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Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) DVD Sam Peckinpah
Sam Peckinpah
Frank Kowalski (story) and
Sam Peckinpah (story) ...
Crime | Drama | Thriller
Warren Oates ...
Isela Vega ...
Robert Webber ...
Gig Young ...
Helmut Dantine ...
Emilio Fernández
... El Jefe (as Emilio Fernandez)
Kris Kristofferson ...
Chano Urueta ...
Manchot, the bartender
Donnie Fritts ...
John (as Donny Fritts)
Jorge Russek ...
Chalo González
... Chalo (as Chalo Gonzalez)
Don Levy ...
Enrique Lucero ...
Janine Maldonado ...
Tamara Garina ...
Grandmother no

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Also Known As:
Tráiganme la cabeza de Alfredo García (Mexico)
112 min
USA | Mexico
Sam Peckinpah's "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" is a
weird, horrifying film that somehow transcends its unlikely
material. It's the story of a drunken and violent odyssey across
Mexico by a dropout bartender who, if he returns Alfredo Garcia's
head, stands to be paid a million dollars. The head accompanies him
in a burlap bag, tossed into the front seat of a beat-up old Ford
convertible, and it gathers flies and symbolic meaning at about the
same pace.
The movie is some kind of bizarre masterpiece. It's probably
not a movie that most people would like, but violence, with
Peckinpah, sometimes becomes a psychic ballet. His characters don't
look for it, they don't like it, and they negotiate it with
weariness and resignation. They're too beat up by life to get any
kind of exhilaration from a fight. They've been in far too many
fights already, and lost most of them, and the violence they
encounter is just another cross to bear.
That's the case with Bennie, the antihero of "Bring Me the
Head of Alfredo Garcia." He's played by Warren Oates, one of that
breed of movie actors who attract us, somehow, through their
negative qualities. He's like some of the characters played by Jack
Nicholson or Bruce Dern; we like him because he's suffered so much
more than we ever will (we hope) that no matter what horrors he
goes through, or inflicts, we still care about him.
Bennie is a bartender and plays a little piano, and he hears
about the head of Alfredo Garcia from a couple of bounty hunters
who pass through his saloon. They're played, by the way, by the
unlikely team of Gig Young and Robert Webber, who between them
define dissipation. Garcia's head is worth a million bucks because
Garcia, it turns out, has impregnated the daughter of a rich
Mexican industrialist. The millionaire is almost a caricature of
macho compulsiveness; he simultaneously puts a price on the head of
the culprit, and looks forward with pride to the birth of a
Bennie sees the million dollars as his ticket out of hell,
and on the way to finding it he runs across Alfredo Garcia's former
lover, Elita (Isela Vega, looking as moistly erotic as anyone since
young Anna Magnani). They fall in love, or something; their
relationship is complicated by Bennie's crude shyness and her own
custom of being abused by men.
The most perversely interesting relationship in the movie,
however, is the friendship that grows between Bennie and Alfredo's
head, once Bennie has gotten possession of it. That's made somewhat
easier by the fact that Alfredo, it turns out, is already dead. But
there is a gruesome struggle over his grave, and once Bennie
finally gets the head he has to kill to protect his prize. His
drive across Mexico is fueled by blood and tequila, and about
halfway through it we realize why Peckinpah set his movie in the
present, instead of in the past; this same material wouldn't have
worked as a historical Western. The conventions of the genre would
have insulated us from the impact of what happens. There would have
been horses and watering holes and cliches. Instead, we get
unforgettable scenes of Warren Oates with that grisly burlap bag
and the bottle next to him in the front seat, and the nakedness of
his greed is inescapable.
Somewhere along the way Oates, as Bennie, makes a compact
with the prize he begins to call "Al." They both loved the same
woman, they are both being destroyed by the same member of an upper
class, they're both poor bastards who never asked for their grief
in life. And slowly, out of the haze of the booze and the depths of
his suffering, Bennie allies himself with Al and against the slob
with the money. "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" is Sam
Peckinpah making movies flat out, giving us a desperate character
he clearly loves, and asking us to somehow see past the horror and
the blood to the sad poem he's trying to write about the human
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