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Blue Hello Kitty

Contact Lens Travel Kit

The Kit Comprises Of

1x Contact Lens Storage Case

1x Tweezers For Lens Handling

1x Solution Storage Bottle

1x Intergrated Mirror

This is a really funky piece of kit and is really handy when you are on the move. You can use the solution bottle to carry just enough solution, instead of carrying a full bottle supplied by your optician. Any questions then please email.

This contact lens holder will make your lens wearing a bit more fun&funky.

Suitable for Hard & Soft lenses

The lens holder in the kit is screwtop design which helps prevent damage to your lenses.

We have loads of other funky 3D designs to choose from too and contact lens solution and accessories, check out the Store

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Also make sure you check out our new range of ultrasonic contact lens cleaners seen below. These are the great new way to make your lenses feel like new in 2 minutes..

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