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Broadway Is My Beat on one Mp3 DVD.  Contains 168 episodes.

This disc will not play in regular CD players.  This disc will only work on your DVD computer drive.

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Show Episodes

The Alex Raymond Murder Case 28:03
The Alice Mayo Murder Case 29:37
The Amelia Lane Murder Case 30:47
The Amelia Ramirez Murder Case 28:30
The Andrew Jenkins Case 28:28
The Ann Cornell Murder Case 30:21
The Anna Compton Murder Case 29:43
The Artie Blanchard Case 29:11
The Barbara Hunt Murder Case 29:32
The Barton Russell Murder Case 24:51
The Ben Elliot Murder Case 29:51
The Ben Justin Murder Case 29:33
The Blanche Dermit Murder Case 27:53
The Bob Foster Murder Case 28:53
Buddy Malpaugh and the Jeweled Scimitar 30:11
The Celia Jordan Murder Case 29:35
The Charles and Jane Kimball Murder Case 29:30
The Charles Crandall Murder Case 29:36
The Charles Ralston Murder Case 27:26
The Claire Scott Murder Case 29:20
The Cora Lee Murder Case 30:09
The David Blaine Murder Case 29:25
The Dion Hartley Murder Case 29:33
The Donald Jordan Murder Case 30:55
The Dr Robbie McClure Murder Case 29:27
The Dr Robert Stafford Murder Case 29:49
The Earl Lawson Murder Case 29:32
The Ed Koster Murder Case 29:23
The Elaine Hill Murder Case 30:04
The Eleanor Corbett Murder Case 29:24
The Elizabeth Price Murder Case 29:35
The Ernie Cauldwell Murder Case 29:30
The Eugene Bullock Murder Case 31:00
The Eve Hunter Murder Case 30:34
A Fixed Prize Fight 28:16
The Floyd Decker Murder Case 29:25
The Francesca Brown Murder Case 29:44
The Francie Green Murder Case 30:16
The Frank Briscoe Murder Case 30:04
The Frank Conway Murder Case 27:21
The Frank Dayton Murder Case 29:05
The Frank Dunn Murder Case 29:27
The Frankie Spain Murder Case 29:40
The George Lane Murder Case 29:26
The Georgia Gray Murder Case 29:27
The Georgie Beck Murder Case 24:44
The Gordon Merrick Murder Case 29:59
The Grace Cullen Murder Case 28:01
The Harold Clark Murder Case 29:24
The Harriet Temple Murder Case 29:27
The Harry Brett Murder Case 29:28
The Harry Brian Murder Case 29:34
The Harry Foster Murder Case 29:29
The Harry Gray Murder Case 29:44
The Harry Moore Murder Case 29:21
The Helen Carrol Murder Case 29:26
The Helen Selby Murder Case 29:25
The Henry Baker Murder Case 29:23
The Hilda Bruce Murder Case 28:46
The Hope Anderson Murder Case 29:30
The Howard Crawford Murder Case 29:26
The Irene Hall Murder Case 29:21
The Jack Jorno Murder Case 29:16
The Jane Arnold Murder Case 30:12
The Jane Darwell Murder Case 29:29
The Janice Bennett Murder Case 29:34
The Jimmy Dorn Murder Case 28:39
Joan Ellen's Body 29:55
The Joan Fuller Murder Case 29:03
The Joan Gale Murder Case 29:57
The Joan Stanley Murder Case 29:25
The Joe Blair Murder Case 29:28
The Joe Gruber Murder Case 29:25
The Joe Quito Murder Case 29:00
The Joe Turner Murder Case 29:36
The Joey Condon Murder Case 29:21
The Joey Croft Murder Case 28:54
The Joey Herbie and Beebe Murder Case 29:46
The Joey Macklin - John Howard Murder Case 29:18
The John Dobson Murder Case 29:07
The John Elgin Murder Case 30:23
The John Lomax Murder Case 29:25
The John Mooney Murder Case 30:02
The John Nelson Murder Case 29:26
The John Perry Murder Case 28:24
The John Rand Murder Case 29:25
The John Stewart Murder Case 27:59
The John Webster Murder Case 27:06
The Johnny Clark Murder Case 28:12
The Johnny Hill Murder Case 29:27
The Joseph Brady Case 30:18
The Joyce Tyler Murder Case 29:30
The Julie Dixon Murder Case 29:26
The Julie Roland Murder Case 30:27
The Katy Lane Murder Case 29:19
The Kenneth Mitchell Murder Case 28:55
The Kenny Purdue Murder Case 29:46
The Kurt Bower Murder Case 29:26
The Larry Burdette Murder Case 29:30
The Larry Moore Murder Case 30:28
The Lars Nielson Murder Case 29:05
Laugh-A-Minute Tyler 30:06
The Laura Burton Murder Case 29:25
The Lila Hunter Murder Case 25:10
The Lily Nelson Murder Case 27:57
The Lois Burton Murder Case 29:23
The Lois Conrad Murder Case 30:18
The Lona Hanson and the Fighter Murder Case 29:13
The Lou Martin Murder Case 31:15
The Lt Jimmy Hunt Murder Case 29:32
The Lucille Baker Murder Case 29:24
The Lynn Halstead Murder Case 28:18
The Marcia Dean Murder Case 29:26
The Margaret Royce Murder Case 29:24
The Mario La Vecchia Murder Case 29:56
The Marty Connell Murder Case 27:58
The Mary Demming Murder Case 29:30
The Mary Gilbert Murder Case 29:15
The Mary Murdock Murder Case 29:53
The Mary Smith Murder Case 29:27
The Mary Trevor Murder Case 30:36
The Max Wendell Murder Case 30:04
The Mei Ling Murder Case 29:25
The Michael Austin Murder Case 29:20
The Morris Bernstein Murder Case 28:55
The Mrs Webb Murder Case  29:32
Nick Norman and  Santa Claus 29:25
The Otto Prokosh Murder Case 29:31
The Pablo Molari Murder Case 29:26
The Paul Clark Murder Case 28:57
The Paul Holland Murder Case 29:20
The Paul Thomas Murder Case 29:39
The Paul Tracy Murder Case 29:20
The Paul Tracy Murder Case 28:07
The Peg Miller Murder Case 30:16
The Peggy Warner Murder Case 29:17
The Philip Hunt Murder Case 29:26
The Raymond Grant Murder Case 30:03
The Ricardo Miguel Murder Case 29:58
The Robert Turk Murder Case 30:17
The Roberto Segura Murder Case 29:26
The Robin Forrest Murder Case 29:28
The Russ Warner Murder Case 28:56
The Ruth Larson Murder Case 29:26
The Ruth Nelson Murder Case 30:20
The Ruth Shay Murder Case 29:26
The Sgt Gordon Ellis Murder Case 29:07
The Sherman Gates Murder Case 29:27
The Shorty Dunne Murder Case 28:42
The Silks Bergen Murder Case 29:48
The Sophie Brettin Murder Case 29:18
Spring Death Is `Round the Corner 29:05
The Stacy Parker Murder Case 29:41
The Stacy Parker Murder Case 28:08
The Steve Courtney Murder Case 29:24
The Sybil Crane Murder Case 29:28
The Ted Ebberly Murder Case 23:22
The Ted Forstek and Ruth Ballard Murder Case 30:34
The Ted Lawrence Murder Case 29:36
The Thelma Harper Murder Case 27:39
The Thomas Hart Murder Case 29:27
Tom and Alice Corey Suicide Pact 29:39
The Tom Keeler Murder Case 29:23
The Tommy Stafford Murder Case 28:56
The Tony Blair Murder Case 28:07
The Tori Jones Murder Case 29:28
The Val Dane Murder Case 29:40
Wanted for Murder 30:13

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