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James Bolam and Michael French star as father and son doctors in Born and Bred. Born and Bred is based around the fictional village of Ormston in Lancashire during the 1950s. The lead characters are Dr Arthur Gilder and his son Tom, who together run the cottage hospital under the new National Health Service. Tom is married to Deborah, who is chairman of the Parish Council, and they have four children, Helen, Michael, Catherine and Philip. The hospital's nurse is Linda Cosgrove, who is married to the village policeman, Len. The local pub is run by Phyllis Woolf and the village shop by Mr Horace Boynton. Other characters include station master Wilf Bradshaw. His daughter, Jean, owns the scrapyard and later marries Eddie Mills, a mechanic. The local vicar is the Reverend Eustacius Brewer. It is the 1950s and times are moving on for GP Arthur Gilder. The glow of post war peace has created an aura of optimism while the birth of the NHS is bringing a host of changes to his Lancashire surgery and cottage hospital. Arthur has lived in the close-knit village of Ormston all his life and he is keen to hand over the reins of the practice to his son, Tom. Following in his father’s footsteps is the last thing on Tom’s mind, however, when Tom returns to the village for a wedding this provides Arthur with the perfect opportunity to try to convince him otherwise. 14 Discs 36 episodes apx 35 hours

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