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The movie "Born To Run" starring Richard Grieco on DVD watched it once, plays excellent
Nicky (RICHARD GRIECO) is the reigning king of the blacktop and that means big business. Although Nicky races in the streets, it's the local mob boss, Phil (JOE CORTESE), who owns them and wants a piece of the action. Now Nicky must race for more than competition ... he must race for his life. When Nicky's brother, Richie (JAY ACOVONE) loses a wager to Phil he must pay him back or lose everything he owns. Nicky agrees to help his brother by stealing a car, unaware that hidden in it is Phil's incriminating book of associates. Caught in the backfire is Nicky's provocative girlfriend, Sally (SHELLI LETHER). It's hard driving action, where the streets are mean and the cars are fast, in this stylish and gritty portrait of the men and their machines of outlaw street racing.