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Value: $250

BrainTrading System 7.0 for FREE MetaTrader Platform (version 3.xx and newest verion 4.xx)

You can work with any online broker and use Free Metatrader Platform (version 3.xx and version 4.xx) with BrainTrading System for Advanced Intelligent Analysis. You don’t even need to pay big money for charts because it is absolutely free with MetaTrader.

BrainTrading System, an applied methodology (indicator package) to buy bottoms, sell tops, determine trend and trend reversals, was originally developed by BrainTrading Solutions for the futures markets. The BrainTrading ™ System methodology can be applied to any market, any time frame, and is as timely and accurate in forex as it is in futures and stocks.

Buy bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk. Generates high probability Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals (70%+).
Tight Trailing Stops lock in profits and keep you in markets for the big moves. Dynamic Trend Indicators show the trading trend for any time frame.