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Brand Lawmate
Type Miniature Camera
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Item Description
Detailed Product Description:

Wireless, body worn, button camera with wireless video transmitter and receiver. Destinated for secret, covert actions. Wireless body worn button video camera set with powerful 5 Watt transmitter. It works on 1.2GHz band and it have 4 different transmition channels. The 5W transmitter provides up to 2000m LOS (line of sight) and about 800m range in building area. When attaching portable external battery pack it can be used as body-worn set.

The high class button video camera provides high resolution picture thus it can be succesfully used as text reading scanner, which is very useful during a secret actions.
Very easy to configurate. There is one 4000mAh battery pack included. It provides 2-3 hours working time. By adding two AC power adaptors, transmitter and receiver can be connected directly to wall socket.

Key features:

camera sensor: 1/4 CMOS
resolution: 640x480
extremely strong output power 5000mW (5 watt)
transmission distance is 1500 to 2000 meters in open space and 800m in a building area.
4 different chanels, 1,2 GHz working band
one portable battery pack 4000mAh included
1 year warantee
Product dimentions:

Transmitter: 84 x 57 x 21 mm (Black color / 170 gram)Receiver: 114 x 59 x 20 mm (Gray color / 120 gram)Transmitter Antenna: 111 mm (Black color / 15 gram)Receiver Antenna: 209 mm (Black color / 22 gram)
The complete set includes:

1 x camera with 5 button caps
1 x audio-video wireless transmitter
1 x audio-video wireless receiver
2 x whip antenna
external battery pack
2 x power adapter