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Increase Breast Size by 1-3 Cup Sizes with this traditional herbal cream! This breast enhancement cream uses Pueraria Mirifica extract as its main active ingredient. Pueraria Mirifica(White Kwao Krua) is a traditional
medicinal root plant found in the forest of Northern Thailand. It has traditionally been used for women there who have stopped breast feeding, to firm and enlarge their breast.

High in phytoestrogens ( female hormone estrogen-like properties) , it has extraordinary rejuvenating properties ideal for enhancing firmness and lifting fuller breasts, revitalising the skin and restoring elasticity to support the breast.

During the first 2 weeks of use,  most women experience firming and enhanced elasticity of the breast tissues.The subsequent  3rd and 4th weeks  will see gradual breast enlargement.

Other benefits of
Pueraria Mirifica include:

- lightening nipple color
- rejuvenates the body and keeps body lively
- nourishes skin condition, especially around the breast
- makes skin beautifully young
- possess anti-aging properties
- stimulates blood circulation
- reduces wrinkles and freckles

This formulation uses 7%
Pueraria Mirifica extract, making it the most potent in the market as this is the maximum allowable content under Thailand's FDA Rules. (Some versions have been known to use as little as 1% extract and most don't tell you how much is used-ours explicitly states it on the label)

Manufactured by one of Thailand's biggest OEM cosmetic manufacturers for our company under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.Have been dermatologically-tested.

How to use: Place enough cream to cover one fingertip on each breast (except the nipple), and gently massage over breasts, upwards and around them for 3-5 minutes. Use twice daily, once in the morning and once before bedtime for best results. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can decrease the usage of the cream to once daily.

Application twice a day for 3 months is recommended. After 3 months, application may be reduced to once a day.

Precaution: Not recommended for pregnant women, feeding mothers or women diagnosed with medical conditions of the breast. Pueraria Mirifica should also not be used by woman under 20 years of age as the body is not fully grown yet.

Does it work for men? Thailand's infamous transsexuals have been known to use this.

Now available in 150g jars to last around 1 month.( Contact Me if have any special requests)

Package will be sent in a discreet package

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If you are not satisfied with our product, please mail it back within 7 days for a refund less shipping

Expected Delivery Times:

United States : 5-10 business days

United Kingdom : 5-7 business days

Australia : 5 business days


This is what some of our repeat buyers say:

"cant wait to receive it think the cream is starting to work but more noticable on the left one than the right hopefully they'll even up after a while"- Ann-marie F


"Great seller, fast deal. the cream is very effective. i'm buying 2 more tubes!! "- zimoon85  

"I bought 6 tubes. It works for me. Toning more than enhancement."- Rachael W

Have noticed a slight change but hopefully it does a lot more, thank you  -jo*477          


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