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Brass Alcohol burner

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Brass Coffee set

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Arabic Turkish Coffee

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1 handmade Brass Turkish Coffee Maker

Table top alcohol burner

This package includes :

Qty (1) Brass tabletop alcohol burner Turkisk coffee maker with beautiful pharaonic hand drawings.

Fine quality hand made in Egypt, can be used as an antique or decorative item.

Qty (1) Brass flame cover.

Qty (1) Brass filling aid.

Very Fine Quality.

New coffee making experience, convinient to use, fun and entertaining.

Turkish coffee made with alcohol burners tastes better.

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Turkish coffee Brass Table Top Alcohol burner handmade with wooden Handle

The Turkish Coffee Maker, usually called ibrik, jezve, or kanaka, is made of polished brass, tinned inside, and have a removable wooden handle. It has a wide bottom, a narrow neck, and a long handle.

Used for brewing Ibrik or Turkish coffee, as a milk frothing pitcher for espresso machines the taper in the shape keeps milk in the pitcher, boiling eggs, while some use them for decoration.

The ibrik was originally designed to brew coffee in hot sand in the desert, but a table top alcohol burner will do great.

They are made in different sizes, so you may want to own several sizes because the ibrik is best filled 2/3 with water when making Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee Table top Brass Burner / Alcohol Burner

The Burner is perfect for making Turkish coffee right at the table, as well as keeping anything warm, or warming it from the start, you can as well prepare hot drinks,  doing simple cooking, or even use it as a laboratory burner.

It is easy to use; you can use it anywhere conveniently, very helpful in picnics and temporary stays.

It is best using denatured alcohol as a fuel, it burns completely and does not soot.  It is available at any hardware store as a solvent.  The burner can burn other fuels, lamp oil can be used as well but it will leave behind a large amount of soot.

How to make Turkish coffee

Preparing Turkish coffee is more about your personal taste than reading directions, this guide is to help you start making Turkish coffee, afterwards you will going to master the process  and do it to your own preferences.

Use a good quality medium roast powder-grind Turkish coffee.

Fill the ibrik 2/3 full with water, add sugar to you taste, and top it with a heaping 1 ½ teaspoon of coffee for every single demitasse cup (approx 2 oz.). The coffee seals the narrow neck of the pot creating an oven effect .

As the mixture is brought to a frothing boil on a table top alcohol burner it will form foam, Turkish coffee is about foaming and cooling cycles, the flame of an alcohol burner can be modulated to maintain continuous foam for the duration of the extraction time which should be around 4 – 5 minutes.  As the froth gets close to the top, just before it boils over, remove the ibrik from the heat, allow the froth to go down, and then replace it on the heat. There should be coffee foam at the top, pay attention to the foaming so that it doesn’t spill over, it is the skill part of the process. After the third frothing boil, the coffee will be ready for serving.

Fill each cup a bit at a time repeatedly to distribute the foam evenly, so that all cups have an even amount of foam and coffee.

When pouring into your cups the foam is poured first, pour the foam quickly, then slowly pour the rest. You can spoon a little foam into each demitasse cup before pouring the rest of the coffee.

The goal is to keep the coffee foaming, but not to let it rise more than a quarter of its volume. Foam for 3 – 4 minutes so that the coffee is neither thin nor over extracted.

With a good brew, you should have enough foam to cover almost the entire surface of a demitasse cup.


Thanks and enjoy your coffee

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