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25 Lb
BORAX- other names / Synonyms: Borax; borates, tetrasodium salts, pentahydrate; Borax Pentahydrate. Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax)
Technical grade
CAS #1303-96-4

Borax is used in many soap formulations for cleaning and to help the soap work better in hard water (also see EDTA for this as well) Borax makes bars harder too. Contributes excellent cleaning to the bar, while very gentle on skin and adding alkalinity too..Borax is also used a lot in laundry formulations. One of the original more modern laundry detergents.
Other product uses include: Buffering solutions; emulsifier for waxes in creams and lotions;cleaning ceramics and glass ; Metallurgical flux; Corrosion inhibitor -protects metals against oxidation in all types of water treatment systems; Used in starch adhesive systems;Flame retardent in cellulose insulation products and more!
Somewhat soluble in cold water but easily dissolves warm to hot water .

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