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BLUES HARP (1998) Takashi Miike's Japanese Blues & Yakuza Blend!

Blues Harp is a very appealing departure from Takashi Miike's usual hardcore Yakuza-themed fare. Arguably one of his finest movies, yet rarely seen. Certainly, there are gang members battling for turf, but the canvas of this film is much larger, with characters that you actually care about. Chuji (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), a bi-racial Japanese bartender at an Okinawan beat bar also deals drugs on the side for a local gang. He ends up saving the life of Kenji (Seiichi Tanabe), an up-and-coming member of a rival gang, and the two forge a fateful friendship. At the same time, Chuji's new girlfriend helps to launch him into a new career as a blues performer at the club (wielding the "blues harp" of the title), but nothing is ever simple in a Miike movie... Genuinely touching performances from all the main players, great Japanese R & B music, and, of course, a generous helping of Yakuza violence... This is a great work of cinema.

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