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Title: BMW R Airhead EnDuraLast Alternator Kit - High Output !    
Condition: New


NEW Product

from Euro MotoElectrics

EnDuraLast Charging System Kit

450 watt rated Alternator System for retro-fitment to 1970-1995 BMW R.

Fits all BMW R  Airhead Models

1970-1975 (105mm Kit)


1977-1995 (107mm Kit)

...(and also Moto Guzzi 1973-1993 -- 105mm Kit )

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EnDuraLast Alternator Kit             29 Amps / 400 Watts @ 5000 RPM ( 450 Watts Total Maximum Rating )
           25 Amps / 350 Watts @ 3000 RPM
            20 Amps / 280 Watts @ 2000 RPM
  • Increases amperage by 80% over stock BOSCH systems
  • Stable 14.2 Voltage production under all load conditions
  • Electronic voltage regulator / rectifier combination remotely mounted for increased cooling and reliability, replaces diode board rectifier
  • High-tech permanent magnet rotor will never overheat and short out
  • Brushless design eliminates worn out slip rings & brushes
  • Eliminates "burnt out warning light" no-charge condition of Bosch systems
  • Will retrofit all BMW R Airhead applications 1970-1995 and Moto Guzzi 1975-1992, bolts right on and wires up simply
  • Designed and manufactured to modern OEM specifications

Part # :

EDL450-ALTKIT / 105mm   BMW 1970-76 + Moto Guzzi

and    EDL450-ALTKIT / 107mm  BMW 1977-1995

Complete Charging Kit with 14-pole permanent magnet rotor, high-output stator and combination electronic voltage regulator /rectifier housed in finned cast-aluminum housing, all wiring and installation hardware and 21-page color installation instuctions. (You can download the installation instructions off the website for preview, prior to purchase...)

Requires 3 hours to install, + basic wiring knowledge, use of voltmeter and a healthy 12.6+ volt battery.

Instructions can be dowloaded from the site (as .pdf file)

No more charge indicator lamp on at idle !

Ability to operate accessories

including heated gloves and vests during cold weather !

Additional Application Information:    BMW R100/7 CS
BMW R100/7 GS
BMW R100/7 RS BMW R100/7 RT

BMW R100T 

  BMW R80/7
BMW R80/7N
BMW R80/7S

BMW R75/5
BMW R75/6
BMW R75/7


BMW R65  

BMW R60/5
BMW R60/6
BMW R60/7


BMW R45 and others…



EnDuraLast Alternator Kit
Part # EDL450-AltKit

Retrofits 1977-95 BMW R w/ 107mm stator;
(see Part # EDL450-AltKit/105 for 105mm stator)



EnDuraLast Alternator Kit
Part # EDL450-AltKit/105

Retrofits ALL Moto Guzzi 1975-1992
BMW R 1970-1976 w/ 105mm stator;

(see Part # EDL450-AltKit for 107mm stator)

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AND Free of Charge 1 set (x 2 ) BOSCH Super Spark Plugs (WR5DC+, WR6DC+, or WR7DC+) !

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also available

BMW R Motorcycle VALEO Starter Motor (New)

VALEO Anlasser (Neu), VALEO D émarreur Motor (nouveau)

1.2 Kw Cranking Torque ! for 1977-1995 BMW R , 2-Valve, Model 247 / Airhead -  

Replaces under powered 0.7 Kw BOSCH starter.


BMW R Valeo Starter (NEW) for 1977-1995 R series, etc


Fits all 1977 to 1995 BMW R Series Model 247, Boxers / Airheads.

BMW R100, R90, R80, R75, R65, R60, R50, R45


Fits all 9-tooth starter drive applications for use with 111-tooth ring gear.


(see below for 8-tooth drive starter for use with 93-tooth ring gear used on 1970-1976 models)


Buy from a BMW motorcycle specialist and enthusiast !

See our ad in the Airheads Beemer Club "Airmail" Monthly Newsletter !

For more information about this product, please refer to our website


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