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BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System
BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System
BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System
BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System BRAND NEW Hidden 4-collar Dog Fence Containment System

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Dog In-Ground Pet Fencing System with 4 Collars

This in-ground Pet fencing system is the most reliable, humane & cost-efficient pet containment system available today which help to keep your dog safe from rambling and traffic without taking its freedom .  A radio transmitter connected into a power outlet will emit a radio signal along an underground wire.  When your dog approaches the boundary,  the radio signal will initiate the collar to issue the warning beep first .  If your dog continues closer to the boundary, the system will issue a mild shock.  If your dog continues further, the system will issue stronger shocks until your dog returns to within the boundary you have set up.  Your dog will naturally seek to avoid correction, and is content staying within the areas you designated.  Areas that you can created can be easily combined or deactivated at your control.

This system is capable of training your dogs as many as you had and enclosing up to 5 acres .  This packing only comes with 4 collars and enough wire to enclose about a half acre (300m of wire).  Additional collar and wire for extent application can be bought from our shop.



  • Wireless & Intelligent Containment System - The transmitter emits a harmless radio signal along the underground wire to initiate the warning signals to the dog when it is closer to the boundary.
  • Flexible Containment Design - The pet owner can build their customized looping system based on their actual environment.
  • Multiple Dog Training System - The fence system applies to multi-dogs training at the same time.  (Additional collar is required)
  • Dangerous or Protection Area Entry Prevention - The pet owner can enclose the specific dangerous or protection area such as swimming pool and make the dogs cannot entry-in.
  • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus - The closer the distance between your pet & the boundary, the more intense the static shock.
  • Progressive Tone Stimulus - Gradual warning signals will be issued at different stages, i.e. a warning tone will be issued first, then a shock stimulus if your dog continues to move closer to the boundary.
  • Power Boost Switch - The width of the warning can be adjusted by field width adjustment knob in the transmitter.
  • Speed Detect Anti-Run Through - The faster your dog is moving, the quicker the higher level of intensity is issued.  The collar automatically increases the stimulation when your dog continues more than 1/3 of the way through the containment field, regardless of the transmitter stimulation level setting.
  • Audio Wire Break Alarm - The system's control center has an audible alarm to alert you if it senses a break in the wire or if the boundary system is not functioning correctly.
  • Visual Wire Break Alarm - The system's control center will light up if it senses a break in the wire.
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals - quick and secure connection or disconnection of the wire to the control center.



  • Sturdy nylon collar with length adjustable from 30 to 55cm (approx. 12 to 22 inch) for different size of dog (trainer can fit other collars with a width of 2 cm (0.75 inch)).
  • The collar has battery indicator (LED) which can show the battery status, i.e. GREEN for working properly, RED for battery replacement is necessary.



  1. Dig a trench with 1"-3" depth and lay the wire along the perimeter you chosen.  The wire must be in a continuous loop from the transmitter and back again. 

Remarks:  - DO NOT bury the wire until you make sure that the system is running properly

                - Use gradual turn at the corners with a minimum of 2.5 foot radius which can produce a more consistent containment field.

  1. Install the transmitter box on the wall and connect with the wire in a complete loop.
  2. Turn on the power source to check whether the wire loop is in good condition or not ( "OK" LED light means the loop system is complete and ready for use, "BREAK" LED light means the loop system is incomplete and you should check the connection and wire status again.)
  3. Insert battery into the collar and put it on your dog.
  4. Train your dog by leading him around the perimeter.  Let him experience the warning beeps & shock so that he knows his boundaries.
  5. Bury the wire after the system was check in normal condition and then place the training flags with recommended 10' flag-flag interval and in dog's visual clue.
  6. Enjoy your FENCING SYSTEM.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Indoor wall-mounted transmitter
  • 1 x US Power charger (Input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz; Output: 12V DC)
  • 4 x Adjustable receiver collar
  • 1 x 6 Volt (4LR44) battery for each collar
  • 1 x boundary wire of 300 meters
  • 20 x training flags
  • 1 x test bulb
  • 4 x screws
  • 1 x user's manual

Important Notes: As Australia's policy prohibits the importation of collar with SHOCK function, it is NOT recommended for buyers to purchase this item to Australia district. 


For additional collar(s) or wire(s), please buy it from our shop or contact us for details!

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