD has the Costco references and number taken out and "Just Another Day" has been modified! Includes Alice’s flip out in the beginning to replace all the Costco stuff. A412, Next to Normal:Date: 3/28/2009Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Aaron Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson. A good capture with great color, however there is a bar at times in the shot that must be filmed around. B+413, Next to Normal:Date: 4/4/2009Alice Ripley (Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Aaron Tveit (Gabe), AdamChanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Madden/ Dr. Fine); A really nice DVD. There is very occasional wandering with minor washout on wider shots. This is one of my personal favorites. It’s probably the best DVD from B’way so far. A414, Night Mother:Date: 11/6/2004Edie Falco, Brenda Blethyn. Good picture and sound for an okay show; 1st generation from the master A415, Nine:Date: 3/30/2003Antonio Banderas, Chita Rivera, Laura Benanti, Mary Stuart Masterson, Jane Krakowski. Shot from 4th row mezzanine. Stunning capture and amazing show. (A)416, No, No, Nanette:Date: 5/11/2008Rosie O'Donnell, Beth Leavel, Sandy Duncan, Charles Kimbrough, Micahel Berresse, Shonn Wiley, Mara Davi, Nancy Anderson, Jennifer Cody, Angel Reda. A Fabulous production with sensational talent. A417, November:Date: 12/18/2007Nathan Lane, Laurie Metclaf, Dylan Baker, Michael Nichols, Ethan Phillips. Includes first reading interviews, opening night and a review from NY1.418, November:Date: 12/28/2007419, Nunsense:420, Oh Calcutta!:421, Oh Calcutta!:Professionally made tape of the infamous naughty musical. Created by (among others) John Lennon. Stars Bill Macy (of "Maude" fame). The world’s first erotic musical! For adults only. A422, Oklahoma!:Great Performances Series. 180 Minutes. Absolutely perfect 2 DVD set starring Hugh Jackman and Maureen Lipman.423, Oliver!:Broadway Revival. Starring Patti Lupone. Ran 2 weeks on Broadway before closing. Great Recording for age.  Patti Lupone is incredible. (A-)424, Oliver!:Date: 6/3/2006Pro-shot, Raul Aranas, Dante Baldassin, Michael J. Farina, Susan J. Jacks, Mischa Kischkum, Melinda Tanner, A+425, Once On This Island:Darius de Haas, Debra M. Walton, Angela Lockett, Marcel Wilson, Arthur Marks. Semi-pro shot with one camera. Amazing production! Includes scanned program information as well as outdoor performances. Includes additional performance from another night also. A426, Once on This Island:Date: 5/13/2002Reunion concert. Pro-shot, LaChanze, Jerry Dixon, Andrea Frierson-Toney, Sheila Gibbs, Kecia Lewis, Afi McClendon, Gerry McIntyre, Milton Craig Nealy, Nikki Rene, Monique Cintron, Eric Riley, Ellis E. Williams, Lillias White427, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest:4.21.01 & 5.1.07 B’way. Gary Sinise, Amy Morton, Ross Lehman, Tim Sampson, Danton Stone, Rick Snyder, Eric Johner, Alan Wilder428, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest:Starring Gary Sinise and Amy Morton. Fantastic show captures the action wonderfully. Occasional heads in frame but they never obstruct the action. (A-)429, Our Lady of 121st Street:Date: 2/19/2003Elizabeth Canavan, Liza Colon-Zayas, Melissa Feldman, Mark Hammer, Scott Hudson, Ron Cephas Jones, Russell G. Jones, Adrian Martinez, Richard Petrocelli, Portia, Felix Solis. Nice quality, full stage shot with some zooms. A430, Pal Joey:Date: 11/16/2008Stockard Channing, Christian Hoff, Martha Plimpton, Robert Clohessy, Jenny Fellner, Daniel Marcus, Steven Skybell. Very rare performance as Christian Hoff only ended up doing 7 performances, before he was "injured" and left the production. Beautiful capture, one of the few times widescreen was opted for. Stockard was fabulous in the show. A431, Pal Joey:Date: 11/19/2008Christian Hoff, Stockard Channing, Martha Plimpton, Robert Clohessy, Jenny Fellner, Daniel Marcus, Steven Skybell. Really great capture of a wonderful show. A-432, Pal Joey:Date: 12/10/2008Matthew Risch, Stockard Channing, Martha Plimpton, Robert Clohessy, Jenny Fellner, Nadine Isenegger, Daniel Marcus, Steven Skybell, Timothy J. Alex, Brian Barry. Very clear shooting with no obstructions, nice close-ups and plenty of full-stage shots for the dance numbers. 2 DVDs, one act per disc. A+433, Pal Joey:Date: 12/10/2008B’way Revival. Matthew Risch (Joey Evans), Stockard Channing (Vera Simpson), Martha Plimpton (Gladys Bumps), Robert Clohessy (Mike), Jenny Fellner (Linda English), Nadine Isenegger (Val), Daniel Marcus (Ludlow Lowell), Steven Skybell (Ernest), Timothy J.A. A434, Passing Strange:Date: 5/10/2008Stew, Daniel Breaker, de'Adre Aziza, Elisa Davis, Colman Domingo, Chad Goodridge, Rebecca Naomi Jones. Beautiful capture of the original cast in this amazing show. From the mezz, so beautiful shots and no obstructions. A highly recommended show! Also includes performance on The View. A+435, Passing Strange:Date: 7/3/2008Stew, Lawrence Stallings (u/s Youth), De’Adre Aziza, Eisa Davis, Colman Domingo, Chad Goodridge, Rebecca. Naomi Jones & Heidi Rodewald; What an offbeat Broadway show. Beautifully captured with awesome close-ups. First minute of the 2nd act is missing. A-436, Patti Lupone Compilation:437, Peggy Sue Got Married:Date: 9/28/2001Ruthie Henshall, Andrew Kennedy, Tim Howar, Gavin Lee, Melanie Marcus, Terrence Hillyer, Sara Weymouth. Nice video with opening credits and good picture and sound. A-438, Perfectly Frank:National tour. Pro-shot, Cloris Leachman, Wayne Cilento, Pamela Meyers, Frank Loesser revue, fun show439, Peter Pan:June. Revival starring Sandy Duncan. A much better video than the 1979 version. This is very rare and all three acts are in color, however there is a faint buzzing in some parts of second half, but nothing too distracting.  (B)440, Peter Pan:Sandy Duncan441, Peter Pan:Starring Kathy Rigby. Pro-Shot. A+442, Peter Pan:Date: 10/17/1979Sandy Duncan, Christopher Hewitt, George Rose, Beth Fowler. Good video for it's age. A little dark in some places. Act Two is in Black & White.   (B+)443, Peter Pan:Date: 2/20/2000Cathy Rigby, Paul Schoeffler, Elisa Sagardia, Barbara McCulloh, Michael Nostrand, Dana Solimando, Barry Cavanagg. A beautiful lavish production, multiple camera pro-shot for DVD release including behind the scenes footage and interviews. A+444, Phantom Behind the Mask:Proshot. A+445, Pippin:Pro-shot, A446, Pippin:Carlos Antonio Cruz, an inner-city group that takes kids and adults literally off the street, gives them a purpose and turns them into amazing performers, excellent filming, 2 DVD's A447, Pippin:Date: 11/29/2004World's Aid Day Concert. Michael Arden (Pippin), Laura Benanti (Catherine), Ben Vereen, Darius de Haas, Billy Porter, Rosie O'Donell, Kate Shindle as the leading players, company also includes Harrison Chad (Theo), Cameron Mathison (Lews), Terrence Mann (Charlemagne), Charles Busch (Berthe), Julia Murney (Fastrada), John Tartaglia, A+448, Pippin (Bob Fosse's Master):Ben Vereen, William Katt, Chita Rivera, Martha Raye. This video is very similar to the video that is commercially available. But when you compare them side by side you notice subtle differences. This is a copy of Bob Fosse’s own video which he edited and returned back to the producers. It is a bit longer than the commercial video and Fosse chose many, many different angles, and different takes. This was his suggestion for how the show should be edited, but most of his suggestions were ignored. The show itself was not staged by Fosse, but by his associate, Kathryn Doby, based on his original Broadway staging. It is rumored that Fosse was not happy with the video that was released, preferring this edit better, and very unhappy that his suggestions were not utilized. Has counter numbers along the bottom of the screen. Some generational loss. B449, Pirates of Penzance:Crystal Clear. A++450, Porgy & Bess:Cynthia Haymon & Willard White. Proshot. This video is rarely performed, so to have any archive of this (especially pro-shot!) is great! A+ wonderful performances, not to be missed. A+451, Porgy & Bess:Date: 11/4/2006Clarke Peters, Nicola Hughes, Cornell S. John, O-T Fagbenle, Dawn Hope, Melanie Marshall, Lorraine Velez. The cast is wonderful, great capture. (A)452, PROMISES, PROMISES:Date: 4/1/2010Cast: Sean Hayes, Kristin Chenoweth, Tony Goldwyn, Brooks Ashmanskas, Katie Finneran, Dick Latessa, Brian O'Brian, Sean Martin Hingston, Ken Land, Cameron Adams, Ashley Amber, Helen Anker, Nikki Renee Daniels, Sarah Jane Everman, Chelsea Krombach, Keith Kuhl, Matt Loehr, Mayumi Miguel, Adam Perry, Megan Sikora, Ryan Watkinson, Kristen Beth Williams. A453, Promises, Promises:Date: 4/1/2010Broadway Revival. Sean Hayes, Kristin Chenoweth, Tony Goldwyn, Brooks Ashmanskas, Katie Finneran, Dick Latessa. Well filmed.454, Proof:Date: 9/4/2001Filmed from an odd angle (balcony, far side) starts about 3 minutes into the show.  Great zooms, excellent picture - just at an odd angle. Mary Louise Parker, Ben Shenkman, Patrick Tovatt, Johanna Day455, Proof:Date: 9/4/2001Mary Louise Parker, Ben Shenkman, Patrick Tovatt, Johanna Day Shot from first row balcony, no obstructions or heads, shaky in one or two scenes, but otherwise good, lots of zooms, digital 1st generation from the master. B+456, Proof:Date: 8/7/2002457, Proof:Date: 8/7/2002Anne Heche, Neil Patrick Harris, Len Cariou, Kate Jennings Grant. Digital, shot from the third row mezzanine with no heads in the way. Beautiful video. A458, Rags:Date: 12/11/2006World AIDS day concert; Eden Espinosa, Carolee Carmello, Michael Rupert, Lewis Cleale, John Treacy Egan, Gregg Edelman; Excellent sound and picture. Great close-ups. Very nice video. A459, Ragtime:Date: 1/10/2010Final B'way performance Ron Bohmer, Mamie Parris (u/s), Bobby Steggert, Dan Manning, Quentin Earl Darrington, Stephanie Umoh, Eric Jordan Young, Robert Petkoff, Sarah Rosenthal, Jonathan Hammond, Michael X. Martin, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, Donna Migliaccio, Savannah Wise, Terence Archie, Dan Manning, Mike McGowan, Josh Walden, Mark Aldrich, Jennifer Evans, Bryonha Parham, Tracy Lynn Olivera first 15 minutes of the beginning of act 1 are shaky, beautiful capture of Act 2, A460, Reefer Madness:Date: 10/27/2001Christian Campbell, Gregg Edelman, Michele Pawk, Robert Torti, Kristen Bell, John Kassir, Erin MatthewsFrom the NY closing week. Digital shot 1st generation with some great close ups. A461, Rent:NYC Workshop (cd) Two Discs. By Jonathan Larson. Hear it before it went to Off-Broadway and Broadway. Awesome find.462, Rent:OBC. Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin Vega, Adam Pascal; Quality varies from good-very good. Some black lines appear in 2nd act, then gradually disappear. B463, Rent:Includes Joey Fatone as Mark, Carey Shields as Roger. Very good quality, filmed from balcony, nice steady camera work, great sound. A464, Rent:TV appearances (4hrs); B’way cast Press Reels. Features the following great close-ups and angles of Rent, One Song Glory, Out Tonight, Today 4 U, Take Me or Leave Me, I’ll Cover You, Seasons of Love, La Vie Boheme; Rosie Show: Adam Pascal- One Song Glory, A465, Rent:Movie Misc Mix and More (5 hour DVD). Includes , RENT on The Today Show singing Seasons and What You Own, E! - Bryant Park clip, Access Hollywood - Bryant Park clip, Good Morning America Renee Elise Goldsberry singing on OLTL, Logo - Out Tonight video, WB Morning Show (NYC) - Anthony Rapp, E! - Interview with Adam Pascal at the Nederlander, MTV TRL - Rosario Dawson, Regis - Rosario, NBC local news - Rent premiere clip, Oxygen - Rent clips and interviews, Ellen - Seasons, Logo - Out Tonight, VH1 - Out Tonight, NY1 Whipple's World - Rent premiere, WB Morning Show (NYC) - Adam Pascal, E! - "Behind The Scenes" Starz - On The Set - behind the scenes of Rent, - Rent movie review, A&E Breakfast With The Arts - Adam Pascal, Anthony, Wilson, Tracie "One Song Glory", "Tango Maureen", "What You Own.", MTV Hits - Tracie, Wilson, Anthony, Taye interviewed at The Life Café, Tony Danza - Jesse, TV Guide Channel - "Hollywood On The Set" Rent profile, And this description is just a small taste of what is on this DVD, it just gets better and more interesting...too many appearances and talk and news shows to mention. Probably the best Rent compilation you will ever see.466, Rent:Rare promo.467, Rent:Filmed Live on Broadway. THE FINAL PERFORMANCE. 12 Years On Broadway. Bonus Features, Excellent, 100% Crystal Clear, Amazing, like watching Broadcast television. Don't miss it!468, Rent:Final performance. 100% crystal clear. Amazing, like watching Broadcast television.469, Rent:Date: 1/9/1998TOUR. Neil Patrick Harris; Owen Johnston II; Julia Santana; Mark Leroy Jackson; Andy Senor; Carla Bianco; Kenna J. Ramsey470, Rent:Date: 1/9/1998471, Rent:Date: 4/30/1998472, Rent:Date: 3/15/2000Benny Cast, Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Saycon Sengbloh, Michelle Smith, Jacqueline Arnold; A fantastic video! Missing first 3 minutes or so. A473, Rent:Date: 8/1/2001Trey Elliott, Manley Pope, Yassmin Alers. Exceptional, Great zooming. Excellent Mimi, Maureen and Joanne474, Rent:Date: 8/14/2001Trey Ellett, Manley Pope, Yassmin Alers. Exceptional video that captures the key moments really well with zooms. Great Mimi, Maureen, and Joanne. A475, Rent:Date: 2/14/2002Matt Caplan (u/s Roger), Trey Ellet, Karmine Alers, Jai Rodriguez, Maggie Benjamin476, Rent:Date: 3/15/2002Tour. Matt Caplan, Cary Shields, Saycon Sengbloh, Michelle Smith, Jacqueline Arnold, Horace Rogers, Fred Jones. "Great video! Lots of zooms"477, Rent:Date: 8/10/2002Tour. Karmine Alers (Mimi), Manley Pope (Roger), Joey Fatone (Mark), Myiia Watson-Davis (Joanne), Jai Rodriguez (Angel), Antonique Smith (Maureen), Mark Richard Ford (Collins), Todd E. Pettiford (Benny)478, Rent:Date: 8/10/2002Joey Fatone as Mark, Manley Pope, Karmine Alers, Jai Rodriguez, Mark Richard Ford, Todd Pettiford. A479, Rent:Date: 8/11/2003Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Todd E. Pettiford (u/s), Stu James, Kenna J. Ramsey, Andy Senor, Krystal L. Washington, Maggie Benjamin, Catrice Joseph (u/s), John Eric Parker (u/s). "Fantastic picture and sound and very steady. Shot from the first row of the Mezzanine on the left side. Slight obstruction from the railing. Steady, clear and well shot.480, Rent:Date: 3/30/2004Jeremy Kushnier (Roger), Joshua Kobak (u/s Mark), Haneefah Wood (Joanne), D'Monroe (Collins), Andy Senor (Angel), Dominique Roy (Mimi), Maggie Benjamin (Maureen)481, Rent:Date: 5/14/2005Matinee. Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Karmine Alers, Desten Owens, D’Monroe, Lanielle Lee Greaves, Enrico Rodriguez (u/s), Kelly Karbacz, Frenchie Davis, Karen Lyn Manuel; Digital video, filmed from the middle of the mezzanine; filmed around 2 heads b A-482, Rent:Date: 1/14/2006Will Chase (Roger), Matt Caplan (Mark), Antonique Smith (Mimi), Kenna Ramsey (Joanne), Ava Gaudet (Maureen), D’Monroe (Benny), Philip Dorian McAdoo (Collins), Justin Johnston (Angel), Frenchie Davis (Soloist #1), Marcus Paul James (soloist #2), Pet A483, Rent:Date: 4/9/2006484, Rent:Date: 4/9/2006TOUR. Bryce Ryness, Nina Metrick (u/s Mimi), Jed Resnick, Warren Nolan, Chante Frierson, Ano Okera, Tracy Mcdowell.485, Rent:Date: 4/26/200610th anniversary concert. OBC reunites for 10th, One night only. BEAUTIFULLY SHOT, AMAZING CLEAR VIDEO  A++486, Rent:Date: 3/4/2007Matinee. Christopher J.Hanke, Tim Howar, Jaime Lee Kirchner (final mat), Nicolette Hart, Crystal Monee Hall (u/s), D’Monroe, Troy Horne, Justin Johnston. Begins at first voicemail, one-minute cover-up during "Without You". Tim is a wonderful Roger. A487, Rent:Date: 10/5/2007Adam Pascal & Anthony Rapp return to their former roles as Roger and Mark. Troy Horne, Rodney Hicks, Nicolette Hart, Tonya Dixon, Justin Johnson, Tamyra Gray, Caren Lyn Manuel. Decent video. Shaky but still very watchable. There are a few cover-ups due t A-488, Rent:Date: 10/27/2007Non-equity tour; Heinz Winckler, Jed Resnick, Anwar Robinson, John Watson, Onyie Nwachukwu, Kristen-Alexander Griffith, Jennifer Colby Talton, Christine Dwyer; Some great performances. A489, Rent:Date: 2/21/2008Jay Wilkison (u/s Roger), Harley Jay, Tamyra Gray, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Kenna J. Ramsey, Justin Johnston, Nicolette Hart, Peter Matthew Smith; First couple of minutes are a bit hidden, due to a late seater, otherwise an excellent capture. A490, Rent:Date: 3/22/2008491, Rent:Date: 5/31/2008Matinee. Will Chase (Roger), Adam Kantor (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Merle Dandridge (Joanne), Shaun Earl (Angel u/s), Tamyra Gray (Mimi), Eden Espinosa (Maureen), Caren Lyn Manuel (Mark’s mom), Marcus Paul James (Mr.Jefferson). A492, Rent:Date: 5/31/2008This DVD features the Final Closing Cast.  A493, Rent:Date: 6/28/2008Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Todd E. Pettiford (u/s Collins), Rodney Hicks, Merle Dandrige, Justin Johnston, Karmine Alers (u/s Mimi), Eden Espinosa, Caren Lyn Manuel, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Marcus Paul James, Jay Wilkison, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl494, Rent:Date: 8/9/2008Jay Wilkison as (u/s) Roger, Adam Kantor, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Tracie Thoms, Justin Johnston, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Eden Espinosa, Tracy McDowell, Owen Johnston II, Gwen Stewart. B/B+495, Rent:Date: 1/10/2009B'way Tour. A496, Rent:Date: 1/10/2009The Broadway Tour: Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Gwen Stewart, Michael McElroy, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Jacques C. Smith. Amazing energy and performances, many new touches to this tour. Beautifully captured and cast. Also includes One Song Glory and Out Tonight from the evening show. (A)497, Rent:Date: 2/4/2009Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Michael McElroy, Jacques C. Smith, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Gwen Stewart. A-498, Rent:Date: 3/14/2009B’way tour; Adam Pascal (Roger), Anthony Rapp (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Jacques C. Smith (Benny), Haneefah Wood (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Lexi Lawson (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen). Finally a great copy of the National Tour. A499, Rock of Ages:Date: 4/12/2009Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, James Carpinello, Tad Wilson as (u/s) Dennis/ Record Company Man, Mitchell Jarvis, Michel Mais, Lauren Molina, Paul Schoeffler, Wesley Taylor; 8 minutes of total blackouts, mostly in the beginning of act I. Excellent overall. A/A-500, Rocky Horror Picture Show:Date: 8/6/1988Royal Hanley U.K. tour. Final performance. Pro-shot, Julie Fox (Usherette/Magneta), Sue Cotter (Janet), Craig Deegan (Brad), Marc Seymour (Narrator), Paul Critchlow (Riff Raff), Lorinda King (Columbia), Mark Turnbull (Frank N Furter), David Ian (Rocky), Paul Cottingham (Eddie), Rober John-Lee (Dr. Scott), Phillipa Blake, Mark Vince, Judy Walker (Phantoms), multi-camera pro-shot recording made as a momento for the cast/crew, some generation loss, includes a couple of tv news segments about the show at the end, A-501, Saturday Night Fever:Date: 7/28/2001Tour. Richard Blake, Aileen Quinn, Jeanine Meyers, Jim Ambler, Joseph Ricci, Casey Miles Good, Joey Calverl, Danial Jerod Brown (A)502, SCARLET PIMPERNEL:Date: 2/4/2000Cast: Doug Sills, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar. One quick cover-up in the beginning of Act 2 when an usher poked their head into box. Steady, solid shoot with beautiful color. Lots of close-ups. Shot from the right box; no shot of the extreme right (actors' left) of the stage, but it doesn't detract much from the video A503, Scent of Rain:Pro-shot. Ryan Idol, Johnny Urbon, Brian D. Johnson, Neil Tadken, Danne W. Taylor, Nicholas D. Conlon, A504, Seussical:Date: 2/9/2001505, Seussical the Musical:Date: 5/20/2001Cathy Rigby, Kevin Chamberlain, Janine LaManna, Sharon Wilkins, Michele Pawk, Cameron Bowen. Closing night,  (A-)506, Seven Brides for 7 Brothers:507, Seven Hundred Sundays:Date: 3/11/2005Billy Crystal. Filmed from the balcony. Occasional heads at bottom of screen, but never really get in the way. Includes scanned Playbill info. A-508, Shenandoah:Very good quality for an older bootleg. Stars John Cullum. Very moving musical with great music. (B+)509, Show Boat:2 DVDs. Pro-shot. A+510, Shrek:Date: 8/14/2008Brian D’Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia511, Shrek:Date: 8/14/20081st preview. Brian D’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), Chester Gregory (Donkey), John Tartaglia (Pinocchio), Kecia Lewis-Evans (Dragon), includes 3 already cut songs, "I Could Get Used To This", "The Line-Up Re A512, Shrek:Date: 9/21/2008Final pre-B’way performance. Beautiful capture. A513, Shrek:Date: 11/8/2008Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker. First Preview On Broadway. Very rare. One head in the way for almost the whole show which is easily filmed around. Nice capture, great performances (A+)514, Shrek:Date: 11/15/2008Preview; Brian D’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Princess Fiona), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Breaker (Donkey). Many changes have been made since show transferred to B’way. New actor playing Donkey, new opening number, etc. Very nice A515, Shrek:Date: 1/1/2009Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker. This is a good recording of the final product of Shrek The Musical on Broadway. Although the video is a little unstable during the first 10-11 minutes, it's still an excellent capture. (A-)516, Shrek: The Musical:Date: 8/15/2008Second Pre Broadway Performance: Brian D'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Chester Gregory, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans. Nice capture and very little audience obstruction, and the sound is excellent throughout. A517, Shrek: The Musical:Date: 4/11/2009Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton as (u/s) Fiona, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Rachel Resheff, Heather Jane Rolff as (u/s) Mama Bear/Gingy. Beautiful capture (A+)518, Singin' In the Rain:Music Theatre. Michael Gruber, Karyn Quackenbush, Randy Rogel, Heidi Karol Johnson, Charles Parker, Timothy W. Robu. Excellent production and filmed very well, A519, Slut: A Wholesome New Musical:Date: 11/1/2005Jenn Colella, Mary Farber, Andy Karl, David Josefsberg. Many cover-ups and some heads in the way...what is caught is crystal clear though. Act 2 is better than act 1. B+520, Sly Fox:Date: 3/27/2004Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Stoltz, Bob Dishy, Rene Auberjonois, Bronson Pinchot, Rachel York, Elizabeth Berkley, Professor Irwin Corey, Peter Scolari, Nick Wyman. Excellent picture and sound; nice video as always; 1st generation from the master. A+521, Sondheim On Sondheim:Date: 3/26/2010Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat, Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis, Erin Mackey, Euan Morton, Matthew Scott. Nicely filmed. Heads at the very bottom of the shot-but nothing too bad.522, Songs For A New World Concert:Date: 5/1/2005Andrea Burns, Jessica Mdaskey, Brooks Ashmanskas, Jerry Dixon, John Tartaglia, Michael Arden. The show's author, Jason Robert Brown serves as pianist, conductor and emcee. A523, Songs For A New World, Concert:Date: 5/5/2005Andrea Burns, Jessica Mdaskey, Brooks Ashmanskas, Jerry Dixon. The show's author, Jason Robert Brown serves as pianist, conductor and emcee. A524, South Pacific:Original London cast. Professionally filmed for Rodgers and Hammerstein's private collection, Mary Martin, 2 DVDs, RARE, A-525, South Pacific:2 DVDs. A526, South Pacific:Date: 3/4/2008Revival Starring: Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Matthew Morrison, Danny Burstein, Loretta Ables Sayre, Sean Cullen, Victor Hawks, Li Jun Li. Beautiful production of this revival and beautifully captured. The cast was terrific and the set was fantastic. A527, South Pacific:Date: 4/2/2008Night before opening, Excellent528, Souvenir:Date: 11/10/2005Opening night video starring Judy Kaye & Donald Corren. Good filming. Close-ups are fantastic, plus the mid stage and full stage shots are timed perfectly. A+529, Spamalot:Date: 3/12/2005OBC; Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, etc. Complete show, many close ups, excellent picture and sound! Also includes opening night premiere interviews and review. One of my all-time favorites. A+530, Spamalot:Date: 5/23/2006Tour. A531, Spamalot:Date: 4/20/2008Jonathan Hadary (King Arthur), Hannah Waddinham (Lady of the Lake), Bradley Dean (Sir Dennis), Rick Holmes (Sir Lancelot), Clay Aiken (Sir Robin), David Hibbard (Patsy), Tom Deckman (Prince Herbert), Brad Oscar (Sir Bedevere). Many blackouts and sh B+/A-532, Spring Awakening:Date: 7/9/2006Great capture with the cast that went to B’way; Skylar Astin, Lilli Cooper, John Gallagher, Jr, Gideon Glick, Jonathan Groff, Brian Johnson, Mary McCann, Lea Michele, Lauren Pritchard, Phoebe Strole, Frank Wood, Jonathan B. Wright, Remy Zaken. Very nice A533, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/10/2007Awesome OBC quality recording of the show. Nice crystal clear quality and awesome zooms. Up close!! Taper pulls back form balcony to focus on ensemble moments. Has to shoot through a minor head or 2 to catch all the action! Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher. A+534, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/10/2007Lea Michele, John Gallagher Jr., Jonathan Groff, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole as (u/s) Ilse, Frances mercanti-Anthony as (u/s) Adult Women, Krysta Rodriguez as (u/s) Anna, Stephen Spinella, Brian Charles Johnson, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin. Excellent capture, close-ups, performances. Overall just great. A+535, Spring Awakening:Date: 8/18/2007Matinee. Jonathan Groff, Lea Michelle Gerard Canonico (u/s) Moritz, Lauren Pritchard, Matt Doyle as (u/s) Otto, Jonathan B. Wright, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin, Jenifer Damiano as (u/s) Martha, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken, Christine Estabrook, Ken Mark. A+536, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/22/2008Jesse Swenson (Melchior), Alexander Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Kate Burton (Adult Woman), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe A537, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/23/2008538, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/23/2008Matt Doyle as (u/s) Melchior, Alexandra Socha as (u/s) Wendla, Blake Bashoff, Jesse Swenson as (u/s) Hanschen, Skylar Astin, Kate Burton, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Emma Hunton, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken. A nice capture of the three understudies. A-539, Spring Awakening:Date: 2/27/2008A540, Spring Awakening:Date: 5/18/2008Johnathan and Lea's Final: Johnathan Groff, Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff, Skylar Astin, Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Emma Hunton, Phoebe Strole. It wanders from time to time, but nothing too bad and a nice capture. Also includes the farewell speeches. A-541, Spring Awakening:Date: 5/30/2008A542, Spring Awakening:Date: 5/30/2008New Broadway Cast.543, Spring Awakening:Date: 8/2/2008544, Spring Awakening:Date: 8/2/2008Kyle Riabko, Alexandra Socha, Blake Bashoff, Andrew Durand, Amanda Castanos, Gabe Violett, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinninen, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle. Nice video with great picture and clear sound. The final show of Riablo and Bashoff.    A-545, Spring Awakening:Date: 8/15/2008First tour performance. Kyle Riabko, Blake Bashoff, Christy Altomare, Julie Benko, Steffi D, Gabirelle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Sarah Hunt, Anthony Lee Medina, Andy Mientus, Ben Moss, Angela Reed, Perry Sherman, Matt Shingledecker, Henry Stram. Stu A+546, Spring Awakening:Date: 1/18/2009Final show! 2 DVDs; Hunter Parish as Melchior, this is the last Broadway performance of Spring Awakening, special night, special DVD. Gerard Canonico (Moritz), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Amanda Castanos (Martha), Caitlin Kinnunen (Thea). A547, Spring Awakening:Date: 4/25/2009Perry Sherman (u/s Melchior), Christy Altomare, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Matt Shingledecker, Andy Mientus, Krystina Alabado (u/s Thea), Gabby Garza, Anthony Lee Medina, Ben Moss, Angela Reed, Henry Stram. Excellent video shot from the front center mezzanine; no obstructions or cover-ups. Shot from a really nice angle making the show look very interesting. Great video. A548, Standing Ovations 1:Date: 5/26/2004Michael Musto, Stephanie J. Block, Allison Fraser, Scott Nevins, Cheyenne Jackson, Kate Shindle, Laura Bell Bundy, Matt Cavanaugh, Susan Egan, Kim Cea, Max Von Essen, Andrea McArdle...more! Filmed at Joe's Pub in New York City ,'s benefit concert for BC/EFA . Pro-shot. A549, Standing Ovations 2:Date: 10/10/2004Alice Ripley, Billy Porter, Ellen Green, Matt Cavanaugh, Rob Evans, Jai Rodriguez, Liz Callaway, more. Concert to benefit BC/EFA, pro-shot at Joe's Pub in New York City . A550, Standing Ovations 3:Date: 4/17/2005Shoshana Bean, Brandi Burkhardt, Kristoffer Cusick, Rob Evan, Cady Huffman, Cheyenne Jackson, Jessica Grove, more. Filmed at Joe's Pub in New York City ,'s benefit concert for BC/EFA . Pro-shot. The concert also features new songs and appearances by composers Neil Berg, Charles Leipart, and Frank Wildhorn. A551, Standing Ovations 4:Date: 10/16/2005Brooks Ashmanskas, Michael Arden, Adam Pascal, D'Jamin Bartlett, Jennifer Rae Beck, Polly Bergen, Sarah Uriarte Berry, David Burnham, Andrea Burns, Jaime Camil, Paul Castree, Natascia Diaz, Joey Dudding, Felicia Finley, Malcolm Gets, Nicolette Hart, Catherine Hickland, Cheyenne Jackson, Alexis Kalehoff, Mackenzie Mauzy, Andrea McArdle, Sean McDermott, Howard McGillin, Jane Monheit, Crista Moore, Melba Moore, Paul Pecorino, Paige Price, Anthony Rapp, Eden Riegel, Lea Salonga, Natalie Toro, Josh Walden, Jessica-Snow Wilson, The Original 1982 Urchins from Little Shop of Horrors (Sheila Kay Davis, Leilani Jones and Jennifer Leigh Warren) A benefit for BC/EFA filmed live at Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre. Single camera, pro shoot for video. A552, Standing Ovations Four:Date: 10/16/2005Proshot - Brooks Ashmanskas, Michael Arden, Adam Pascal, D'Jamin Bartlett, Jennifer Rae Beck, Polly Bergen, Sarah Uriarte Berry, David Burnham, Andrea Burns, Jaime Camil, Paul Castree, Natascia Diaz, Joey Dudding, Felicia Finley, Malcolm Gets, Nicolette Hart, Catherine Hickland, Cheyenne Jackson, Alexis Kalehoff, Mackenzie Mauzy, Andrea McArdle, Sean McDermott, Howard McGillin, Jane Monheit, Crista Moore, Melba Moore, Paul Pecorino, Paige Price, Anthony Rapp, Eden Riegel, Lea Salonga, Natalie Toro, Josh Walden, Jessica-Snow Wilson, The Original 1982 Urchins from Little Shop of Horrors (Sheila Kay Davis, Leilani Jones and Jennifer Leigh Warren; Gorgeous video; Stunning; A+553, Starlight Express:Date: 9/8/1996Closing night performance, cast unknown.554, Starlight Express:Date: 9/13/2003Franklyn Warfield, Clarissa Grace, Drue Williams, Dustin Dubreuil, Katie O'Toole, Dennis LeGree. Pretty nice video, some heads in the way early and a couple blackouts, but a really good quality DVD, great sound and video & Taper follows the action very well. This is the only recording of the tour that is available. A555, Steel Magnolias:Date: 4/21/2005556, Suddenly Last Summer:Date: 11/22/2006Blythe Danner, Becky Ann Baker, Carla Gugino, Gale Harold, Sandra Shipley, Karen Walsh, Wayne Wilcox. "Roundabout Theatre Company presents a revival of Tennessee Williams's 1958 drama Suddenly Last Summer, starring Blythe Danner as the monstrous widow Violet Venable. Mrs. Venable is trying to get her beautiful young niece Catherine Holly lobotomized because she is telling a story about the death of Mrs. Venable's son Sebastian that she doesn't want anyone to hear or believe." Gorgeous production! Beautifully filmed, with crystal clear images. A557, Sunday in the Park with George:Proshot. A+558, Sunset Boulevard:Date: 9/5/1992Patti LuPone (Norma Desmond), Kevin Anderson (Joe Gillis), Kevin Colson (Max), LuAnn Arouson (Betty Schaefer); Professionally shot video. 2 DVDs. A559, Sunset Boulevard:Date: 7/4/1995Betty Buckley, Alan Campbell, George Hearn, and Alice Ripley. Highlights of Betty’s first performance, running almost an hour. Shot from the 2nd row of the orchestra. Some great footage here.  (A)560, Sweeney Todd:Proshot. PBS.561, Sweeney Todd:OBC562, Sweeney Todd in Concert:Beautiful visuals and sound. A+563, Sweeney Todd Revival:Date: 10/18/2005B’way revival cast: Patti Lupone, Michael Cerveris; Excellent. A564, Sweeny Todd:In Concert. Excellent video and sound. A+565, Taboo:OBC Last performance - Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney. Excellent picture/sound. Very enthusiastic crowd and performers. A566, Take Me Out:Date: 3/26/2003Daniel Sunjata, Denis O’Hare, Neal Huff Frederick Weller, David Eighenbert; Digital, excellent picture and sound quality. Nice close-ups. 2 DVDs. A567, Tarzan:OBC568, Tarzan:569, Tarzan:Date: 3/30/2006OBC. Josh Strickland, Merle Dandridge, Jenn Gambatese. Excellent quality! (A)570, Tarzan:Date: 4/16/2006A571, 2006 Tony Awards, The :572, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The :Date: 5/21/2006Cast: Aaron J. Albano, Stanley Bahorek, Jenni Barber, Jim Cashman, Jared Gertner, James Monroe Inglehart, Sara Inbar, Greta Lee, Betsey Wolfe. This is a great capture of this cast, only a few brief cover-ups, with no obstructions. A573, 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee,The :Date: 6/28/2006Julius Thomas III (u/s Mitch), Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Jen Sese, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly, Brad Weinstock, Christine Werny. Beautiful dvd with amazing close-ups. A574, Apple Tree, The :Date: 1/20/2007Kristen Chenowith, Marl Kudisch and Brian D'Arcy James. A few cover ups during first 15 minutes for latecomers. A great capture (A)575, Bakers Wife, The :2/5. Alice Ripley, Max von Essen, Lenny Wolpe. Note: pro shot highlights, about one hour. Amazing quality. The quality and color is superb. A++576, Beastly Bombings, The :Date: 7/20/2007(or A Tale Of Terrorists Tamed By The Tangles Of True Love). Russel Steinberg, Andrew Ableson, Jacob Sidney, Aaron Matajasic, Joel Bennett, Natalie Salins. Winner of Los Angeles' Theatre Awards Musical Of The Year. Presented as part of The New York Musical Theatre Festival. Filmed using multiple cameras, this video was produced to attract potential investors in the show. (Pigerty's master) A577, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The :National Tour. Ann Margaret and Gary Sandy. A really terrific video of a so-so production. But still, well shot and well worth having.   (A)578, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The :Date: 10/16/2006Very entertaining. B+579, Boy From Oz, The :OBC. A580, Boy From Oz, The :Press Reels. A+581, Boy From Oz, The :Date: 4/16/2000582, Capeman, The :Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, Ednita Nazario, Natascia Diaz, Philip Hernandez, Luba Mason, Sara Ramirez. The pro shot video that was used to make the reviewers reel excellent quality. Time code bar at the bottom.   (A)583, Color Purple, The :584, Comedy of Errors, The :A Musical. Pro-shot, Judi Dench, Brian Coburn, Griffith Jones, Roger Rees, Mike Gwilym, Michael Williams, Nikolas Grace, Francesca Annis, Paul Brooke, Norman Tyrell, Barbara Shelley, Robin Ellis, great audio, great picture but slightly fuzzy from age. A585, Country Girl, The :Date: 5/20/2008Morgan Freeman, Frances McDormand, Peter Gallagher, Remy Auberjonois, Anna Camp, Joe Roland, Lucas Caleb Rooney and Chip Zien.586, Crucible, The :Date: 2/22/2002Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Angela Bettis, Brian Murray. Beautiful production with clear picture and no obstructions however sound is a tad quiet. A-587, Distance From Here, The :April. Josh Charles, Melissa Leo, Logan Marshall-Green, Anna Paquin, Alison Pill, Mark Webber, Amelia Alvarez, Ian Brennan. Excellent video with nice picture and sound. A588, Drowsy Chaperone, The :Winter. Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert, Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits, Jason Kravits, Kecia lewis-Evans. Pre-Broadway press reels; very rare and interesting. A+589, Drowsy Chaperone, The :Date: 4/3/2006Original B’way Cast; Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert, Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits Jason Kravits, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Jennifer Smith, Lenny Wolpe; Tony winner 2006! Nicely shot with great close ups and very nice picture/sound. A590, Drowsy Chaperone, The :Date: 4/3/2006A591, Drowsy Chaperone, The :Date: 5/20/2006Bob Martin (Man in the Chair), Van Der Graff- Sutton Foster (Janet), Beth Leavel (Drowsy Chapperone), Danny Burstein (Adolpho), Georgia Engel (Mrs.Tottendale), Edward Hibbert (Underling), Troy Britton Johnson (Robert), Eddie Korbich (George), Garth. Great DVD. Shot very close with minimal spotlight washout, nice close-ups, great sound and color, and follows the action very well. Includes Theatre Talk, NY1 segments, and Playbill info. A592, Frogs, The :Date: 8/30/2004Nathan Lane593, Glass Menagerie, The :Date: 3/18/2005Jessica Lange, Christian Slater, Sarah Paulson, Josh Lucas. Good quality! A594, Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? , The :Mercedes Reuhl, Bill Pullman Excellent quality video with great picture and sound A595, Graduate, The :Date: 4/17/2002Kathleen Turner, Jason Biggs, Alicia Silverstone. Excellent quality video; nice close-ups and zooms. B+596, Great American Trailer Park Musical, The :Date: 12/4/2005Orfeh, Marya Grandy, Leslie Kritzer, Linda Hart, Kaitlin Hopkins, Wayne Wilcox, Anthony Holds, Shuler Hensley. A597, History Boys, The :Date: 5/6/2006Samual Anderson, Richard Griffiths, Samuel Barnett, Dominic Cooper, Clive Merrison, James Corden, Frances De La Tour, Sasha Dhawan, Andrew Knott, Stephen Capbell Moore, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey; Great close-ups and sound. A+598, Home Coming, The :Date: 2/20/2008Ian McShane, Raul Esparza, Eve Best, Michael McKean, James Frain, Gareth Sax. Great play and a strong cast. A very nice capture with good shots. A599, House of Blues Leaves, The :John Mahoney, Swoosie Kurtz, Christine Baranski, Ben Stiller, Julie Hagerty; Pro Shot Live PBS telecast, A Lincoln Center Theater Production. A600, Last 10 Years: The Music Of Jason Robert Brown:Date: 4/15/2002Jason Robert Brown, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Adam Pascal, Brooks Ashmanskas, Andrea Burns, Sara Ramirez, more. Hosted by Mario Cantone. Some cover-ups.601, Last Five Years, The:602, Last Five Years, The :Lauren Kennedy (Kathy), Norberty Leo Butz (Jamie): Pro Shot filming of the pre-B’way trial. I much prefer Lauren to Sherie. Some generation loss, but sound is from the soundboard and its extremely well shot. A-603, Last Five Years, The :Date: 4/5/2002Sherie Renee Scott (Cathy), Norbert Leo Butz (Jaime); Nice video of the original cast, some good close-ups with good sound. The picture is not crystal clear but still very clear all the same. A604, Light in the Piazza, The :Date: 4/21/2005Victoria Clark, Kelli O'Hara. Complete, digital, from the master. Absolutely beautiful video. A-605, Light in the Piazza, The :Date: 8/17/2005Kelli O’Hara, Patti Cohenour, Matthew Morrison. Crystal clear video that looks like true DVD quality. Perfect sound. Gets a little shaky once in a while but otherwise beautifully filmed, you don’t miss a thing.606, Light in the Piazza, The :Date: 6/15/2006Victoria Clark, Katie Clarke, Aaron Lazar, Michael Berresse, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Chris Sarandon. PBS filmed version digitally transferred to DVD. A+607, Light in the Piazza, The :Date: 6/16/2006608, Lion King, The :Date: 3/18/2000Have not viewed yet. B/B-609, Lion King, The :Date: 10/8/2000Rufus Bonds Jr., Clifton Oliver, Moe Daniels, Jazmn, KaRonn Henderson, Tonya Dixon. Beautifully staged production & very colorful.    (A-) 610, Lion King, The :Date: 1/5/2006Gugwana Dlamini, Rufus Bonds, Marvette Williams, Derek Hasenstab, Robbie Swift, Khaleel Mandel Carter, Kenisha Simone Harris, Damian Baldet, Phil Fiorini, Wallace Smith, Ta'Rea Campbell. Filmed from the back of the balcony, some heads at the bottom of the screen. Very clear picture and nice sound. B+611, Little Dog Laughed, The :Date: 1/18/2006Johnny Garlicky, Neal Huff, Zoe Lister-Jones, Julie White. Nice capture of this show. A612, Little Mermaid, The :Date: 8/31/2007A613, Little Mermaid, The :Date: 8/31/2007Norm Lewis (King Trition), Tituss Burgess (Sebastian), Sean Palmer (Eric), Eddie Korbich (Scuttle), Tyler Maynard (Flotsam), JJ Singleton (Flounder), Johnathan Freeman (Grimsby); A very nice, well shot DVD from the pre-B’way run with great sound and bright colors. Shows off the stage lightly and scenery very nicely. A614, Little Mermaid, The :Date: 9/1/2007Pre-Broadway: Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Sean Palmer, Eddie Korbich, Tyler Maynard, Cody Hanford, Johnathan Freeman. This features the other Flounder. Amazing show and performances beautifully captured. A+615, Little Mermaid, The :Date: 1/30/2008Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Bret Shuford as (u/s) Prince Eric, Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Trevor Braun, Tyler Maynard. Great capture with great close-ups. The first 11 minutes after the overture are mostly blackouts due to late comers, after that no real problems. Bret did a nice job as understudy. Also includes the Part of Your World performance and interview on The View. A-616, Little Mermaid, The :Date: 6/27/2008Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Arbender Robinson as (u/s) Prince Eric, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Jonathan Freeman, Derrick Baskin, Jason Snow as (u/s) Flotsam, Brian d'Addario. The first 15 minutes are blindly shot and all over the place. The whole show is pretty shaky but when focused on someone it is not that bad. B+617, Lord of the Rings, The :Cast information unknown. Incomplete, includes most of Act 2. From the balcony, the stage is in the lower left hand corner. Mostly a full stage shot, though the nice thing is you do get to observe the sets and staging, which was the best part of this production. Very dark, with sp C-618, Lord of the Rings, The :Date: 8/26/2006James Loye (Frodo Baggins), Peter Howe (Sam Gamgee), Brent Carver (Gandalf), Owen Sharpe (Pippin), Victor A. Young (Elrond Halfelven), Carly Street (Arwen Evenstar), Cliff Saunders (Bilbo Baggins), Gabriel Burrafato (Legolas), Michael Therriault (Gollum), Rebecca Jackson Mendoza (Galadriel). Footage that runs around 2 hours long. Pretty dark and most full stage shots, from the master. (B-/C)619, Magic Show, The :Doug Henning, Anita Morris, Didi Conn, Jon Finlayson, Jack Creley, Sandee Currie, Taborah Johnson. Proshot video release from Canada, a great video. A+620, Magic Show, The :Pro-shot. Doug Henning. A+621, Marvelous Wonderettes, The :Date: 12/8/2006Pro-shot, Bets Malone, Kirsten Benton-Chandler, Kim Huber, Julie Dixon Jackson, a cotton candy colored, non-stop blast from the past, featuring your favorite songs from the 50s and 60s, the Marvelous Wonderettes takes you to the 1958 Springfield High School prom where we meet the Wonderettes, Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy and Suzy, 4 girls with hopes and dreams as big as their crinoline skirts and voices to match, we learn about their lives and loves, we're treated to such classics songs such as "Lollipop", "Dream Lover", "Stupid Cupid", "Lipstick on Your Collar", "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me", "It's My Party", "It's in His Kiss" plus lots more, filmed using one camera on a tripod at the El Portal Theatre, DVD has opening menu plus chapter stops for all the songs, A622, Music Man, The :Date: 5/6/2001Craig Bierko’s last performance, includes curtain speech by Rebecca Luker; Great performances. A623, Music Man, The :Date: 5/12/2001Eric McCormack and Rebecca Luker. Eric is great in this role and its nicely shot. A624, Mystery of Edwin Drood, The :Betty Buckley, Cleo Laine, George Rose, Patti Cohenour, Howard McGillin, Judy Kuhn, Donna Murphy; Pro shot video. One hour of highlights from the Delecorte Theatre before the show transferred to B’way. A625, Mystery of Edwin Drood, The :Date: 1/26/1986OBC except Donna Murphy. A really great video even by today’s standards. From the master and includes 4 reviews from various news programs. A+626, Odd Couple, The :Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick; Playbill info, NY1 reviews and interview. Excellent quality! A+627, Pajama Game, The :Date: 2/18/2006Harry Connick, Jr., Kelli O'Hara, Michael McKean, Peter Benson, Joyce Chittick, Megan Lawrence, Michael McCormick, Roz Ryan, Paula Leggett Chase, Bianca Marroquin. Excellent . Great picture and sound. A628, Phantom of the Opera, The :Scott Davis, Charlotte Page/ Meredith Braun. Excellent show, cast, and overall production. Great capture. A629, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 3/27/2002Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Southard, Michael Lewis, Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews, Rebecca Eichenberger, Marilyn Caskey. Good picture and sound and the action well followed. A630, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 3/27/2002631, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 7/31/20022 pm Matinee. Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Southard, Michael Shawn Lewis, Wren Marie Herrington (u/s). Gorgeous color, very bright, great zooms and close-ups, mostly very steady.  (A)632, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 1/15/2005The Las Vegas Spectacular633, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/13/2005Hugh Panero, Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason. Nicely filmed. Crisp, clear images. Very bright and colorful. Filmed from Balcony right. Great zooms!!634, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/31/2005635, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 9/10/20052 DVDs636, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 10/1/2005Hugh Panaro (FINAL performance), Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Beautiful color and sound. 2 DVDs. (A)637, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 10/1/2005Hugh Panaro final performance. Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason, James Romick (u/s), George Lee Andrews, Anne Runolfsson, Marilyn Caskey, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Kara Klein. Hugh and Sandra give electric performances, and the audience is quite over-enthusia A638, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 2/25/2006Two DVDs639, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 4/6/2006B640, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/18/2006Howard McGillin, Rebecca Pitcher, Michael Shawn Lewis, Julie Schmidt (u/s), David Cryer, George Lee Andrews, Marilyn Caskey. An Amazing breathtaking capture filmed from the fourth row center mezzanine. The only problem with this DVD is that it starts about a minute into each act, though nothing major is missing. A must for all POTO fans. A+641, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/28/2006The Las Vegas Spectacular. Anthony Crivello, Elizabeth Loyacano, Elena Jeanne Bateman, Tim Martin Gleason, John Wolfe, Lawson Skala, Rebecca Spencer, Brianne Morgan, Larry Morbitt. This version was shortened to 90 minutes & given a $40 million facelift, c A-642, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/30/2006A+643, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/30/2006Brent Barrett as Phantom, Sierra Boggess as Christine, Geena Jeffries Mattox as Carlotta, Tim Martin Gleason, John Wolfe, Lawson Skala, Rebecca Spencer, Brianne Morgan, Larry Morbitt.644, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 8/2/2007National Tour. 2 DVDs645, Phantom of the Opera,The :Date: 9/9/20082 DVDs646, Philanthropist, The:Date: 5/17/2009Revival. Matthew Broderick (Philip), Steven Webber (Donald), Jonathan Cake (Braham), Anna Madeley (Celia), Tate Ellington (John), Jennifer Mudge (Araminta), Samantha Soule (Liz). "A biting comedy that turns Molieré's The Misanthrope on its cynical ear. Set at an elite British university, The Philanthropist is about nice-guy professor Philip (Broderick), who - in refusing to succumb to his colleagues' excessively critical ways - winds up destroying his own credibility in the twisted world of academia...and in the bedroom." The first 20 minutes of the show are blacked out, but then it improves greatly. 2 DVDs647, Pillowman, The :Date: 3/26/2005Billy Crudup, Jeff Goldblum and OBC. Great quality. Up-close and clear!   (A+)648, Pirate Queen, The :Date: 10/11/2006Pre-Broadway: Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Frasier, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Finally the whole show and beautifully captured. Crystal clear picture and sound. Wonderful performances, not to be missed. (A+)649, Pirate Queen, The :Date: 4/11/2007Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Linda Balgord, Marcus Chait, Jeff McCarthy, William Youmans.  Very Nice capture of this show. The entire cast is great. A650, Pirate Queen, The :Date: 4/13/2007A+651, Pirate Queen, The :Date: 4/13/2007Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Crystal clear capture. A+652, Pirates of Penzance, The :Kevin Kline, Linda Ronstadt, George Rose, Patricia Routeledge. Broadway Archives video, pro-shot in Central Park before moving to Broadway; slightly dark but thoroughly enjoyable. A-653, Producers, The:Pre-Broadway. 2 DVDs654, Producers, The:Date: 4/25/2001Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman. Kind of grainy and looks old. However it is another DVD of the OBC. What is captured is nicely framed. B655, Producers, The:Date: 11/4/2001Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman. Nice, lots of close-ups, and many of heads in the way. B656, Producers, The:Date: 5/24/2005A-657, Producers, The:Date: 5/24/2005Richard Kind, Roger Bart, Brooks Ashmanskas, John Tracey Egan, Jonathan Freeman, Angie Schworer. A little jumpy in the first 10 minutes and then a 3 minute cover up for latecomers. Excellent A-658, Rabbit Hole, The :Date: 2/25/2006Cynthia Nixon, Tyne Daly, John Slattery, John Gallagher Jr, Mary Catherine Garrison; First 8 minutes or so are a little jumpy, act II is much better with nice picture and sound throughout; includes interviews and review on NY1. A-659, Rise and Fall of the City of Mahogonny, The :Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald. L.A. Opera for Great Performances660, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The :Date: 8/17/2001Daphne Rubin-Vega, Tom Hewitt, Alice Ripley, Jarrod Emick Price, Ana Gayster, James Stovall, Jonathan Sharp, and Dick Cavett. Great picture & sound. A661, Rocky Horror Picture Show,The :Date: 10/31/2003A+662, Scene, The :Date: 2/7/2007Tony Shalhoub, Patricia Heaton, Christopher Evan Welch, Anna Camp. "Using the surreal world of Manhattan party-goers as its background, The Scene is a shrewd and bitter comedy about the empty narcissism of American pop culture, Clea's ready to make it. Charlie's trying to retake it. Lewis wants to change it. And Stella is simply over it. It's the New York entertainment 'scene' in all its boozing, schmoozing and using glory." A presentation of New York 's Second Stage Theatre. Beautifully filmed and crystal clear. A663, Seagull, The :Date: 7/9/2001Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, John Goodman, Natalie Portman, Steven Spinella, Marcia Gay Harden, Debra Monk, Larry Pine. Shot through some heads but never gets any closeups. Wonderful sound and mostly a good video. B+664, Shadow Box, The :This play revolves around three terminally ill patients, each of whom live in a separate cottage at a hospice, each is being interviewed about the prospect of dying, cast: Joanne Woodward, Christopher Plummer, Valerie Harper, James Broderick, directed by Paul Newman665, Shadow Box, The :This play revolves around three terminally ill patients, each of whom live in a separate cottage at a hospice. Each is being interviewed about the prospect of dying. Cast includes Joanne Woodward, Christpher Plummer, Valerie Harper, James Broderick. Directed by Paul Newman.666, Sound of Music, The :September. Tour. Connie Fisher, Margaret Preece, Michael Praed, Martin Callaghan, Jacinta Mulcahy, Claire Fishenden, Jeremy Taylor, Vivien Care, only one head in the way at times but never obstructs the action on stage, one short blackout through out which lasts about 35 seconds, nice video with sound, 2 DVDs. A667, Ten Commandments, The :Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert (runner-up on American Idol 2009). Proshot. A++668, Three Penny Opera, The :Date: 3/29/2006B’way Revival. Alan Cumming, Jim Dale, Ana Gasteyer, Cyndie Lauper, Nellie McKay, and rest of original revival cast; This modern/ daring translation is quite unique. Excellent cast. Crystal clear capture, nice close-ups. A+669, Times They are a Changing, The :Date: 11/2/2006Michael Arden, Thom Sesman, Caren Lyn Manuel, Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Jason McDole. Directed and choreographed by Twyla Tharp. Beautifully filmed form far stage left balcony. Crystal clear, with amazing close ups! Some images are so good they are almost A+670, Vagina Monologues, The :Pro-shot for HBO, Eve Ensler, A+671, Wedding Singer, The :Date: 4/1/2006Broadway Preview. Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Amy Spanger, Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner. Broadway Preview. Amazing show, shot terrific, beautiful close-ups, nice sound. A+672, Wedding Singer, The :Date: 4/15/2006Stephen Lynch, Laura Benanti, Kevin Cahoon, Mathew Saldiar, Felicia Finely, Tina Maddigan, Amy Spanger, Rita Garder. Very nicely filmed. Two times there are short cover-ups in the second act, but overall very good. DVD also includes scanned Playbill. A673, Wedding Singer, The :Date: 4/15/2006674, Wild Party, The :Julia Murney, Idina Menzel, Brian D’Arcy, James and Taye Digg. About 80 minutes of Pro Shot footage and also contains B-roll press reels. The first part of the video contains the finished Press reels made available to the media. The second part A+675, Wild Party, The :Julia Murney, Brian D’Arcy James, Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs; Yet to be personally reviewed. B-roll press reels. Total run time is about an hour and a half. The first part of the video contains the finished Press Reels made available to the media, the second part is unfinished footage that was used to create the fin A676, Wild Party, The :(Lippa) . Press Reels. Julia Murney, Brian d’Arcy James, Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs.  Total run time is about an hour and a half.  The first part of the video contains the finished Press Reels made available to the media, the second part is unfinished footage that was used to create the final press reel versions.  (The second part is most of the show.)  Very nice find!677, Woman in White, The :Date: 11/30/2005Lisa Brescia* as Marian, Michael Ball as Count Fosco, and the Original Broadway Cast; Good video, but often terribly shaky; Captures action pretty well, and some good, though shaky close-ups; Lisa is brilliant, and looks genuinely happy to be there; A678, Women, The :Date: 10/26/2001January. Rue McLanahan, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Tilly, Kristen Johnson, Jennifer Coolidge, Mary Louise Wilson; Professional PBS telecast of the final performance. A+679, Thirteen:Date: 5/15/2008680, Thirteen:Date: 5/22/2008Pre-B’way tryout -Godspeed; Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Eric M. Nelson, Delaney Moro, Aaron Simon Gross, Malik Hammond, Al Calderon681, Thirteen:Date: 12/29/2008Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Eric M. Nelson, Delaney Moro, Aaron Simon Gross, Malik Hammond, Al Calderon682, Thoroughly Modern Millie:Date: 5/10/2002683, Thoroughly Modern Millie:Date: 2/10/2006Tour cast. Great cast and performances. Crystal clear picture and sound, nicely shot. A684, Thou Shalt Not:Date: 9/30/2001Craig Bierko, Kate Levering, Norbert Leo Butz, Debra Monk, Leo Burmester; Digital, shot from front row mezz, so the bottom of the stage is cut off at times, but not too distractingly. Great video includes cut songs "Such Love" and "I Like Love Mor A+685, Thou Shalt Not:Date: 10/5/2001Craig Bierko, Kate Levering, Norbert Leo Butz, Debra Monk, Leo Burmester. Digital, shot from front row mezz, . Includes changes such as the Overture, new song (replacement for "Such Love" called "Ain't Love Sweet") in Act Two. ( A+)686, Three Days of Rain:Date: 5/13/2006Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper; Nice filming and you can catch all the action of Julia’s B’way debut. A687, Tick Tick Boom!:Original off B’way cast including Raul Esparza is great once again as Jonathan Larsen. Date unknown, but great picture! A688, Tick Tick Boom!:Date: 5/31/2001John-Raul Esparza, Susan-Amy Spanger, Michael-Jerry Dixon; Good video with some nice shots.689, Tick Tick Boom!:Date: 9/18/2001Raul Esparza, Amy Sanger, Jerry Dixon; Shot from front row mezz with lots of close-ups, and only a few jumpy bits. Excellent video! A690, Tick Tick Boom!:Date: 1/3/2003Raul Esparza. A-691, Titanic:October. Pro-shot, Hayden Tee (Thomas Andrews), Belinda Woolaston (Kate), Alexander Lewis (Barrett), Katrina Retallick (Alice Beane), Nick Tate (Cap't. Smith), Brendan Higgins (Ismay), David Goddard (Etches), Cameron Mannix (Harley), Ana Marina (Caroline Neville), Robert Gard (Strauss), Joan Carden (Ida Strauss), Matthew Willis (Bride), original cast at Sydney's Theatre Royal, filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound directly from sound board, nice production but different than the B'way version, A692, Titanic:Hayden Tee, Belinda Wollaston, Robert Gard, Joan Carden, Matthew Willis, Alexander Lewis. Pro-shot using one camera on a tripod. Beautiful lavish production with nice performances, however different staging from the American production. Also includes From the master. A+693, Titanic:Date: 9/2/2000National Tour694, Title of Show:Date: 7/6/2008Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Heide Blickenstaff Susan Blackwell. Cute little show about making it to B’way. There were some very funny parts to the show, especially if you are a theater buff. There are about 10 minutes of total blackouts, which is most695, Tommy:National Tour696, Tommy:Date: 6/17/1995Original B’way cast. Final B’way Performance. A-697, Tommy:Date: 8/3/2005A little confusing to follow, but excellent capture. A698, Tony Awards 2009:Date: 6/7/2009Musicals: Billy Elliot, Shrek. Pro-shot699, Torch Song Trilogy:Date: 12/9/20062 discs.Seth Rudetsky, Brad Thomason, Andrea Wollenberg, Andy Phelan, Marc Tumminelli, Laura Sommer Raines, Yolanda Batts. Presented by The Gallery Players. Torch Song Trilogy was originally presented here, before making it’s way to Broadway as Harvey Fierstein (the show’s author) is one of The Gallery Player’s founding members. Excellent video-very well filmed and crystal clear. Disc also includes scanned Playbill information, a NY1, and a hilarious clip of Seth Rudetsky doing a sketch about Barbra Streisand at the 2004 Gypsy Of the Year Awards (almost worth the price of admission alone!) A700, Twelfth Night:Date: 8/30/1998Helen Hunt (Viola), Paul Rudd (Orsino), Kyra Sedgewick (Olivia), Philip Bosco (Malvolio), Rick Stear (Sebastian), Steven Ochoa (Curio), Daniel Sunjata (Valentine), Paul O'Brien (Sea Captain), Amy Hill (Maria), Brian Murray (Sir Toby Belch), Max Wright (Sir Anthony Aguecheek), David Patrick Kelly (Fetse), Julio Monge (Antonio), Skip Sudduth (Fabian), Matte Osian (Offier/Lord), Adam Donnheisser (Officer/Lord), Kevin Daniels (Officer/Lord), Jack Davidson (A Priest)701, Twelve Angry Men:Date: 10/30/2004A702, Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella:Pro-shot. Incredible quality. The absolute best quality DVD in my entire collection! A+++703, Ugly Betty, The Wicked Episode:Date: 11/1/2007ABC-TV. "Something Wicked This Way Comes" "Betty and Henry continue their illicit romance and plan a secret date to "Wicked". Even though the show takes place in New York, it is filmed in Los Angeles, and they filmed the Wicked scenes at the Pantages Theatre in LA, with Eden Espinoza and Megan Hilty as Elphaba and Galinda. (A)704, Urinetown:Date: 8/29/2001John Cullem, Nancy Opel, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Jeff McCathy, Spencer Kayden, David Beach, John Deyle, Ken Jennings, Rick Crom, Rachel Coloff, Jennifer Cody. Great capture, excellent sound and video. (A)705, Urinetown:Date: 10/20/2001John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson. Shot from second row center mezz. Lots of close-ups. Includes changed dialogue lines at the end of act two, and the curtain call and 'dance' at the end. Great capture A706, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom:June. Charles Busch, To Aulino, Arnie Kolodner; First performed at the Limbo Lounge in NY’s East Village in 1984. It became so popular it was moved to Off-B’way in June of ’95. One of the longest running shows in Off B’way history! Hilarious! Amazing. A-707, Verna: USO girl:Sissy Spacek is Verna, USO Girl, a kindhearted - but not particularly talented - member of a performing troupe in World War II Belgium. She wins the heart of an American soldier, memorably played by William Hurt. An entertaining look at the camaraderie between USO entertainers and combat troops. Also starring Sally Kellerman. This play was produced for television and is part of the Broadway Theater Archive. It's a wonderful trip to a bygone era with stellar performances by William Hurt and Sissy Spacek. Pro shot crystal clear DVD A++708, Victor/Victoria:Pro shot. Julie Andrews performed live on-stage for TV audience. Crystal clear. Awesome sound. Lots of celebrities in attendance. Broadcast quality is as clear as seeing it live. Cast is wonderful. A++709, Victor/Victoria:Date: 7/22/1997Cast: Raquel Welch, Michael Nouri, Tony Roberts, Rachel York, Michael Cripe, Gregory Jbara. Nice capture and rare DVD with Raquel. B710, Violet:Date: 1/18/2003Lauren Ward, Stephen Lee Anderson, Michael McElroy, Cass Morgan, Roz Ryan, Michael ParksExcellent video; really nice picture and sound. A+711, We Will Rock You:Date: 2/11/2003The Queen Musical. Dominion Theatre; Tony Vincent, Nigel Planer, Alexander Hanson, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D Clark, Nigel Clauzel, Kelly Ellis. Pro shot, multicamera producer’s video of the entire show! Has counter numbers running throughout at the A+712, West Side Story:Date: 12/19/2008Pre Broadway; Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, George Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro. Stunning production and a sensational cast. Josefina as Maria has an amazing voice. This production features elements in bilingual A+713, West Side Story:Date: 2/23/2009Broadway, Revival. Matt Cavanaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, George Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro.  Crystal clear. Nice close-ups .  (A)714, West Side Story:Date: 5/16/2009Matthew Hydzik (s/b Tony), Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Kyle Brenn (alt. Kiddo), Christian Elan Ortiz (u/s Indio), Angelina Mullins (u/s Velma), Shayna Harris (u/s Zaza, Michaeljon) Slinger (u/s Sharkboy). Although there are some slight obstructions and cover-ups, this is a very nice video with some of the understudies in the leads. Action is very well followed with great zooms and color. A-715, White Christmas:Date: 11/16/2008Stephen Bogardus, Kerry O'Malley, Jeffry Denman, Meredith Patterson, Charles Dean, Susan Mansur, Melody Hollis. Fun show with wonderful talent. Captured in widescreen. Show features great choreography, dancing and wonderful translation on the stage. (A)716, Whoopi Goldberg: Back To Broadway:20th Anniversary. Live HBO Telecast. Fantastic, Pro-Shot; Hysterical! A+717, Wicked:September. Alexia Khadime, Dianne Pilkington. Shot from front row. Very interesting angle, some spolight washout, but still an amazing DVD. Great sound throughout. (A-)718, Wicked:London Promo719, Wicked:Date: 10/12/2003OBC; Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Joel Grey, Norbert Leo Butz, Carole Shelley; Complete performance. Filmed from mezzanine. Great zoom shots, lots of close-ups. Excellent sound. 2 DVDs. A720, Wicked:Date: 1/9/2004OBC; Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Joel Grey, Taye Diggs. Very good quality. Nice steady camera work, a bit dark at times. Great sound. A+721, Wicked:Date: 7/18/2004Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Norbert Leo Butz. Carole Shelley, Randy Harrison & Sean McCourt. Some shaky camera work. Very clear picture/ audio. Highly recommended as this is the final performance for Kristen and Norbert. Very emotional, lots of tears. A/A+722, Wicked:Date: 9/19/2004Kristy Cates, Jennifer Laura Thompson. Nice recording from orchestra, very clear!723, Wicked:Date: 9/19/2004A724, Wicked:Date: 1/9/20053PM SHOW. IDINA’S LAST SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE-SHOSHANA BEAN FILLS IN FOR INJURED IDINA MENZEL AT LAST MOMENT. Idina does appear in final 5 minutes, curtain call and final speech. Last minute or so of Idina’s speech is audio only. Excellent quality. Clear and sharp picture, excellent visual quality and sound. Also stars Jennifer Laura Thompson, Joey Mcintyre and George Hearn.725, Wicked:Date: 1/9/2005Idina's last Scheduled performance. Shoshana Bean fills in at the last minute. Idina appears in final 5 minutes.726, Wicked:Date: 1/9/2005727, Wicked:Date: 4/23/2005A728, Wicked:Date: 4/29/2005Stephanie Block, Kendra Kassebaum. Very clear, Excellent sound and close-ups729, Wicked:Date: 7/1/2005730, Wicked:Date: 7/1/2005Ana Gasteyer, Kate Reinders, Kristoffer Cusick, Rondi Reed, Heidi Kettenring. Crystal clear picture and sound. First 5 minutes are shaky, due to settling in and latecomers. After that Amazing picture and close-ups. (A+)731, Wicked:Date: 8/17/2005Shoshanna Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen. Excellent recording732, Wicked:Date: 8/17/2005Gershwin Theater; Shoshana Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen. Amazing color-up close recording! 2 DVDs. A733, Wicked:Date: 8/31/2005Ford Center. Ana Gasteyer, Kate Reinders. Amazing visual and sound. A+734, Wicked:Date: 9/11/2005TV Special "190 North: Behind the Scenes Chicago Cast Special". A 23-minute special on the making of "Wicked" Chicago. Includes interviews with cast members Ana Gasteyer, Kate Reinders, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt. Also includes TV appearances: Shoshana Bean sings "No Good Deed" on "Martha Halloween 2006"; 1st touring cast of "Wicked" singing One Short Day on "Jay Leno"; the cast of "RENT" on the "Today Show"; Cathy Rigby/"Peter Pan" on the "Today Show"; Kristy Cates performs "The Wizard and I" on ABC News out of Chicago (cuts off) and Gene Weygandt, the Wizard in the Chicago production, is interviewed as well; Kristin Chenoweth on Martha (A)735, Wicked:Date: 10/26/2005Kristy Cates (Elphaba), Sarah Jane Everman (Glinda). A736, Wicked:Date: 10/26/2005Kristy Cates, Sarah Jane Everman (u/s Elphaba) Excellent up close digital recording!737, Wicked:Date: 1/8/2006A738, Wicked:Date: 1/8/2006Shoshana Bean's last show. Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, Rue McClanahan, David Ayers, Michelle Federer, Sean McCourt and Robb Sapp. A little shaky from time to time and some spotlight washout and includes speeches. (B+)739, Wicked:Date: 1/10/2006A740, Wicked:Date: 1/25/2006A741, Wicked:Date: 1/29/2006Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Derrick Williams, Carol Kane, George Hearn, Cristy Candler, Rob Sap, Sean McCourt. Good picture and sound; nice close-ups.742, Wicked:Date: 3/14/2006Crystal Clear capture! Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum, awesome performers together. A+743, Wicked:Date: 3/14/2006Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum. Crystal Clear picture & sound744, Wicked:Date: 3/23/2006National tour; Julia Murney (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), PJ Benjamin (Wizard), Alma Cuervo (Morrible), Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), Jennifer Waldman (Nessarose), Logan Lipton (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr.Dillamond); A stunning DVD! Color and clarity can’t be matched. An occasional head at the bottom of the screen, but they never block the action. One of the best Wickeds out there. A/A+745, Wicked:Date: 3/28/2006Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (Wizard), Carol Kane (Morrible), Rob Sapp (Boq), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose); Final performance for Megan. A very emotional performance with an energetic audience. Great sound with a clear picture. Shaky with some blackouts to start, but ends up being nicely filmed with some great close-ups. Complete show with curtain calls and spe A746, Wicked:Date: 3/29/2006Saycon Sengbloh * (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Ben Vereen (Wizard), Carol Kane (Morrible), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose), Robb Sapp (Boq); Very clear with good color. Camera wanders a little bit, but still is an excel A747, Wicked:Date: 3/29/2006Saycon Sengbloh, Megan Hilty. Excellent colorful digital recording!748, Wicked:Date: 5/23/2006Tour cast: Kendra Kassebaum, Julia Murney, Alma Cuervo, PJ Benjamin, Kyle McDaniel (u/s Fiyero), K. Todd Freeman, Kirk McDonald, Jennifer Waldman. Excellent video, amazing close-ups and filming. A+749, Wicked:Date: 5/28/2006Megan Hilty’s final performance. Also stars Eden Espinosa, Derrick Williams, David Garrison. Amazing two disc set, beautiful close-up recording. Includes interactive menu with credits, slideshow of photos from final show and stage door footage! Incre A+750, Wicked:Date: 7/29/2006Eden Espinosa, Kate Reindeers, David Garrison, Derrick Williams, Gaelen Gilliland (u/s), Jenna Leigh Green, Robb Sapp, Sean McCourt. First five minutes of each Act are shaky with cover-ups and also brief blackouts after some songs in Act One. 95% o A751, Wicked:Date: 8/5/2006Brandi Chavonne Massey as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Reinders, Derrick Williams, Carol Kane, David Garrison, Tiffany Haas as (u/s) Nessa, Robb Sapp. Highlights that contain mostly all of Elphaba’s numbers/ scenes. A nice capture and some very different vocals from Brandi that are really great. A-752, Wicked:Date: 8/5/2006Dee Roscioli as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Loprest as (u/s) Nessarose, Jill Hayman as (u/s) Morrible, Adam Fleming, Stacie Morgain Lewis, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick. Dee and Kate were fabulous. Amazing shots and picture. A+753, Wicked:Date: 9/23/2006Saycon Sengbloh as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Reinders, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Carol Kane, Derrick WIlliams, David Garrison, Anthony Galde as (u/s) Dr. Dillamond.   Amazing quality! (A+)754, Wicked:Date: 9/27/2006Saycon Sengbloh as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Reinders, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Carol Kane, Derrick Williams, David Garrison, Anthony Galde as (u/s) Dr.Dillamond. Saycon was amazing, a total different performance from previous DVD's including new vocal riffs. Amazing quality. A755, Wicked:Date: 9/27/2006Opening Night: Idina Menzel, Helen Dallimore, Adam Garcia, Miriam Margolyes, Nigel Planer, Martin Ball, James Gillan, Katie Rowley Jones. Highlights that last about an hour in total from both acts. Mostly just the main songs, and some blackouts. (B+)756, Wicked:Date: 10/8/2006Eden Espinosa, Kate Reinders, David Garrison, Carol Kane, Derrick Williams, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. Eden’s final performance. Includes curtain speech. Quality is excellent!!! A+757, Wicked:Date: 11/8/2006Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (A A758, Wicked:Date: 11/18/2006Original Cast: Idina Menzel, Helen Dam, Miriam Margolyes (Morrible), Nigel Planer (Wizard), James Gillan (Boq), Katie Dallimore. Nice capture overall. A759, Wicked:Date: 11/25/2006Ana Gasteyer, Katie Adams as (s/b) Glinda, David Garrison, Derrick Williams, Jayne Houdyshell, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. Act One plus a few minutes of Act Two. Includes London Script changes. Katie give a great performance as Glinda. (A)760, Wicked:Date: 12/13/2006Dee Roscioli, Megan Sikora. "Blooper" during "Popular"761, Wicked:Date: 12/13/2006Dee Roscioli, Megan Sikora as (u/s) Glinda, Brad Bass, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Heidi Kettenring, Adam Fleming, William Youmans. Wonderful fresh new cast. Blooper in Popular. Amazing quality. Rowley Jones (Nessarose); Amazing clarity with excellent color!! By far the best quality DVD with Idina. A little bit of spotlight washout, but nice close-ups and filmed very well. Some of the staging is a little different from the B’way production. A762, Wicked:Date: 1/10/2007Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey. Excellent Quality.763, Wicked:Date: 1/20/2007Julia Murney, Katie Adams (SB), David Garrison, Sebastian Arcelus, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell.  Great performances. (A)764, Wicked:Date: 1/20/2007Includes the final changes carried over from London. Shot from rear mezzanine without obstructions. One- minute cover-up after the ballroom (before "Popular") and another during "Thank Goodness". Microphone problems caused actors voices to cut out whi A765, Wicked:Date: 2/2/2007Carmen Cusack *(Elphaba), Erin Mackey (Glinda), Rondi Reed (Morrible), Gene Weygandt (Wizard), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Adam Fleming (Boq), Heidi Kettenring (Nessarose), K. Todd Freeman (Dr.Dillamond); Nice quality DVD with good close-ups and sound. Great clarity and color with only the occasional blackout. Very nice performances from Carmen and Erin. A766, Wicked:Date: 2/9/2007Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum, David Garrison, Jayne Houdyshell, Sebastian Arcelus, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. Julia & Kendra give Electric performances. Hard to believe they can get better, but yet they do. Wonderful picture, sound and close-ups. (A)767, Wicked:Date: 3/4/2007Cast: Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Barbara Tirrell, P.J. Benjamin, Josh Lamon, Tom Flynn. Beautiful capture, amazing performances  (A+)768, Wicked:Date: 3/4/2007A+769, Wicked:Date: 3/6/2007Christian Decicco, Victoria Matlock, Clifton Hall. A770, Wicked:Date: 3/6/2007Cast: Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Barbara Tirrell, P.J. Benjamin, Josh Lamon, Tom Flynn. Excellent quality!771, Wicked:Date: 4/3/2007Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco. A772, Wicked:Date: 4/14/2007Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, John Rubenstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Dioni Michelle Collins (u/s), Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. Camera kept pausing during the first couple songs, nothing major is missed. Quick battery flip for a second during One Short Day. Some spotlight washout.773, Wicked:Date: 7/1/2007Lisa Brescia as (u/s) Elphaba, Kendra Kassebaum, Sebastian Arcelus, David Garrison, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton. Beautiful capture and performances. A774, Wicked:Date: 7/1/2007A+775, Wicked:Date: 7/2/2007Caissie Levy (u/s Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum. Caissie's first as Elphaba.  Beautiful capture and vocals. Kendra is hilarious at this performance.776, Wicked:Date: 7/2/2007Caissie Levy *(Elphaba- first), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), David Garrison (Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Logan Lipton (Boq), Steven Skybell (Dr.Dillamond); Nicely shot with great clarity and color. Cassie did a marvelous job. Kendra gave a great performance as well. A777, Wicked:Date: 7/3/2007Kendra Kassebaum, Caissie Levy as (u/s) Elphaba, David Garrison, Sebastian Arcelus, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton. Minimal spotlight washout here and there and a very nice capture of Caissie's 2nd performance as Elphaba. (A)778, Wicked:Date: 7/7/2007National tour; Colleen Sexton (Elphaba), Laura Woyasz* (Glinda), Barbara Tirrell (Morrible), Cliftton Hall (Fiyero), DeeDee Magno Hall (Nessarose), Brad Weinstock (Boq), PJ Benjamin (Wizard), Tom Flynn (Dr.Dillamond); A few blackouts to start, as well as a couple of heads that very rarely make their way into the frame. Nice clarity with great color- the two leads are both wonderful, especially for understudies; 2 DVDs. A/A-779, Wicked:Date: 7/8/2007Marcie Dodd as (u/s) Elphaba, Christeena Michelle Riggs as (u/s) Glinda, Cliffton Hall, Barbara Tirrell, PJ Benjamin, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock. Terrific performances and capture. (A-)780, Wicked:Date: 8/4/2007Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. Eden and Megan are terrific. A beautiful capture. (A+)781, Wicked:Date: 10/7/2007Julia Murney (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Lenny Wolpe, Kathy Santen*(Morrible), Sebastian Arcelus, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell; Final performances for Julia and Kendra. Beautifully captured and wonderful close-ups. Great performances all around and includes curtain call speech. Crystal clear and perfect sound and color. Very similar in quality to 2007, 10.09. A+782, Wicked:Date: 10/9/2007Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba), Analeigh Ashford (Glinda), Lenny Wolpe (Wizard), Kathy Santen* (Morrible), Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Logan Lipton (Boq), Steven Skybell (Dr. Dillimond); First performance for Stephanie and Annaleigh. An amazing capture with superb color and clarity. Filmed extremely well of the best Wickeds out there. A+783, Wicked:Date: 10/18/2007Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Dianne Pilington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Susie Blake (Madame Morrible), Nigel Planer (Wizard), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Andy Mace (Dr.Dillamond). A784, Wicked:Date: 10/24/2007Highlights: Caissie Levy as (u/s) Elphaba, Annaleigh Ashford, Lenny Wolpe, Carole Shelley, Michael Seelbach as (u/s) Fiyero, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. Minor spotlight washout here and there, but a great mix of shots and nice sound/color. Includes: Shiz University scene, "The Wizard and I," "What Is This Feeling?," Poppy Field scene, "I'm Not That Girl," Attic scene/ Morrible, "Defying Gravity," "No Good Deed," "For Good," and the Finale. A-785, Wicked:Date: 10/28/2007Julie Reiber, Megan Hilty; Megan is hilarious. A786, Wicked:Date: 10/28/2007Julie's Last: Julie Reiber as (u/s) Elphaba, Megan Hilty, Dioni Michelle Collins as (u/s) Morrible, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Natalie Daradich as (u/s) Nessa, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. Beautiful capture of Julie's Final as Elphaba. (A)787, Wicked:Date: 12/2/2007Eden Espinosa, Melissa Fahn (u/s). Glinda Eden is wonderful, Beautiful captured show!788, Wicked:Date: 12/2/2007Eden Espinosa, Emily Rozek* (understudy Glinda), Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. A789, Wicked:Date: 12/2/2007Matinee; Eden Espinosa, Melissa Fahn* (understudy Glinda), Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. A790, Wicked:Date: 12/12/2007National tour; Carmen Cusack, Katie Rose Clarke, Cliffton Hall, Alma Cuervo, Lee Wilkof, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock, Tom Flynn. A791, Wicked:Date: 12/30/2007Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Kristoffer Cusick, Carol Lane, John Rubinstiein, Marcie Dodd, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker, Peter John Chursin, Matthew Stocke, Gina Starbuck; Eden Espinosa, Carol Kane & Adam Wylie’s final performance.792, Wicked:Date: 1/18/2008Caissie Levy, Megan Hilty, Kristoffer Cusick, JoAnne Worley, John Rubinstein, Marcie Dodd, Michael Drolet, Timothy Britten Parker. From mid-orchestra, lots of good close-ups, minimal washout and almost no obstruction. Missing the Train Station scene, "One Short Day" and "A Sentimental Man", due to ushers. Caissie and Megan were in great form, from the master. A793, Wicked:Date: 1/28/2008Megumi Hamada, Ayako Tomada, Takae Yamamoto, Izumi Mori, Li Tao, Takayuki Ito, Tatsumsa Takemi, Hideo Kurihara. Great capture of the Japanese cast of Wicked. Performed in Japanese. (A-)794, Wicked:Date: 3/13/2008Stephanie Block. Analiegh Ashford. A795, Wicked:Date: 3/13/2008Stephanie J. Block, Annaleigh Ashford, David Burnham, Miriam Margolyes, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell. Some parts are a tad dark and some scenes are a little shaky, but nothing bad at all, a really nice capture. Stephanie was powerful and very fierce, from the master. A-796, Wicked:Date: 4/23/2008Marcy Dodd as (u/s) Elphaba, Megan Hilty, John Rubinstein, Jo Anne Worley, Kristoffer Cusick, Laura Dysarczyk as (u/s) Nessarose, Michael Drolet, Timothy Britten Parker. Amazing capture with lots of close-ups, beautiful picture. A+797, Wicked:Date: 4/24/2008Teal Wicks (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), John Rubinstein (Wizard), JoAnne Worley (Morrible), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), Marcie Dodd (Nessarose), Michael Drolet (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond), Joanne Worleymay. Close-ups beautiful capture, quality show. A+798, Wicked:Date: 4/27/2008Dee Roscioli, Kate Kahrner, Barbara Robertson, Gene Weygandt, Heidi Kettenring, Michael Seelbach, Kevin Samual Yee as (u/s) Boq. A great capture and solid performances from the cast. (A)799, Wicked:Date: 5/8/2008Stephanie J. Block, Annaleigh Ashford, David Burnham, Miriam Margolyes, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell. Great video with a great cast. Stephanie was wonderful, as always, and so is Annaleigh. Some shuffling during the opening song, but after that it is great. (A)800, Wicked:Date: 5/14/2008Lisa Brescia as (s/b) Elphaba, Kendra Kassebaum, David Burnham, Miriam Margolyes, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell. Done in widescreen with no real obstructions and only a couple of very brief cover-ups. Lisa is great and a little more of a subdued Elphaba than most. David had a major lyric flub in "Dancing Through Life" where he ended up singing the same verse twice. (A)801, Wicked:Date: 6/3/2008Lisa Brescia, Annaleigh Ashford, Kristopher Cusik. 1st Performance for all 3 actors, RARE802, Wicked:Date: 6/3/2008Lisa Brescia (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), Barbara Robertson (Madame Morrible), Gene Weygandt (Wizard), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), Heidi Kettenring (Nessarose), Stanton Nash (Boq). A803, Wicked:Date: 6/17/2008Kerry Ellis & Kendra Kassebaum. This is Kerry's first B'way Performance. Beautiful Capture.804, Wicked:Date: 6/17/2008A805, Wicked:Date: 8/5/2008Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Stephen Skybell (Dr.Dillamond); Decent capture. No obstructions, only two brief black outs at the beginning of Act II. Slight shakiness, good combination of close ups and full stage. 2 DVDs. A806, Wicked:Date: 8/9/2008Teal Wicks, Erin Mackey, Adam Lambert as (us) Fiyero, JoAnne Worley, John Rubinstein, Michael Drolet, Briana Yacavone, David De Vries; beautiful capture Adam Lambert is excellent as Fiyero. A807, Wicked:Date: 8/24/2008Teal Wicks, Erin Mackey. 2 DVDs   (A)808, Wicked:Date: 8/24/2008Lisa Brescia (last), Annaleigh Ashford, Kristoffer Cusick, Heidi Kittenring, Stanton Nash, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt; 2 DVDs. A809, Wicked:Date: 9/6/2008Marcie Dodd as (s/b) Elphaba, Erin Mackey, Derrick Williams, David Garrison, Carol Kane, Laura Dysarczyk as (u/s) Nessarose, Michael Drolet, David De Vries. Nice mix of shots, one head in the way of a small portion of the stage, but it only blocks the actor's feet/legs a few times. No One Mourns the Wicked is audio only, and Dear Old Shiz is very shaky and blurry at first. (A-)810, Wicked:Date: 9/20/2008National Tour: Donna Vivino (Elphaba/sb), Katie Rose Clark (Glinda), Cliffton Hall (Fiyero), DeeDee Magno Hall (Nessarose), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Morrible), Brad Weinstock (Boq). Due to the mezzanine railing, video is of top of stage. First act is zoomed in a bit and by defying gravity the screen is black. Second act is better but still top of stage. Finale is okay. This show was amazing!811, Wicked:Date: 9/21/2008Highlights: Teal Wicks, Laura Woyasz, Derrick Williams, Carol Kane, David Garrison, Michael Drolet, Briana Yacavone, David De Vries. Runs about 30 minutes, all from Act 1. When zoomed in the shot is nice, otherwise what is here is kind of all over the place. (B)812, Wicked:Date: 9/27/2008Dee Roscioli, Annaleigh Ashford, Charles Hagerty as (u/s) Fiyero, Gene Weygandt, Rondi Reed, Heidi Kettenring, Stanton Nash, K Todd Freeman. An okay capture and a couple short blackouts. (B)813, Wicked:Date: 10/1/2008National Tour: Merideth Kaye Clark, Katie Rose Clarke. Highlights Only containing most of Elphaba's songs. Shot very close to the stage. Merideth has a delightful voice. There is little washout, except for a little when Elphaba flies, but overall a great capture. (A+)814, Wicked:Date: 10/29/2008Teal Wicks, Angel R, Emily Rozek; Teals last, Angel’s first; 2 DVDs. A815, Wicked:Date: 10/31/2008Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Stephen Skybell (Doctor Dillamond). (A)816, Wicked:Date: 10/31/2008Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick William (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Madame Morrible), Briana Yacavone (Nessarose), Eddy Rioseco (Boq), David De Vries (Doctor Dillamond). (A)817, Wicked:Date: 11/2/2008Carmen's Final: Carmen Cusack, Katie Rose Clarke, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Lenny Wolpe, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock, Tom Flynn. Stunning performances by Carmen and Katie and very emotional. Beautifully captured. (A)818, Wicked:Date: 11/22/2008Marcie Dodd (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda), Kevin Kern (Fiyero), Brynn O’Malley (Nessa), Alex Brightman (Boq), P.J. Benjamin (Wizard), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible).819, Wicked:Date: 12/7/2008Willemijn Verkaik, Jana Stelley as (alt) Glinda), Mathias Edenborn, Barbara Raunegger, Stefan Poslovski as (u/s) Der Zauberer von Oz, Nicole Radeschnig, Stefan Stara, Matthias Dressel as (u/s) Doktor Dillamonth. Full video, follows action extremely well, with a lot of closeups and very little spotlight washout. (A)820, Wicked:Date: 1/11/2009Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Mme. Morrible), Briana Yacavone (Nessarose), Eddie Rioseco (Boq), Tom Flynn (Dr. Dillamond). Closing Night. A few blackouts, but nothing extreme. A 2 DISCS-ACT ONE AND ACT TWO821, Wicked:Date: 1/13/2009Cast: Julie Reiber as (s/b) Elphaba, Alli Mauzey, Kevin Kern, PJ Benjamin, Jayne Houdyshell, Brynn O'Malley, Alex Brightman. Julie is a fantasic Elphaba with a great voice and is so sincere as the character. Alli is also a wonderful Glinda and so fun to watch. Everything is nicely captured and performed. A- Sunsets Master822, Wicked:Date: 1/18/2009(Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Mme. Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Dr. Dillamond). Mellissa Bohon’s A+823, Wicked:Date: 1/25/2009Dee Roscioli, Annaleigh Ashford, Barbara Robertson, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Ted Ely, K. Todd Freeman, Heidi Kettenring; Final Chicago performance.824, Wicked:Date: 1/28/2009DVD Only - HIGHLIGHTS: Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey. Highlights include: No One Mourns the Wicked, The Wizard and I, Popular, Defying Gravity, Wicked Witch of the East, and No Good Deed. Interesting Angle. A-825, Wicked:Date: 2/9/2009Highlights. Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Dianne Pilington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Harriett Thorpe (Madame Morible), Desmond Barrit (the Wizard), Kady Jo-Jackson (Nessarose), Jeremy Lefat (Boq), Andy Mace (Dr.Dillamond). Well shot highlights lasting over 1 hour. Great performances from all. A826, Wicked:Date: 2/22/2009Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey, Kyle Dean Massey as (u/s) Fiyero, Jayne Houdyshell, PJ Benjamin, Cristy Candler, Alex Brightman, Timothy Britten Parker. A beautiful capture of this amazing performance. Nicole was totally amazing in voice, acting, and i827, Wicked:Date: 2/26/20091NT: Merideth Kaye Clark as (s/b) Elphaba, Katie Rose Clarke, Richard H. Blake, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Lenny Wolpe, Amanda Rose, Ben Liebert, Paul Slade Smith. Merideth is a great Elphaba and has a great voice. This was the performance where the fire alarm goes off when No Good Deed starts. Merideth keeps going through half the song, while the alarms and lights are flickering. Finally an announcement was made and she walked off stage in character. The show resumes after the evacuation where she left off. A-828, Wicked:Date: 3/7/2009Evening. Elphaba: Nicole Parker, Glinda: Alli Mauzey, Fiyero: Aaron Tveit, Wizard: Anthony Galde (u/s), Morrible: Jayne Houdyshell, Nessarose: Cristy Candler, Boq: Alex Brightman, Dillamond: Timothy Britten Parker. The first couple minutes of each act are blacked out, but it's full show from there. Very little obstruction There's also very little washout, just a little in some of the wide shots.  (A+)829, Wicked:Date: 3/8/2009Aaron’s last; Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Anthony Galde u/s (Wizard), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond). The first few minutes of each act are blacked out as well as about 2 or 3 other short blackouts during the show. There is a head in the lower right that blocks the action when it takes place in the box. (Morrible’s speech, Boq’s part in March of the Witch830, Wicked:Date: 3/28/20092nd National Tour: Marcie Dodd, Helene Yorke, Colin Donnell, Tom McGowan, Marilyn Caskey, Jacqui Graziano (u/s), Ted Ely, David DeVries. Halfway through "Thank Goodness" the power went out. This is an AMAZING capture with amazing color and sound. blocked by the (A+)831, Wicked:Date: 3/29/20092nd National Tour; Marcie Dodd (Elphaba), Helene Yorke (Glinda), Colin Donnell (Fiyero), Tom McGowan (The Wizard) Marilyn Caskey (Mme Morrible), Kristine Reese (Nessarose), Ted Ely (Boq), David de Vries (Dr. Dillamond); Awesome performances and great capt A+832, Wicked:Date: 4/14/2009833, Wicked:Date: 4/26/2009Angel Reda (u/s), Kendra Kassebaum, Nicolas Dromard, David Garrison, Patty Duke, Deedee Magno Hall, Eddy Rioseco, Tim Talman (u/s); Beautiful capture from front mezzanine. Many heads in way, but worked around as best as possible. Many beautiful close ups. Slight wash out throughout. This is the first FULL performance of Angel caught on film. Kendra seems to be amazing as always. Awesome show! Includes speeches from the BCEFA actors fund. Blackouts throughout, but nothing terrible. A834, Wicked:Date: 5/1/2009Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mathias Edenborn (Fiyero), Helena Blocker* (u/s Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Stephan Luethy (Boq), Michael Gunther (Dr.Dillamond); A gorgeous video of the new Stuttgart cast. Shot from the center of the orchestra with almost no head obstruction, there is a head in the way of some stage-left scenes and it also gets into the shot a few times when that person moves, such situations are shot around effectively. The video follows the action extremely well, with both zooms and wider shots (there are some gorgeous shots of the sceneography and choreography. Very little to no spotlight wash out. Slightly shaky at times, but nothing distracting. A+835, Wicked:Date: 6/14/2009Matinee; Second National Tour; Carrie Manolakos as (s/b) Elphaba, Helene Yorke, Colin Donnell, Kristine Reese, Marilyn Caskey, Tom McGowan, Ted Ely, David DeVries; Great capture of the second tour. Carrie does a wonderful job as Elphaba and has a fantastic voice. Helene as does a great job as Glinda and quite different. A836, Wicked:Date: 6/16/2009Teal Wicks (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Nicolas Dromard (Fiyero), Lee Wilkof (Wizard), Patty Duke (Morrible), Dee Dee Magno Hal l (Nessarose), Eddy Rioseco (Boq), Tom Flynn (Dr.Dillamond); Full show of all of the San Francisco leads, and as far as I know, this is the first DVD of Teal and Kendra together. They have great chemistry, and Teal sounds fantastic. The Wizard head malfunctions in the Act II; its turned the wrong way during "Wonderful" and Lee has to improvise a bit. There are a couple of short blackouts during WITF and the classroom scene, and one during the "House in the sky" scene. A bit of wash out here and there, but nothing major. Sound is excellent. A837, Wicked:Date: 6/20/2009Matinee; Second National Tour; Carrie Manolakos as (s/b) Elphaba, Michelle London as (u/s) Glinda, Colin Donnell, Kristine Reese, Marilyn Caskey, Tom McGowan, Ted Ely, David DeVries; Starts at "What is this feeling" and full show from there. Great capture and Michelle is wonderful Glinda. A-838, Wicked:Date: 6/28/2009Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Laura Woyasz* (s/b Glinda), Kevin Kern (Fiyero), Kathy Santen* (u/s Madame Morrible), PJ Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr.Dillamond), Lindsay Janisse* (u/s Witch’s Mother), Briana Yacavone* (u/s Midwife). Laura Woyasz’s first performance as Glinda in NY. The video has almost no obstructions, there is sometimes a head at the bottom of the screen. A few dropouts, too, the longest is during "No one mourns the wicked". Only thing completely missing is the first verse or so of "As long as you’re mine" (it picks up at "I’ll make every last moment last". The only downfall of this DVD is wash out. Unfortunately, Laura takes the brunt of it. Overall, though, Act II is darker, so the wash out isn’t as bad.839, Wicked:Date: 7/19/2009Merideth Kaye Clark as (s/b) Elphaba, Katie Rose Clarke, Richard H. Blake, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Lenny Wolpe, Amanda Rose, Ben Liebert, Paul Slade Smith. The first act had a few issues with obstruction and blackouts. Sharing Secrets is blacked out and then left side of the stage is blocked during Popular; fortunately most of the action happens on the right, so it doesn’t affect the song very much. The dragon also partly obscured Meredith during the flying portion of Defying Gravity. The second act is much better and has very few issues; the head is still there, but it is worked around much better. A-840, Wicked:Date: 7/22/2009Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Valerie Link (alt. Glinda), Filippo Strocchi (u/s Fiyero), Helena Blöcker (u/s Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Stephan Luethy (Moq), Peter Bjällö (u/s Dr. Dillamonth)841, Wicked:Date: 8/1/2009Elphaba: Teal Wicks, Glinda: Natalie Daradich (s/b), Fiyero: Nicolas Dromard, Wizard: Lee Wilkof, Morrible: Patty Duke, Nessarose: DeeDee Magno Hall, Boq: Eddy Rioseco, Dillamond: Tom Flynn. A decent capture overall. There's one head in the middle of the stage that can be seen the wide shots. There's one blackout toward the end of WITF and it continues through the beginning of the first classroom scene. The video is also a bit shaky here and there, especially during the darker scenes. Some spotlight washout, especially in the wides. the sound is excellent as usual. Overall Rating: A- TWO DISCS-ACT ONE AND ACT TWO842, Wicked:Date: 8/2/2009Teal Wicks, Alexa Green as (u/s) Glinda, Nicolas Dromard, DeeDee Magno Hall, Patty Duke, Lee Wilkof, Alexander Selma as (u/s) Boq), Keith A. Bearden as (u/s) Doctor Dillamond. A great capture of Alexa's first performance as Glinda, and probably my best SF master so far. This is also the first DVD of Alexander Selma as Boq. Alexa is adorable and does a phenomenal job with the role. She's picked up a few tricks from other Glindas, but she makes the role her own. 2 DISCS -ACT ONE AND ACT TWO843, Wicked:Date: 8/5/2009Teal Wicks, Alexa Green as (u/s) Glinda, Nicolas Dromard, DeeDee Magno Hall, Patty Duke, Lee Wilkof, Alexander Selma as (u/s) Boq, Keith A. Bearden as (u/s) Doctor Dillamond. fantastic performance. Teal was on fire and much different from her LA days. Alexa has a very high powerful voice which was stunning. DeeDee and Patty were both sensational. (A)844, Wicked:Date: 8/9/2009Gershwin Theatre, New York, NY Dee Roscioli, Alli Mauzey Highlights845, Wicked:Date: 9/3/2009Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (Lenny), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Dillamond); Some short blackouts during "No one mourns the wicked", and most of Room Assignments is also blacked out, but the rest of the shoe is there. There are a couple of heads at the bottom, especially in wide shots, but they are not too distracting. There is also a little washout here and there, but nothing major. The sound is excellent. B846, Wicked:Date: 9/26/2009Opening Night. Idina Menzel, Helen Dallimore, Adam Garcia, Miriam Margolyes, Nigel Planer, Martin Ball, James Gillan, Katie Rowley Jones; Highlights that lasts about an hour in total from both acts. Mostly just the main songs, and some black outs. A847, Wicked:Date: 9/27/2009Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey, Kevin Kern, Rondi Reed, PJ Benjamin, Michelle Federer, Alex Brightman, Timothy Britten Parker; Shot from the orchestra. Some brief blackouts, mostly in Act I, and the video is a little fidgety up until "Dancing through life". A-848, Wicked:Date: 10/4/2009Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Randy Danson (Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Dillamond); Richard Kline Highlights (Wizard); Contains all songs except Dear Old Shiz and March of the Witch Hunters. Overall about 1 and a half hours long. Fire alarms goes off during Defying Gravity. Great performance.849, Wicked:Date: 10/17/2009Anne Brummel as (u/s) Elphaba, Helene Yorke, Colin Donnell, Peter C. Ermides as (u/s) Wizard, Marilyn Caskey, Kristine Reese, Ted Ely, David De Vries. One of the first few times Anne got to go on as Elphaba. She did a fantastic job and has such a big voice. Her vocals are so full and hearty, which really bring power to the character. Everything is captured beautifully and a great performance! A850, Wicked:Date: 11/11/2009Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey. *Highlights851, Wicked:Date: 1/2/2010Marcie Dodd (Elphaba), Helen Yorke (Glinda),  Colin Donnel (Fiyero), Kristine Reese (Nessarose), Marilyn Caskey (Madam Morrible), Zach Hanna (Boq), Don Amendolia (The Wizard), David De Vries (Dr. Dillamond), Chistery (K.C Fredricks). [Full cast other than Midwife who was played by Jacqui Graziano]. Highlights Only852, Wicked:Date: 3/27/2010Matinee. Elphaba: Eden Espinosa, Glinda: Kendra Kassebaum.A great capture of Eden's run in San Francisco, and I believe this is also the first capture of Kyle McDaniel as Fiyero. Eden's vocals were amazing . The DVD includes the curtain call and a very nice capture of Eden's BC/EFA speech. In the first act there are a couple minor blackouts during NOMTW and from the end of WITF into the beginning of the first classroom scene. In the second act there's about 2 minutes of blackouts during Thank Goodness. There is one head on the left that gets in the way once in a while, but it's worked around fine most of the time. There's also some washout here and there. Excellent sound. A-853, Wicked:Date: 4/9/2010(this is the one everyone has been waiting for)Mandy Gonzalez, Katie Rose Clark, Rondi Reed, PJ Benjamin, Andy Karl, Alex Brightman, Jenny Fellner. Fantastic capture of the new Broadway cast. Mandy gives a few riffs which are nice. Katie still remains one of the best Glindas out there. Great to watch Rondi change and evolve her portrayal of Morrible. A+854, Wicked:Date: 4/28/2010Rachel Tucker, Louise Dearman, Lewis Bradley, Stevie Tate-Bauer as (u/s) Nessa, Julie Legrand, Clive Carter, George Ure, Julian Forsyth. Rachel did a fantastic job as Elphaba. She has a big, brassy, powerful voice that fills the theater. Great to see a new London cast after all these years and they did not disappoint! A-855, Wicked:Date: 5/23/2010Evening cast: Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Joana Fee Würz (Glinda), Bero Antunovic* (u/s Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Ben Darmanin (Moq), Thomas Wißmann (Dr. Dillamonth); Multi-Camera capture of Wicked. This was Bero's last performance as Fiyero so he really gives it his all. This is a wonderful capture of an amazing cast, a must for any Wicked fan. (A)856, Wicked: Road to Broadway:857, Will Rogers Follies:858, Working:PBS-TV. Barry Bostwick, Rita Moreno, James Taylor, Eileen Brennan, Patti LaBelle, Barbera Hershey, Scatman Crothers. Musical adaptation of the Studs Terkel book. A859, Xanadu:Date: 11/10/2007Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Tony Roberts Andre Ward, Ryan Watkinson (us) Thalia, Anika Larsen, Kenita Miller. Beautifully filmed. A860, Xanadu:Date: 2/19/2008Patti Murin (Clio/Kira), Cheyenne Jackson (Sonny), Tony Roberts (Danny), Curtis Holbrook (Thalia), Kate Loprest (Euterpe), Kenita Miller (Erato), Mary Testa (Melpomene), Jackie Hoffman (Calliope), Andre Ward (Terpsicore). Shot on the aisle in the m A+861, Yank! A New Musical:Date: 11/11/2007Nancy Anderson, Jeffry Denman, Bobby Steggert, Chris Carfizzi, Jonathan Day, Maxime de Toledo, Todd Faulkner, Chad Harlow, Tyson Kaup, Matthew Marks, Brian Mulay, Daniel Shevlin, James Stover; Final performance: a little shaky in the first 10 minutes; great sound and nice close ups. Beautiful video! A862, Young Frankenstein:Date: 8/28/2007Pre-Broadway: Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Shuler Hensley, Andrea Martin, Fred Applegate, Christopher Fitzgerald. A terrifically talented and funny cast. A beautiful capture of the tryout before Broadway.863, Young Frankenstein:Date: 11/10/2007Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Shuler Hensley Andrea Martin, Fred Applegate, Christopher Fitzgerald. Amazing capture and fun performances. Changes from Seattle tighten up the show. Also includes The Today Show performance. A864, You're Welcome America:Date: 3/17/2009865, Yours, Anne:12/04. Bob Deutsch, Kelly Sanders, Susan Sanders, Carol Kugler, Larry Westlake, David Haines, Andrea Barker, Cameron McKinnon. A production by Canada's Civic Light Opera Company. Musical based on "Anne Frank, The Diary Of A Young Girl." Music by Michael Cohen. Semi-pro shot, crystal clear video. A866, Zanna Don't:Date: 6/27/2003Jai Rodriguez, Anika Larsen, Amanda Ryan Paige, Enrico Rodriguez, Jared Zeus, Shelley Thomas. Fantastic video of original cast. Great close-ups, a few heads in the wide shots, but taper shoots around them nicely, and captures all the action. 1st generation. Includes pro-shot press reels. A867, Zombie Prom:868, Bright Ideas, Off-Broadway :Date: 11/15/2003Orlagh Cassidy, Colman Domingo, Paul Fitzgerald, Seana Kofoed, Linda Marie Larson. Very funny off-B'way show. Very good sound and filming throughout. A-869, Boy:Date: 5/8/2004Kelly AuCoin, Robert Hogan, T.R. Knight, Caitlin O'Connel, Mirian Shor870, Beauty & the Beast, Broadway:Date: 7/27/2007Steve Blanchard (Beast), Anneliese Van Der Pol (Belle), Chris Hoch (Gaston), David de Vries (Lumiere), Jeanne Lehman (Mrs. Potts), Glenn Rainey (Cogsworth), Jamie Ross (Maurice), Trevor Braun (Chip), Aldrin Gonzalez (Lefou), Ann Mandrella (Babette), A 871, Beyond the Fringe...London Pro-Shot:Date: 1/1/1963Alan Bennett, Dudley, Moore, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, pro-shot in black and white for tv, some slight generational loss, A872, Assassins...Broadway:Date: 4/4/2004Marc Kudisch, Neil Patrick Harris, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, shot from mezz, beautiful video, A873, Tea at Five...Off-Broadway:Date: 3/29/2003one woman play based on the life of Katherine Hepburn, starring Kate Mulgrew 874, Trial by Jury...Australian Opera:Date: 1/1/2005Anthony Warlow (Learned Judge), David Hobson (Defedant), Ali McGregor (Plaintiff), John Bolton-Wood (Counsel for Plaintiff), Richard Alexander (Usher), David Hobson is one of the greatest tenors, pro-shot, A+875, Wishful Drinking..Broadway:Date: 11/29/2009Carrie Fisher, hilarious true tale told by Princess Leah herself, filmed mostly in medium shots with some wide shots that shows the pictures and video on the background screen, black outs during the audience Q & A sections, gets a little shaky and wanders in places, no obstruction or washout, A- 2 dvds876, Tony Awards:Date: 6/13/2010Radio City Hall, New York,cast members of Glee, La Cage Aux Folles, A Little Night Music, American Idiot, Memphis, Everyday Rapture and more, A+877, Vagina Monologues, The :Date: 1/1/1997Pro-shot for HBO, 1997, Eve Ensler, A+878, Footloose..U.K. Tour:Date: 10/18/2008Cast: Stephen Webb, Twinnie Lee Moore, Richard Grieve, Maureen Nolan, Robbie Scotcher, Simon Lipkin, Jodie Jacobs, Tarisha Rommick, Claire Louise Mealor, Lisa Peacel, Mat Millins, Ricky Morrell, 1 hour 40 minutes of highlights, great close-ups, 2 dvds879, A Christmas Carol:Date: 12/30/2001Patrick Stewart, great video of a solo show, A880, Comedy of Errors ,A Musical, The :Date: 1/1/1977Pro-shot, Judi Dench, Brian Coburn, Griffith Jones, Roger Rees, Mike Gwilym, Michael Williams, Nikolas Grace, Francesca Annis, Paul Brooke, Norman Tyrell, Barbara Shelley, Robin Ellis, great audio, great picture but slightly fuzzy from age, A881, Between Us,:Date: 5/1/2004Daphne Rubin-Vega, Bradley White, Kate Jennings Grant, David Harbour, nice video882, Broadway's Lost Treasures I,:Date: 1/1/2003Pro-shot, 17 performances such as Joel Grey's Wilkcommen from Cabaret, Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera's All That Jazz from Chicago, A883, Broadway's Lost Treasures II,:PBS Broadcast, pro-shot, includes Anything Goes with Patti Lupone and company, Juliet Prowse and Chita Rivera Sweet Charity, Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur-Mame, Robert Morse-How to $ucceed without Really Trying, Richard Kiley-Man of La Mancha, George Hearn and Les Cagelles-La Cage aux Folles, Colm Wilkinson and company-Les Mis plus lots more classic B'way performers, A884, Broadway's Lost Treasures III,:Date: 1/1/2005PBS telecast, pro-shot, includes Lerner & Loewe medly, My Fair Lady, Juliet Andrews-Camelot, Into the Woods medley with Vanessa Williams & cast, Comedy Tonight with Zero Mostel from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Ethel Merman medley, Girl Crazy, Call Me Madam, Gypsy with Ethel Mermain, Ragtime from Ragtime with original cast plus lots more, A885, Beautiful and Damned:Date: 1/1/2004Pro-shot, Michael Praed, Helen Anker, Susannah Fellows, David Burt, drawing its title from F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, it focuses on the turbulent relationship he shared with his wife, Zelda, during the Jazz Age, young, stylish and successful, they are the envy of high society friends, who are unaware that behind their glamorous facade are two individuals doomed to tradegy, words and music are by the veteran songwriters, Roger Cook and Les Reed, who are variously responsible for such easy listening standards are "It's Not Unusual", "There's a Kind of Hush", "Delilah" and "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing", never released886, Amour...B'way:Date: 10/23/2007Malcolm Gets, Melissa Errico, shot from front mezzanine, very clear with lots of close ups, includes Armour preview concert, A+887, After Ashley:Date: 2/19/2005Anna Paquin, Kieran Culkin, Tim Hopper, Grant Shaud, great video with great sound, hard to do in such a small theatre but looks great, A888, Annie Warbucks:Date: 10/29/2002Harvey Evans, Harve Presnell, Lindsey Ridgeway, Molly Scott889, Five Flights:Date: 1/21/2004Alice Ripley, Joanna P. Adler, Kevin Karrick, Jason Butler Harne, Matthew Montelongo, Lisa Steindler, excellent picture and sound, A890, Faith Healer, B'way:Date: 5/13/2006Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones, Ian McDiarmid, great close-ups and great sound, includes NY1 reviews and reports, excellent video, A+891, Foreigner, The, B'way:Date: 12/11/2004Matthew Broderick, Mary Catherine Garrison, Kevin Cahoon892, Flora the Red Menace, U.C.L.A. :Date: 5/17/2008Reprise.. Eden Espinosa (Flora), Manoel Feliciano (Harry), Megan Lawrence (Charlott), Gibby Brand (Mr. Weiss), Wilkie Ferguson (Kenny), Perry Ojeda (Mr. Stanley), Katie O'Toole (Maggie, Miss Williams), Matthew Rocheleau (Willy), Katherine Von Till (Elsa), 2 dvds893, 42nd Street:Date: 1/21/2006Melody Davi, Natalie Buster, David Grant, Randi Kaye, Jarran Muse, Christian Donnelly, Maureen Illmensee, Tom Frye, nice quality, great picture and sound with a couple of minutes of blackouts due to latecomers, good zooms, A 894, Godspell:Date: 1/1/1973Pro-shot taped from Bravo, Victor Garber, David Haskell, Jerry Sroka, Lynne Thigpen, Katie Hanley, Robin Lamont, Gilmer McCormick, Joanne Jonas, Merrell Jackson, Jeffrey Mylett, A, 2 dvds895, Jeckyll & Hyde, B'way,:Date: 11/15/1997Robert Cuccioli (Jeckyll/Hyde), Linda Eder (Lucy), Christiane Noll (Emma), George Merritt (Utterson), Barrie Ingham (Sir Danvers), generation loss, spotlight washout, B896, I Do! I Do!, :Date: 1/1/1982Pro-shot Lee Remick, Hal Linden, A897, Rabbit Hole, B'way:Date: 2/25/2006Cynthia Nixon, Tyne Daly, John Slattery, John Gallagher, Jr., Mary Catherin Garrison, first 8 minutes or so are a little jumpy due to a rude person, act 2 is much better with a nice picture and sound throughout, including 2 interviews with region on NY1, A-898, Playwright's the Thing II, The :Date: 6/26/2000Neil Simon at the Neil Simon Theatre Benefit, pro-shot, Jennifer Ehle, Bebe Neuwirth, Rosemary Harry, Hank Azaria, Bronson Pinchot, Jean Smart, Debra Monk, Tony Roberts, Nathan Lane, Mark Feuerstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Mary Louis Wilson, Calista Flockheart, Roger Bart, Christina Ebersole, Robert Klein, Marsha Mason, John Ritter, Eugen Levy, Nathasa Lyonne, Joe Benjamin, Mark Blum, Sidney Lipton, Lynne Thigpen, Roc Dutton, Ron Rifkin, Julie Kavner, starry cast, directed by Walter Bobbie, perform excerpt readings of Neil Simon's work as a tribute to the playwright, includes closing remards by Neil Simon himself, A+899, Trial By Jury, Australian Opera:Date: 1/1/2005Anthony Warlow (Learned Judge), David Hobson (Defedant), Ali McGregor (Plaintiff), John Bolton-Wood (Counsel for Plaintiff), Richard Alexander (Usher), David Hobson is one of the greatest tenors, pro-shot, A+900, Mr. Marmalade, B'way:Date: 12/10/2005, Michael C. Hall, Michael Chernus, David Costabile, Mamie Gummer, Pablo Shcreiber, Virginia Louise Smith, writty by Noah Haidle, nice clear video and sound, slight head obstruction every now and then, excellent play901, House of Blue Leaves, B'way:Date: 1/1/1987Pro-shot, John Mahoney, Christine Baranski, Swoosie Kurtz, Julie Hagerty, Ben Stiller, Richard Portnow902, Forever Plaid, Cannon Theatre:Date: 1/1/1993Stan Chandler, David Engel, Larry Raben, Guy Stroman, all from the original New York Company, rare, filmed using multiple cameras at the Cannon Theatre on the final night of the show, video also includes some backstage footage prior to the show and speeches after the show, A903, Phantom of the Opera, B'way:Date: 8/13/2005(Phantom u/s), Rebecca Pitcher (Christine u/s), Fred Rose (Raoul u/s), Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews, Ann Runolfsoon, Marilyn Caskey, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Kara Klein, David Gaschen, Tim Jerome, 2 dvds904, Over the Rainbow, London:Pro-shot, casting of Dorothy for new West End production of The Wizard of Oz, set contains all 10 weeks which includes 2 introduction episodes, 8 live shows and 8 results, 3 dvds905, Hills Are Alive, The :Date: 8/26/2007BBC Broadcast, Faenol Festival, Vaynol Park, Bangor, Wales, Michael Ball, Connie Fisher, Ruthie Henshall, Bryn Terfel, John Owen Jones, A+906, Gondoliers, Southport, The :Date: 3/7/2008Pro-shot, Nick Donnolly (Guisseppie), Andrew Gardner (Marco), Kelli Bond (Tessa), Heather Lowe (Gianetta), Shaun Moran (Luiz), Vicky Aindow (Cassilda), Ian Mackley (Duke), Caroline Grindley (Dutchess), Tom Mackley (Noele Edmundo), Mark Cracknall (Don Handlebar), Sue Lee (Super Nanny), Sergio Filipe (Antonio), Steven Wright (Giogio), Paul J Green (Geeky Gondolier), imaginative and creative production of this Gilbert & Sullivan piece, very talented cast, film with mulitple cameras, excellent audio and video quality907, Colm Wilkinson in concert:Pro-shot, sings Les Mis., Phantom, Evita and much more, Patti Lupone guest star908, Magic Flute, PBS:Date: 1/24/2007Matthew Polenzani, Ying Huang, Rene Pape, Erika Miklosa, Nathan Gunn, Julie Taymor's dazzling production has been abridged by the direction into an appealing 100 minute version of the Met's first holiday opera presentation with a new English text by J.D. McClatchy. Mozart's the Magic Flute features all the spectacual visual effects of Taymor's original production at NYC Metropolitan Opera including flying birds, dancine bears and the magnificent star shimmering queen of the night, James Levine conducts, A909, South Pacific:Date: 1/1/1952Original London cast, 1952, professionally filmed for Rodgers and Hammerstein's private collection, Mary Martin, 2 dvds, RARE, A-910, 1776, Performance Riverside Production:Date: 4/13/2004Performance Riverside Production, Steve Glaudini, John Massey, Jr., Allen Everman, Greg Nichols, Tony Quinn, Nils Anderson, Sean Cox, Jill Van Velzer, Shannon Watson, production won the '04 L.A. Ovation award for best musical, filmed using one camera on a tripod, pro-shot, A 911, Sunset Boulevard, B'way:Date: 3/22/1997Alan Campbell, Elaine Paige, George Hearn, etc., rating: B+, 1 dvd912, Sweet Smell of Success, B'way:Date: 2/16/2002John Lithgow, Brian d'Arcy James, shot from 2nd row mezzanine, no heads, A913, Sweet Charity:Date: 4/10/2007Revival Tour, 4/10/07, Molly Ringwald, Guy Adkins, Kathryn Mowat Murphy, Francesca Harper, Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz, Jessica Leigh Brown, filmed opening night of the first leg of the tour in Baltimore, missing the first minute or two of the show, nicely filmed, crystal clear, occasional heads appear at the bottom of the screen in the wide shots, A914, Secret Garden, The :Date: 1/1/1995Pro-shot, Nicholas F. Saverine, Charlea Ayers, Julie Prosser, Michael Barry, Megan Drew, one camera with no close-ups, good video, A915, Rise and Fall of the City of Mahogonny, The :Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, L.A. Opera for Great Performances916, Side Show:Date: 10/21/1998Opening night, Pre-B'way, Kristen Behrendt (Daisy), Debra Wiseman (Violet), A.J. Vincent (Terry Connor), Pierce Peter Brandt (Buddy), Stephonne Smith (Jake), Ron Josef Meier (The Boss), quality: B+917, Saved:Date: 6/8/2008Evening, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Van Hughes, John Dossett, Mary Faber, Juliana Ashley Hansen, Curtis Holbrook, Emily Walton, Aaron Tveit, Josh Breckenridge, Jason Michael Snow, Morgan Weed, Daniel Zaitchik, Julia Murney, clear picture, audio only for 15 minutes of Act I from I'm Not That Kind of Girl" to about 15 seconds into "What's Wrong with Me", only Saved dvd out there, A918, Song and Dance:Date: 1/1/1983Pro-shot, Sarah Brightman, Wayne Sleep, music by ALW, first half of the program, a young woman, Emma has come to NY from England to pursue a career in hat design, we are taken on at tour with her romantic experiences with her ups and downs highlighted in song, one man she is involved with Joe, who becomes the focus of the program's 2nd half, instead of singing Joe's part of the program is an extensive ballet, A-919, Story of My Life, The :Date: 2/11/2009previews, Will Chase, Malcolm Gets, Alex Maizus, Austin McKinnis, short lived musical that lasted for only 5 performances, this show tells the story of two childhood friends and how their friendship profoundly defined their lives. Thomas Weaver is a best-selling award-winning author, Alvin Kelby was his best friend for 30 years, but time can test the bonds of friendship and when it does, Thomas calls on his only source he has-his stories of Alvin-to learn where things went wrong. It's a richlyh melodic musical, the show is a soaring tribute to the poster of friendship and the people who change our lives forever, filmed from the orchestra section, so there are heads at the bottom of the screen, basically the filmer put the recorder on the armrest, so it's a mainly stationary full stage shot, but what was caught on film is great, B+920, 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee:Date: 5/21/2006Aaron J. Albano (Chip), Stanley Bahorek (Leaf), Jenni Barber (Olive), Jim Cashman (Panch), Jared Gertner (William), James Monroe Iglehart (Mitch), Sara Inbar (Logainne), Greta Lee (Marcy), Betsey Wolfe (Rona)921, Romeo & Juliet:Date: 8/14/1999Patrick Wilson, Irene Molloy 922, Rocky Horror Show, B'way :Date: 8/17/2001B'way revival, 8/17/01, Tom Hewitt (Frank-N-Furter), Jarrod Emick (Brad), Alice Ripley (Janet), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Magenta), Mark Price (Riff-Raff), Ana Gayster (Columbia), James Stovall (Eddie/Dr. Scott u/s), Jonathan Sharp (Rocky u/s), Dick Cavett (Narrator), generation loss, slight washout, A923, Ragtime, B'way:Date: 10/25/2009Ron Bohmer, Christian Noll, Quentin Earl Darrington, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Savannah Wise, Donna Migliaccio, A-924, A Raisin in the Sun, B'way:Date: 4/10/2004Sean Combs, Audra McDonald, Philicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan925, Secret Garden concert, The :Date: 12/5/2005Michael Arden, Laura Benanti, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Matt Cavanaugh, Will Chase, Deborah S. Craig, Ben Magnuson, Jenny Powers, Steven Pasquale, Shonn Wiley, David Canary, Sara Gettelfinger, Max Von Essen, Barbara Rosenblat, Reshma Shetty, Nehal Joshi, Straun Erlanborn, Jaclyn Niedenthal, A-, 1 dvd 926, Our House (the Madness musical), :Date: 1/1/2003Pro-shot, Michael Jibson, Julia Gay, James Beattie, Alison Forbes, Mike Scott, featuring the music of one of Britain's best loved band, "Madness." Filmed live at the Cambridge Theatre on the show's final night, it features two new Madness songs as well as some of the band's greatest hits including Baggy Trousers, Driving in My Car, House of Fun and It Must Be Love. Our House is a modern day London love story of Joe and his girlfirend, Sarah, and follows the two different courses his life could take following his involvement in petty crime. The show won the Olivier Award for Best New Musical, 2003, A, amazing show, one of the best underrated musicals ever, A+927, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever:Date: 1/1/2001Theatre of Wichita, Ann Morrison, Wayne Bryan, excellent filming using a tripod with sound directly from soundboard, great clear video, A928, Title of Show :Date: 7/5/2008[Title of Show], first B'way preview, 7/5/08, Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Larry Pressgrove929, Wedding Singer,The, B'way:Date: 4/11/2006Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Cara Cooper (Holly u/s), Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner, nicely filmed with an understudy, 930, Woman in White,The, B'way:Date: 1/28/2006Maria Friedman, Daniel Marcus (u/s), Gregg Mills (u/s), Jill Paice, Adam Brazier, Angela Christian, includes NY reviews and interviews, 1 dvd, A931, Wild Party, The, (LaChuisa), B'way:Date: 6/8/2000Toni Colliette (Queenie), Mandy Pantinkin (Burrs), Eartha Kitt (Dolores), Tonya Pinkins (Kate), Yancey Arias (Black), Marc Kudish (Jackie)932, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, B'way:Date: 4/2/2005Bill Irwin, Kathleen Turner, Mireille Enos, David Harbour933, Understudy, The, B'way:Date: 1/17/2010Final performance, Justin Kirk, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Julie White, shot in orchestra around heads, A-934, Tony Awards, Radio City Music Hall:Date: 6/3/2010Cast members of Glee, La Cage Aux Folles, A Little Night Music, American Idiot, Memphis, Everyday Rapture and more, A+935, Tony Awards 2009,:Date: 6/7/2009Musicals: Billy Elliot, Shrek, pro-shot936, A Tale of Two Cities:Date: 8/20/2004Reading, James Barbour, Gary Morris, Gavin Creel, Michelle Dawson, Timothy Shrew, Katherine McGrath, 1 dvd, A-937, Sunset Boulevard:Date: 1/1/1993Glenn Close (Norma), Alan Cambell (Joe), Judy Kuhn (Betty), George Hearn B-938, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:Date: 2/15/2005Complete show with OBC, some minor head obstruction briefly, overall excellent recording939, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:Date: 6/28/2006Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Derrick Trumbly, Christine Werny, Jen Sese, Brad Weinstock, Lucia Spina, Bill Larkin, James Earl Jones II, A940, Tell Me On A Sunday :Date: 8/15/2003Denise Van Outen Nice video; clean and good sound and picture; camcorder shot and 1st generation from the master A941, Sunset Boulevard:Date: 7/14/1995Betty Buckley, Alan Campbell, Alice Ripley, Steven Stein-GraingerA decent copy of the show with enough generational loss andlower sound but still a decent video B+942, Shrek: The Musical:Date: 1/1/2009Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, DanielBreaker, John TartagliaLots of obstruction from railings and the audience workedaround as best as possible but a few times the picture is prettyshaky or the action is blocked, especially on the far right; firstten minutes of act one are especially shaky, obstructed, andblacked out, but gets much better. Two short blackouts duringLet Your Freak Flag Fly, and another blackout during the weddingscene that lasts about five minutes; mostly filmed with wides andmediums, some washout here and there, especially in the wides,Good sound throughout; 2 DVDs B+943, Spamalot :Date: 1/1/2008Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddinham, Bradley Dean, Rick Holmes, Clay Aiken, David Hibbard, Tom Deckman, Brad Oscar Filmed during Clay Aiken’s first trip to Broadway; nice clear video different than the one above with clear picture and sound; nice video A944, She Loves Me:Date: 1/1/1979Proshot for British TV Great Quality A-945, Scrambled Feet:Date: 1/1/1982Featuring the late, great Madeline Kahn and the original New York cast. Witty and irreverent satire of show business. Includes a wrestling match featuring "The Elephant Man" and a steller performance by Buster the Duck. Pro-shot A+ 946, Company :Date: 11/13/2006Broadway Revival Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman,Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley Shot from the mezzanine, with lots of closeups. A947, A Chorus Line :Date: 1/1/1999Gateway Playhouse Cast Unknown. Not a bad Video. A-948, Altar Boyz :Date: 7/19/2005Kevin Kern, Danny Calvert, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg Some spotlight washout in first 10 minutes and a cover up at end of "Rhythm in Me"; good sound but loud; there is no curtain call. Excellent video A-949, Anything Goes :Date: 7/17/2004Sally Ann Triplett, John Barrowman Cover ups and "stage searching" for the first 5 mins, then greatly improves. Crystal clear video and sound. A950, Aida :Date: 4/14/2007Leah Allers, Casey Elliott, Marja Harmon, David Walker (u/s Zoser), Dane Harrington Joseph, Michael Johnson, Ebony Blake, Edward C. SmithFilmed from the last row in the balcony. Act One begins in the middle of the Overture and ends about a minute into Elaborate Lives (about an hour and three minutes). Act Two is complete from A Step Too Far to Curtain Call; few cover-ups in Act One due to clapping. while act two has a few cover-ups due to latecomers and clapping. Some heads in the left hand corner for about a total of 5 minutes of the whole video. A951, Aida :Date: 6/23/2002Simone, Bob Gaynor (u/s), Felicia Finley Shot from third row mezzanine; except for a slightly jumpy 6-year old who sometimes gets his head in the shot, it's a gorgeous video. Clear picture and sound with nice closeups A952, Applause:Date: 3/15/1973Lauren Bacall and Larry Hagman. Professionally shot for Televission. Note worthy as the first network T entertainment special with a scene set in a gay dance club. Slight buzz throughout show, but audio can be heard clearly over it. Video quality is GREAT. Not available commercially.953, Beauty & The Beast :Date: 7/29/1997Dominion Theatre, London Alasdair Harvey, Julie-Alanah Brighten, Burke Moses, Derek Griffiths, Barry James, Mary Millar Good video, camcorder B+954, Broadway Bares :Date: 1/1/1997'The Barest Show on Earth'955, Big Bang, The :Date: 1/1/1999Very funny musical covering the history of the world in 90 minutes with two actors playing all the roles. Written by the team that wrote Off Broadway's hit, "Eating Raoul." Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. A-956, A Chorus Line :Date: 4/13/2002Ashley Adamek, Renee Bonadio, Paul Buschman, Stephanie Fredricks, John Arthur Greene, Michael Kennedy Choreographed and directed by OBC member Mitzi Hamilton excellent video and great sound and zooms A-957, Bad Girls The Musical:Date: 1/1/2008Howard McGill, Garry Cribb, Jeff Daly, James Gambold,AdamGoldsmith, Ben Godfrey, Amanda Posener, Camilla Beeput,Caroline Head, Chris Grierson, David Burt, Emily Aston, GillianHardie, Helen Fraser, Josephine Cook, Julie Jupp, Karl Davies,Laura RogersPro-shot video, excellent video A+958, Bridge and Tunnel :Date: 3/6/2004Off Broadway Sarah Jones' one woman show. Includes most television appearances, including theater talk segments and interviews. A 959, Cabare:Date: 10/21/1997Cabaret 10/21/87 ~ Broadway Revival Joel Grey, Alyson Reed, Regina Resnick, Werner Klemperer, Gregg Edelman Very well shot. Good picture and sound. B960, Aida :Date: 8/27/2002Broadway Maya Days, Adam Pascal, Felicia Finley Clear picture and great sound, one of the nicer AIDA's A961, Acorn Antiques! The Musical :Date: 1/1/2006Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence, Neil Morrissey, Sally Ann Triplett Pro shot video; excellent quality A+ 962, Hero, The Rock Opera:Date: 1/1/2004Michael Tail, Mark Stuart, Rebecca St. James. Pro shot for video. Interesting show; kind of a cross between Rent/Taboo/Brooklyn. A963, Hair:Date: 8/19/2003Adam Berry, Anna Henning, Steven Allen CouchA Production of Provincetown Theatre Company. House camera with great sound. A964, Side Show..B'way:Date: 1/3/1998Highlights Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis; Final Broadway performance; contains all of the main songs and some scenes; sound issues at the beginning of the video, but it clears up by "The Devil You Know"; easily watchable, but shows its age; About 45 mins from each act. Nicely shot in closeup. B-965, Scarlet Pimpernel, The :Date: 10/9/1999Broadway Ron Bohmer, Elizabeth Ward Land, Marc Kudisch. Has some spot wash-out, mostly on the wide shots. Very nice close-ups! Great color and sound. A small section (1-2 mins) of dialogue missing after Storybook. B+ 966, Drowsey Chaperone, the:Date: 11/1/2007Broadway: Bob Saget, Linda Gabler (u/s Tottendale), Beath Leavel967, Rasputin:Date: 1/1/1987Jon English. Large scale original Australian Musical. Filmed through the house camera. American tour now being planned, with Ted Neeley and John Hurt, with maybe a Broadway engagement. A-968, Rent:Date: 8/6/2010Live at the Hollywood Bowl 2 dvd A969, Bombay Dreams:Date: 9/15/2002Raza Jaffrey, Preeya Kalidas, Ayesha Dharker, Raj Ghatak. A little generation loss but beautifully filmed with good sound. B+970, Little night music, A:Date: 7/21/2009971, Glee Live:Date: 5/25/2010Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris. A fantastic concert that only had stops in four cities. The cast had so much energy and the theater nearly exploded with energy from the audience. Full show from start to finish, not to be missed! A972, Jekyll & Hyde :Date: 1/25/2008Chris Murray (Jekyll/Hyde), Ilonka Vackel (Emma), Susanna Panzner (Lucy), Hans-Jürgen Wiese (Utterson), Hilmar Meier (Sir Danvers)Proshot video of the show, amazingly well done, show itself is great and the cast is fantastic. A+973, Edward Scissorhands:Date: 4/19/2007Cast: Sam Archer, Kerry Biggin. A production of Mathew Bourne's New Adventure's Company. "Matthew Bourne (Swan Lake) is back with a new stage adaptation of the classic Tim Burton motion picture Edward Scissorhands. This touching and witty Gothic fairytale tells the story of a boy created by an eccentric inventor. With only scissors for hands, Edward must find his place in a strange new suburban world. With music based on the original score by Danny Elfman." Quality: B- (Act 1 is audio only, but Act 2 is beautifully filmed and crystal clear and you can see what an amazing production it is)974, Fame :Date: 1/27/1999Gavin Creel (Nick Piazza), Jennifer Gambatest (Serena Katz), Jose Restrepo (Joe Vegas), Natasha Rennalls (Carmen Diaz), Dioni Michelle Collins (Mabel Washington), Amy Ehrlich (Grace Lamb)975, Fame :Date: 1/27/1999Gavin Creel (Nick Piazza), Jennifer Gambatest (Serena Katz), Jose Restrepo (Joe Vegas), Natasha Rennalls (Carmen Diaz), Dioni Michelle Collins (Mabel Washington), Amy Ehrlich (Grace Lamb)976, Chicago:Date: 1/15/2002Anna Montanaro, Kati Farkas, Isabell Weicken, Gianni Meurer, Marny Bergerhoff, Isabel Classen, Woflgang Höltzel, A bit quiete, seems to be a proshot!, Rate: A+977, CHICAGO:Date: 8/14/2003Cast: Ruthie Henshall / Linzi Hateley / Ralph Saxon / Zee Asha and Norman PaceQuality: A- (lots of close-ups, but with a few head obstructions)978, WICKED:Date: 7/2/2010Excellent 2 dvd's979, War Of The Worlds, The... A Musical:Date: 4/25/2006Justin Hayward, Russell Watson, Tara Blaise, Chris Thameson, Alexis James, and the voice of Richard Burton. Originally a 1978 concept album based on the novel and movie of the same name, a live tour occurred in the UK and Ireland in April 2006, based on the album. A 'virtual' Richard Burton performs as the Journalist. The show features live performances along with some CGI and film clips. Pro-shot for video, at the Wembley Arena in London. A980, Spring Awakening:Date: 5/24/2009Jana Stelley's last as WendlaCast: Rasmus Borkowski (Melchior), Jana Stelley* (u/s Wendla), Wolfgang Türks(Moritz), Jennifer Kothe (Ilse), Johannes Huth (Hänschen), Sonja Dengler(Martha), André Naujoks* (u/s Ernst), Dominik Hees (Georg), Jeannine Wacker(Thea), Jana Nagy (Anna), Marlon Wehmeier (Otto), Julia Stemberger (ErwachseneFrauen), Daniel Berger (Erwachsene Männer)Chairs of Rock: Senta Sofia Delliponti, Patrizia Leitsoni, Sebastian Smulders, Stefan Bleiberschnig981, Hair:Date: 1/1/2005Cast: Sascha Th.G. Krebs (Berger), Ralf Schaedler (Claude), Katja Berg (Sheila), Michael Eisenburger (Woof), Peti van der Velde (Dionne), Marc Boadu (Hud), Lilemore Spitzer (Jeannie), Christopher Hemmans (Ron), Ramona Ludwig (Crissy), Michael Bergmann (Margaret Mead), Marco Heinrich, Isabel Dan, Jan Altenbockum, Philipp Georgopoulos, Rebecca Stahlhut, Marion Gutzeit, Marc Schlapp. There are no words for how beautiful this disc is. Filmed at the outdoor stage in Tecklenburg, open-air, from late afternoon into dusk into night, an excellent cast delivers a spirited performance of a great show, and it’s a multi-camera archive video of TV broadcast quality, higher quality editing than the usual Tecklenburg house tapes. A crown jewel Hair recording, trumped only by the 2007 Amstetten show. German language. A+982, Adam Pascal and Taylor Dayne:Adam Pascal and Taylor DayneSupper Clubconcert983, Rent the Hollywood Bowl :Date: 8/6/2010Sylar Austin (Mark), Aaron Tveit (Roger), Vanessa Hudgins (Mimi), Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen), Tracie Thoms (Joanne), Telly Leung (Angel), Wayne Brady (Collins). Directed by Neil Patrick Harris. Nicely filmed with a good mix of wide shots and close-ups. No obstructions. 984, Grease the Musical:Date: 5/6/2009Eric Schneider (Danny), Emily Padgett (Sandy), David Ruffin (Kenickie), Allie Schultz (Rizzo), Taylor Hicks (Sonny)2 DVD'S985, Superior Donuts:Date: 11/27/2009Superior DonutsMichael McKeon, Jon Michael Hill. 2 Discs. 986, Once upon a mattress:Date: 12/18/1996Sarah Jessica Parker, Jane Krakowski, Heath Lamberts, Mary Lou Rosato, David Aaron Baker, Lewis Cleale, David Hibbard Note: Not personally reviewed yet. Shot from what seems like right mezzanine. Mostly a stationary shot with some good zooms but no real close-ups. Some washout from spotlights. Good sound. Nice clear picture shot with a steady hand. Overall a good video. [B+] 987, Sweeney Todd :Date: 3/11/2004New York City Opera with Elaine Paige and Mark Delavan. Shot from 2nd ring. Digital, from master. 2 discs988, In the Heights:Date: 8/21/2010EVENING PERFORMANCE....STARRING JORDIN SPARKS (AMERICAN IDOL WINNER) A989, Aida:Date: 11/23/1999Sherie Scott, Adam Pascal, Heather Headley. 990, South Pacific:Date: 10/4/2009Carmen Cusack, Christopher Carl as (u/s) Emile, Keala Settle, Matthew Saldivar, Gerry Becker, Anderson Davis, Sumie Maeda.991, Guys & Dolls:Date: 3/7/2009Lauren Graham, Kate Jennings Grant, Oliver Platt, Craig Bierko 2 discs992, Actor:Date: 1/1/1978~PBS-TVHerschel Bernardi, Georgia Brown, Howard Duff, Harold Gould, Hildy Brooks. "A musical play based on the early years of actor Paul Muni." A993, Ain't Supposed To Die A Natural Death:Date: 4/22/2006Off-Broadway RevivalTracy Jack, Carmen Barika, Rashaad Ernesto Green, J. Kyle Manzay. Book, music and lyrics by Melvin Van Peebles. "A totally unique fiction form, Ain't Supposed To Die A Natural Death is a gutsy, lusty narrative of Black street life that explores every aspect of ghetto life. Peopled by junkies, whores, pimps, lesbians, drag queens, sweatshops workers, crooked cops, prisoners, lovers and dreamers, Van Peebles' play is considered a tradition shattering and trend setting work which spawned the choreopoem, spoken word, and rap music. Ain't Supposed To Die was a huge hit on Broadway in 1971 in its original inception running for 325 performances and garnering seven Tony nominations, including Best Musical." Nicely filmed from the balcony. Crystal clear images. A994, All That I Will Ever Be:Date: 1/27/2007Off-BroadwayPeter Macdissi, Austin Lysy, Patch Darragh, Kandiss Edmundson, David Margulies, Victor Slezakone. "New York Theatre Workshop presents the world premiere of a play by Alan Ball, the creator of HBO's Emmy Award-winning Six Feet Under and the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of American Beauty. All That I Will Ever Be, Ball's first new play in over twelve years, is a richly characterized tale of cultural imperialism and our eternal search for belonging as seen through the eyes of two young men in Los Angeles, one a restless native Angelino, the other an enigmatic immigrant from the Middle East." Very nicely filmed and crystal clear. A995, Never Forget, The Musical :Date: 1/1/2007Dean Chisnall, Craige Els, Stephane Anelli, Tim Dressen, Eaton James. "Never Forget, the musical featuring the songs of Take That. The show is a feel-good comedy about love, friendship, ambition and betrayal. With an original story written by Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless, Sorted, Clocking Off) , Guy Jones and Ed Curtis, Never Forget is about the unlikeliest of Take That tribute bands. Set in Manchester, the tuner follows the rollercoaster journey of young hero Ash and his best mates in the pursuit of their dreams. Packed with Take That songs, the show includes the hits "Relight My Fire," "Pray," "Back For Good," "Babe" and, of course, "Never Forget." (Think "Mamma Mia.") Also includes a 20 minute making of documentary. Pro-shot for video. A996, Cannibal! The Musical :Date: 1/1/2002"Cannibal! The Musical is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America - Alferd Packer. The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Pry as he awaits his execution. And his story goes like this: While searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors, including toe-tapping songs!" Music, lyrics and book written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame.) A production of Chicago’s Great Beast Theatre Company. Recorded using one camera on a tripod. Rarely done stage show presentation. Includes a little pre-filmed movie which was shown prior to the live show to provide a little background. A-997, Sweet Charity :Date: 4/10/2007Revival TourMolly Ringwald, Guy Adkins, Kathryn Mowat Murphy, Francesca Harper,Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz, Jessica Leigh Brown. Filmed opening night on the first leg of the tour in Baltimore. Missing the first minute or two of the show. Nicely filmed, and crystal clear. Occasional heads appear at the bottom of the screen in the wide shots. A-998, Five Guys Named Moe:Date: 1/1/1995Pro shot. A999, Gemini:Date: 1/1/1981Showtime-TVScott Baio, Danny Aiello (from the original Broadway cast), Anne DeSalvo, Sheree North, Eve Bennett-Gordon, John Cassisi. RARE! Televised version of the Broadway play by Albert Innaurato which played from 1977 to 1981. This version is basically a filming of the play in a studio (not on a stage in front of an audience), and is so much better than the movie Happy Birthday Gemini, which was based on the play. This little known gem isn't even listed in IMDB which lists almost everything! Occasional video "glitches" turn the screen to blue for a few seconds, maybe about 3 times, otherwise very good quality. A-1000, Patti Lupone- Compilation DVD:- Clip of Patti singing Don't Cry for me, Argentina from 1980 Grammy Awards - Performance of Anything Goes at the 1988 Tony Awards - Clips of Patti performing A Wonderful Guy, Broadway Baby, and The Wind Beneath my Wings from Life Goes on episode Break a Leg, Mom - In Performance at The White House performing What a Swell Party, Anything Goes, Blow Gabriel Blow (George Bush era) - Performance of Don't Cry for me, Argentina at Andrew Lloyd Webber Tribute - Presenting Best Original Score for a Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards - Performing It's Love, A Lonely Town, and Just in Time at the 1991 Kennedy Center Honors of Comden and Green with Howard McGillin - Performing At The Same Time from Heartstrings at A Call to Action in the War Against AIDS 1992 - Clip of Patti announcing the 1992 Tony Award nominations with Matthew Broderick - Performing Anything Goes, Don't Cry for me, Argentina and Blow Gabriel Blow at Pop Goes the 4th at the Capitol Building - ET segment on Sunset Blvd coming to Broadway - Performing Being Alive at Sondheim: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall 3/3/93 - Performance of Dirty Hands, Dirty Face and interview on The Rosie O'Donnell Show 9/6/96 - Interview on The Rosie O'Donnell Show 1/27/98 - In Performance at The White House performing Bewitched, As Long As He Needs Me, Being Alive (Clinton era) - Performance of I Will and interview on The Rosie O'Donnell Show 3/9/99 - Performance of I Get a Kick out of You and A Hundred Years from Today and interview on The Isaac Mizrahi Show 01?02?03? - Performance of I Dreamed a Dream on The Joan Rivers Show 1001, Little Shop of Horrors:Date: 7/3/20051002, Les Miserables:Date: 8/24/2007Drew Sarich (Valjean), Robert Hunt (Javert), Nikki Renee Daniels (Fantine u/s), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Megan McGinnis (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Chip Zien (Thernadier), Becca Ayers (Mme Thernadier u/s), Brian D'Addario (Gavroche), Max von Essen (Enjolras), Michael Minarik (Grantaire), shot in widescreen, some shakiness, otherwise a very nice video, technical issue at the beginning of "Look Down" when the set doesn't come together causes the show to stop, disc one ends with a "Heart Full of Love", disc two picks up at the beginning of that show and goes until the end (not my notes on this)1003, Les Miserables:Date: 10/23/2007North Shore Music Theatre, 10/23/07, pro-shot, dress rehearsel, Fred Inkley, Jacquelyn Piro, Charles Hagerty, Joanne Javien, Devin Richards, Inga Ballard, Ron Winski, Joanna Rosen, Charley Brady1004, Legally Blonde:Date: 4/29/2010Sheridan Smith, Sean Mulligan (Warner u/s), Alex Gaumond, Peter Davison, Jill Halfpenny, Aoife Mulholland, Caroline Keiff, Lucy Miller (Serena u/s), includes new version of "Ireland" that was rewritten for London cast, A