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A cop detains a guy suspected of being a sexual
predator. The cop is a bodybuilder and is wearing a very hot
uniform including uniform shorts that show off his muscular
While he is being detained, the suspect makes an
attempt to escape. The cop catches him, and a wrestling match
ensues as the cop overpowers his man. He uses cop choke holds,
armbars, nelsons, headlocks, neck cranks, and several hot head and
body scissors! You can see the cop's muscles flex as the suspect
struggles to escape.
The cop manages to handcuff the guy. He begins to
question the suspect, but the suspect becomes non-compliant. The
cop then decides he has had enough of this punk, grabs him by the
hair, and decides to give him the "ultimate humiliation" that one
man can give another.
Note: This is a custom DVD that I paid top dollar
to have produced. It does not include a box cover. DVD length:
approximately 25 minutes.
Shipping charge to US is $4.95 for any number of
DVDs. Outside of US: $8 for 1st DVD, $10 for 2 or more ....