Item Description

This auction is not a carburetor for sale.  This auction is for  Briggs & Stratton 8-12.5hp carburetor rebuild service. You will need to send me your carburetor to be rebuilt.  I do not just kit your carb.  I go  through it and replace anything needed or questionable including the main emulsion tube, main jet, throttle shaft, throttle shaft seals, or choke shaft, brass seat, inlet needle, bowl, etc.  I can rebuild any variation of this carb for the same price. I can take a carb body and also convert it from manual to automatic choke or automatic to manual choke.  Price includes parts, labor, return shipping by priority mail and a 90 day warranty. Intake or mounting gaskets are included.  If you need assistance or have questions email or call  530-312-2648.  Shipping address is Zeferino Monteleone 507 Cottonwood Street #14 Woodland, CA. 95695. Feel free to include payment with your carb or use paypal. If you need assistance with final carb adjustments, additional parts new or used to get that motor going, or troubleshooting help. feel free its what I do for a living and what I am here for. thank you for your business.