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Bonkers 2007 TV series

Sourced: TV- Recording

At her twentieth wedding anniversary Helen Barker discovers
that her headmaster neighbour Jeremy, married to severe G.P.
Harriet, is in love with her, her younger brother Marcus, married
to Imelda, suspects he has gay tendencies and her randy teenaged
son Tim is caught in bed with his uncle John's bride-to-be Debbie
before going on to service neighbour Wendy Wadlow. Thank heavens
her marriage to Tony is sound. Well,it seemed to be until she finds
Tony has fathered a child with the much younger Nicole.

Helen throws Tony out and he moves in with Nicole, becoming
her glorified baby-sitter. Bizarrely,Helen is joined in her house
by Felix Nash, a handsome young screen actor over whom she
fantasises and who has been mysteriously whisked halfway across the
world from a film set to be with her. He is not happy because he is
unable to leave the house. A depressed John, having been arrested
and released for burning his house down,comes to stay with Helen.
He cannot see Felix. Noone can but Helen and it is assumed she is
bonkers. Imelda, fancying a lesbian interlude, decides to go on a
date with D.I. Short, who arrested John.

Whilst Imelda has second thoughts and chickens out of her
date with D.I. Short, Marcus gets down to it in the stationery
cupboard with work colleague Andrew. Helen resists Jeremy's
advances to cook a romantic meal for an increasingly bemused and
frustrated Felix. She sends the boys to the pub but Tim, now the
neighbourhood stud being pimped for money by Mrs. Wadlow, sneaks
back and is surprised when he spies on his mother, apparently
talking to herself.

Tony is having a rotten time, playing baby sitter whilst
Nicole goes on holiday and trying to write a sitcom. He gets no
sympathy from Helen, who is also tiring of Felix and is more
accommodating than usual with Jeremy.Depressed again, John climbs
onto Helen's roof and threatens to jump. Marcus climbs up to rescue
him but both brothers get stuck. When the rescue services arrive
they include D.I. Short who takes John in on suspicion of having
done away with Debbie.

Tony has the idea for a sitcom based on his family's current
experiences whilst Jeremy, on the arrival home of his teenage son,
has a mid-life crisis to Harriet's horror, throwing up his job and
buying a motor-bike and leathers. Imelda wants to make a go of her
marriage but Marcus is now out and proud, though at least he has
spotted Debbie, so she must be alive. Tim catches Helen apparently
talking to herself again and assumes she is bonkers.

Tony gets a black eye when the neighbourhood husbands assume
he is the local stud and not Tim, who escapes by train. Tony's
sitcom is a success and Helen, now proud of him in view of Nicole's
news, has him back when Felix disappears as suddenly as he arrived.
Things will never be the same for Imelda and Marcus whilst Harriet
has a confession for Jeremy but at least Debbie's re-appearance
lets John off the hook. Things are back to normal. . . after a

Encoded:PAL or NTSC
Runtime: 6 x eps
Air Date: 2007
Filming Locations: England
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