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Measuring in at just over four feet long and boasting a high muzzle velocity, the BRAVO BV7 is a monster of a rifle which is every bit as mean as it looks. With awesome power and range this bolt action rifle is an impressive edition to our sniper rifle arsenal. This rifle started out as a WELL MB-07B which BRAVO has taken and refined to make this awesome rifle ever better. The fit and finished is noticeably improved and they have cleaned up the rough edges on the mag well making reloads a much smoother process. Looking at the BV7 you will find that it is mainly built out of metal with the only exceptions being the synthetic stock and rubber butt pad. This high metal content gives the rifle a realistic heft and rigid structure for a stable shooting platform. Its long barrel is fluted and features a nicely detailed muzzle brake. Atop the receiver is a solid metal weaver mounting deck which will accept practically any optic of your choosing. Looking forward under forend you will find a shorter weaver rail which is useful for attaching a bi-pod, laser or flashlight. Cycling the bolt is exceptionally smooth and surprisingly easy considering the amount of power this rifle produces. Squeeze the trigger and this bruiser will send a heavyweight .4g streaking downrange at over 340 fps! The effective range which the rifle could consistently engage a torso sized target was 220 feet making it highly capable of outranging most any assault rifle on the market. Comes with: Metal folding Bi-Pod and speed loader. Shown with but NOT included: 5th Gen 3-9X50 Mil-Dot Red/Green Illuminated Scope and Weaver Full Size Scope Mount.Please note: There is no manual included for this rifle. It comes in two sections and does require some assembly. Simply fit the barrel group into the stock and then secure them by installing two bolts. The shorter bolt is installed into the hole under the front of the stock at the end of the accessory rail. The larger bolt is installed into the hole just behind the magazine well. Operation: Spring Fire mode/s: Manual cocking Muzzle velocity: 475 fps w/ .2g Effective range: 220 feet Ammo type: .28g to .43g Hop Up: Adjustable Weight: 6.5 lbs Magazine capacity: 30 rds Locking slide: No Open ejection port: No Length: 49 inches Comes with orange tip